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My skin is very confused right now because we’re almost near the end of the transitioning from spring to summer! I have been suffering from the dryness in Korea and I really need the humidity for my dry skin, #dryskinproblems. However, I have a remedy for my extra dry skin days, sheet masks!

Today I’ll be reviewing two sheet masks from Skinion. The Mexico Nopal Cactus Water Bomb Sheet Mask 84% and the Honey Banana Pack, U Fall For Me!

About the Brand

Skinion, Skin+Companion, is a fairly new Korean skincare brand that started in 2015. They have been well known for their cactus soothing cream. Later in 2016 they developed the Mexico Nopal Cactus line that includes the sheet masks that I will talk about below. They like to use natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic, but not sacrificing effective results for the skin.

Mexico Nopal Cactus Water Bomb Sheet Mask 84%


The first thing you will notice it the sassy cactus on the front of the packaging. Next you can guess that the 84% refers to the amount of MNC extract it has in each pouch. This cactus is also called the ‘prickly pear’, cue The Bare Necessities song!



Key Ingredients and features

In Mexico many people eat the plant because of it’s high content of manganese, vitamin C, and magnesium. The cactus plant can withstand 40 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius so you can understand how hydrating it must be for the skin. As well as the cactus extract the essence contains 10 other plant ingredients such as peony, licorice, black soybean, and mulberry root to keep your skin moisturized and add vitality back. This mask contain 30g of essence! So much and it soothes skin, is anti-wrinkle, whitens, and hydrates. The Niacinamide is the whitening ingredient.



The sheet adheres very well and no dripping while I had it on. The essence is nice and very cooling and soothing. I didn’t have any irritation on my eczema patches. Afterwards my skin felt very hydrated. I was a little sticky though. My skin also looked brighter and refreshed. The next morning my skin felt very soft and it was easy to put on my makeup. For a box 10 it costs 30,000KRW or 30.89USD. I think for a 3,000KRW/$3 mask it is totally worth it!

Banana Honey Pack, U Fall For Me!



Key Ingredients and features

This mask is one of the new releases from Skinion. There are 4 other types, blueberry, martini (olive), milk, and honey beer. I picked out the Banana Honey one and it it for nourishing. It has banana extract which helps with nourishing the skin, honey which helps with skin hydration, and shea butter which helps balance oil and water on the skin. The mask sheet is really nice, 100% cotton (cellulose crystal) material that is very smooth and it has wavy lines on it which I think helps with the adhesion. There was no dripping what so ever! I was taking pictures and nothing dripped off! The essence smells like bananas but it’s not overly fragranced. The pouch is a easy to tear because its made with some kind of wax paper material.



This mask is amazing! I love how my skin felt afterwards. So soft and 0% sticky. I was shocked to feel that it had no sticky feeling what so ever! Seriously amazing. My skin felt hydrated and my eczema didn’t feel angry or itchy. There wasn’t a drastic brightening effect it just made my skin feel refreshed and nourished. I really want to try the other ones too! These are also 30,000KRW for a box of 10. They aren’t available yet on the English site, but hopefully soon because this mask is great!


Final Opinions

I really like both masks. I would really recommend you to try both of them if you can. My makeup on both days applied seamlessly after sheet masking with these two. I felt that my skin was smoother, hydrated, and more supple. You can find these mask on their online store,


These masks were provided by Skinion in exchange for an honest review. Everything I write is ultimately written for you, the consumer!

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  1. I would really like to purchase these masks. I tried purchasing the Mexico nopal cactus water bomb 87 sheet masks on their US website, but it doesn’t show how to pay for them. Do you have any suggestions? I noticed that they didn’t have the other mask on the US site. I wish I could purchase them off the Korean website.

    1. Gosh I wish I could help with this situation… I’ve looked at all other possible sites like ebay, amazon, and gmarket but they only have the soothing gel and lotion and no masks… I wish you could try it out.

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