Why every woman needs a red lipstick

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
― Gwyneth Paltrow

I love red lipstick and every woman needs at least one shade of red lipstick!  My mom always wore many shades of red lipsticks and when I was a girl I would try them out for fun. She was a big influence on me and my philosophies about red lipstick. In my opinion, when you grow up it’s just one of those colors that tells the world that you’re a woman! I’m not saying if you don’t have one you aren’t a woman, but to me it’s one of those unofficial rite of passage from a girl to a lady.

I think it’s a beautiful color on any skin color and definitely brightens your complexion.  It’s just a classic color that doesn’t go out of trend, ever. You can wear it all year long without hesitation about what season it is. Red is such a powerful color, it just grabs the attention of everyone you see. It’s a real confidence booster. You can never have too many red lipsticks, in my opinion!

Wearing Ruby Woo at work 🙂

Whatever your style, there is always going to be a red for you. It could be sheer, opaque, glossy, matte, or sparkly, just find the red that matches your personality and have fun with it! Another thing to consider is think about how you’re going to wear it. Are you going to wear it only for special occasions or everyday? Also, consider your everyday environment. Where are you most of the day? Office, home, school, or outdoors? Like I said before, there are tons and tons of red lippies with different textures and opacity to suit your beauty lifestyle.

When you’re shopping around for a red lipstick, go and try it on because the same red on your friend isn’t going to look the same on you. You might love it or hate it. My favorite red is Ruby Woo from MAC. It is a blue-red with a matte finish.Which is your favorite? If you don’t have one yet, go find your RED! 🙂

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