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I am going to share in this post about the Moonshot Jelly Pots. I finally purchased a couple last month and I sad that I did buy them sooner! I love them so much. Moonshot is a cosmetic brand by YG Entertainment, so just on that it has a wow factor. I don’t think it’s as well known because there are only few physical stores to check out their products, but nevertheless they have survived about 2 years in the Korean beauty market, most likely from its Kpop celebrity marketing strategy. I would say that this brand is Korea’s most daring and hip compared to other road shops, daring as in unique colors.


I first got to know about these Jelly Pots from watching the demonstration/swatch videos. The Jelly Pots can be used for a lot of differing things like as a eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip color, nail color, shimmering highlight, or a cheek color. I love multi use products! So I bought the color P01 stone pillow and P02 sparkling rose. There are 18 colors to choose from, but they did launch two new color for spring. There are two finishes matte and shimmer. They are all so gorgeous I had such a hard time picking which to buy.


The formula is really unique. I don’t think I’ve come across a product like this one. when you just look at the texture it looks like a gloss but once you touch it it’s like jelly but soft like mousse. It’s very strangely pleasing hahaha, I’m a weirdo. Also you need to touch it once to get the perfect amount for however you want to use it. It is so pigmented! The great thing is that it doesn’t crease!!! It dries on pretty quickly and you can layer it as well. Another thing is that it has a cooling effect when you apply it and it washes off early with water. The second part could a problem though, just don’t go to the pool I guess haha. Just one other thing is that it does have a short self life of 6 months.


To use I just dip my ring finger in the pot and if I get too much on my finger I scrape some of it off on the inside of the container. Then starting from the middle of my lid I blend it out and then with what’s leftover I go into the inner corner. For lips just apply as you would a lip balm and you can leave it matte or apply gloss over. For nail polish use your finger to apply over clean nails and then finish with a top coat. For highlight and blush just dot the areas you want to accentuate or color and blend it out with your fingers. I wold suggest using either your fingers for a sponge but I highly recommend fingers.


All I have to say is that I love my Moonshot Jelly Pots! If you’re a makeup product minimalist or junkie these are worth buying in my opinion. In Korea they are 22,000KRW each and on the global website they’re 18.00USD.

Moonshot anyone?


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