What do you want to know about makeup? Part 3- Translucent (HD) Powders


Have you ever watched a movie or a television show on a big screen in high definition and feel visually overwhelmed at all the details you can see on an actor or an actress’s face? It really takes out the glamorous airbrushed image of Hollywood. Now with the advances in technology it’s becoming harder to blur out our trouble areas. I’m not saying that we have to hide our (perfect) imperfections, I just get a little shocked when I can see all my pores on a really nice camera… Hahaha! Well fear not, magical translucent powders are here to help.


Some of us might wonder about this very expensive baby powder look alike. The purpose, is to blur your skin to look in real life like that slightly blurry selfie from 2010 but better. Translucent powders can mattify, soften the look of lines and pores, and it will give you an airbrushed complexion. HD powders as they are sometimes called, does a wonderful job to you that “real” skin texture and effect. The great thing about translucent powders is that it won’t cover up your cover up. It has very little to no color, so it won’t change the contours of your face or change the color of your foundation or concealer.


It’s like a magical white powder that will change your makeup game forever. Unlike your grandmother’s face powders, translucent powders feel like silk and not chalky. This is due to the secret ingredient, silicone. If the word silicone scares you, don’t be. Silicone found in cosmetics is very safe to use and will not clog the pores because the molecules are too big to fit into our pores and actually these kinds of silicone are very breathable. Just like liquid, silicone gives the powder that extra slip factor. The powder won’t just sit on your skin but it will glide on flawlessly. Silicone compounds can soak up excess oil and sometimes sweat so it’s good product to have during summer months. It’s also a great product to set your makeup. Lightly pat or sweep the powder on top of of your skin to give you that flawless finish. Just make sure that you don’t apply too much of it and avoid flash photography or the pigments will reflect off the light making you look like you have flour all over your face.

Uh oh…

There are a lot of translucent powders out there from high to low end. Some of the high end translucent powders are the Make Up Forever HD microfinish powder ($34.00USD), NARS light reflecting loose powder ($36.00USD), Laura Mercier invisible loose setting powder ($37.00USD), or Shiseido translucent loose powder ($35.00USD). These loose powders also come in pressed powder form so you can take it around with you when you need a touch up. Some of the cheaper translucent powders that are worth looking into are the MAC prep and prime transparent finishing powder ($26.00USD), E.L.F high definition powder ($6.00USD), NYX Studio Finishing Powder Translucent Finish ($9.00USD).

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