What do you want to know about makeup? Part 2- BB, CC, DD?

Hi guys!

This is part 2 of my “What do you want to know about makeup” series. In this post, unfortunately, I will be writing about the much talked about BB and CC creams and not about bra cup sizes. I know how much you would want to read about that… Hahaha.

With all new kind of BB types coming out, it’s easy to get confused by the difference between BB and CC creams. BB is short for “Blemish Balm”, it was first created by a German dermatologist and then the Korean cosmetic market developed it into a HUGE market. If you visit a Korean Duty Free shop there is a whole section devoted to BB creams, it’s phenomenal how much tourist buy for themselves and for gifts. Then the Western market got a hold of it and now it’s everywhere!

BB cream is a one step, all-in-one skin cover for your face. It can be used as a foundation, tinted moisturiser, primer, and it is packed full of serum goodness. It covers sunspots, acne, pimples, freckles and any other blemishes on your face and to treat it while you wear it. It usually have a whitening function and helps with fighting wrinkles and such. BB creams are a Korean beauty essential. I have used so many kinds of BB in my life is cray. The most well known Korean BB creams (in my opinion) are from Missha, Dr. Jart, Etude House, Skin79. There are so many other Korean brands that have great BB creams too.

CC cream collage
Top Left to right- Etude House Correct and Care Cream, Laneige Water Base CC cream, IOPE Complete Care Cream, Banila Co. It Radiant CC cream

Now you know about BB creams, now what is CC cream? CC cream gained a lot of popularity at the beginning of 2014. CC stands for “Color Control” and it has the same function to prime and boost your skin with whitening and de-wrinkling ingredients. To me there are very little differences between BB and CC creams. Except that some of the CC creams had color changing technology that “match” to your skin color. Some CC creams looked like tinted moisturiser that had very little to no coverage, and others had more coverage like BB creams. Every brand seemed to have their own kind of CC cream. The CC cream I bought a while ago was from a Korean brand called IOPE which I like alot. It had just enough coverage like the usual Missha and Skin79 BB creams I’ve used in the past. Just the color was more yellower base color and better skin boosting ingredients.

So what’s better, you ask? Well neither is better than the other in my opinion. Depending on the brand BB creams have more of a thicker coverage. While CC creams are more catered to improving skin texture and color and can range from very little to full coverage. So it really depends on what you are looking to what to do with your skin.

One thing I really don’t like about BB and CC creams is the minimal choice of colors. Either there is very light, light or a little darker than light. Which is a bummer for tanned and darker skinned gal and pals. Oh, did I mention there is BB and CC cream for men! Yes it is a makeup movement for all! I’m not going to go into DD creams but they exist and it’s short of “Dynamic-do all”, which really sounds gimmicky, but that’ll be another post in the future me thinks.

Let me just end with this, if you want a quick one step, I-have-no-time-in-the-morning coverage with skin boosters then definitely go for either BB or CC creams, there are tons out there in the market. If you’re a foundation kind of person I’m all for that too. You could use a sheer CC as a base then apply your foundation as well. The possibilities are endless!

Next year F(lawless) F(ace) cream? Haha we’ll just have to wait and see.

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