What to take on the plane when you’re traveling!

Hey guys!   

So I’m currently at the airport writing this. Today’s post is going to be short and sweet! Here’s a quick list of what you can do to make your flight more like a spa experience. Hahahaha bear with me now.

Number 1! 

Water based makeup wipes. I know that some people don’t wear makeup on the plane which is great idea but for those who can’t leave the house with out putting makeup on having makeup wipes to take it off on the plane is a good thing to have. I opt for the water based one because it feels more fresh and less greasy feeling. I’ve used the Bifesta makeup wipes and they get the job done.

Number 2!

Face mask sheets! If your flight is longer than 4 hours then take a mask pack with you. If your flight is more that 10 then take two with you. Flying can dry out your skin fast. Protecting the outer hydration with a face mask sheet is a quick and simple solution. You can also use the left over liquid inside the packets to moisturize after the mask.

Number 3! 

Mist it up! You can transfer the most water in a small pump spray and most whenever you feel that your skin feels dry, tight, and uncomfortable. Go for mists that are hydrating and not just straight water. Essence sprays are good or you can even add a little bit of your favorite essential oils to your toner and make your personalized mist.

Number 4! 

Take a moisturizer! All of the above is good but you need to lock it all in. So taking a small container of your favorite moisturizer is a very good idea. I like emoilment types than gel types because it moisturizes deep into the skin. 

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