What’s Better Than Baking Soda Scrub? The 9 Wishes Rice Face Polish!

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Have you ever tried using baking soda as a scrub? It’s not bad at all, but I think Ive found something better! The 9 Wishes Rice Powder Polish. This magical stuff will make your skin feel and look super smooth and shine! This brand uses natural ingredients and no chemicals or other harmful ingredients. They have been featured on various Korean beauty channels, magazines, and sponsored by K-celebs. Let’s get down to my review on this face scrub.


The packaging comes in a jar form. If you’re a anti-jar or prefer squeezable tubes you can use the spatula that comes with the jar and a protective inner lid. The design is clean and white so it looks great in your bathroom sink or vanity. The jar contains 100ml/3.4 fl.oz.


Formula and Ingredients

The main ingredients include rice water, finely milled rice powder, and fermented rice extract. Rice water is known for helping brighten skin and has been used in Asian beauty regime for many generations. Then we have the rice powder that scrubs away the dead skin cells as well as brighten the skin and adds moisture to the skin. The fermented extract helps nourish the skin. Other notable ingredients are lactobacillus/soybean ferment, white willow bark extract, argan kernel oil, canola oil, macadamia oil, and jojoba oil. This is a scrub come true for dry skin types, but can be used on any skin type! There isn’t any fragrance added and it just smells like the oils that are in the list.

Using The Scrub

The scrub should be used on moist skin or it is going to be too harsh in my opinion. I tried it on dry skin at first, but now I wet my skin. I use about a finger tip amount on the entire face. The great thing about this is that I can use it as a lip scrub as well as body scrub too. The granules are not too fine and it does a great job sloughing off any dead skin. Don’t apply too much pressure. So after massaging for about 2-3 minutes I wash off it with warm water and my skin is so soft! It gives me a moderate brightening effect and it makes applying the rest of my skincare routine a breeze.


Final Thoughts

I love this scrub! It’s less harsh than sugar scrubs and more effective than baking soda and water. I also love the ingredients list. Uncomplicated and doesn’t include any harmful chemical ingredients. This costs 28,000KRW and 32.29USD. On amazon you can get it for 19.99USD. Check out their site at www.9wishes.co.kr for more of their products or check out Amazon (click the link to get the the product page). Get this scrub!

These were sent to my by the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes. I have full charge of my opinions about the products they send me. You can trust that my reviews are honest!

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