What do you like about your face- makeup tips

Hey guys it is a micro dusty Saturday in Seoul… Sigh. I miss fresh air. Anyway I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today and I feel like the opinion I hear the most when I comes to make up is that it’s too hard or there’s too much stuff involved. I’m writing today to say yup it can get a bit complicated, but if you focus on one feature on your face then it can be really easy. I think it’s about mastering one technique at a time, starting with what you like most about your face. So let’s get started!

I like my eyebrows– if this is you then you are already #winning! If you love your eyebrows then you must have a pretty great pair of hairy arches. Eyebrows if made up right can make you a whole new person. Invest in brow trimming tools and a good brow defining product. You can achieve natural looking brows with brow pencils and by using stroking motions you can make your brows the best it can be! Also clear brow gel can give your brows a healthy sheen and keep them in place throughout the day.

I like my lips– buxom or not if you picked this as your best feature pucker up with endless selection of playful colors. Lips are the best features to change it up and experiment with color. Master lining your lips with a lip pencil to make your lips standout and to keep the shape of your lips clean throughout the day. Also keep them moist and soft with lip scrubs and balms.

I like my eyes– whatever shape or color eyes you have be creative even with neutral shades to define and contour the eye to enhance what you already have. The most flattering look in my opinion is shading your eyes light in the corners and defining with a deeper color of the outer corners. Opt for shades a few shades lighter than your skin tone for the brow bone to give the eye a lifted look. Also a little sparkle in the corner never hurt anyone ;).

I like my eye lashes– you are so lucky! Bat those lashes with a good mascara. Mascara is one of those products that one has to go though a couple tubes to find the one that works the best for you. Once you do be the mascara pro you were born to be! wiggle, sweep, separate, but don’t get crazy. Let your lashes do the talking not your mascara. Also treat your lashes to good after care with lash ampoules/serums to keep them strong, long, and about to get the friction… on…. wait… what?

I like my nose– whatever nose you have let it shine with a touch of highlight on the bridge and tip of your nose. Remember a little goes a long way and remember to balance it out by highlighting on the cheekbones as well. A little bit of shading on the sides of the nose can also enhance the highlight and your natural nose shape and height. You go and slay that nose contour.

I like my cheekbones– like the nose add more dimension with a highlight. A little bit of contouring under the cheekbones can make them pop more. Your modelesque  cheekbones are sure to turn heads. Add a flush of color on the cheeks to soften and add a feminine touch. Be sure to be soft handed with all cheek products as it can make you look clownish than the belle of the ball.

Another tip is let your best feature is by not wearing any makeup! These tips are for when you are going to wear a certain amount of makeup. It’d look a bit weird if you just had a nose contour and no other makeup on. Hahaha but hey, if thats was you’re into you do you. Anyway, I want to end by saying that I think every one should have AT LEAST one part of themselves they like/love about themselves. Once you know be confident to work it and make it yours, because it IS yours. You are unique and wonderfully made. Whether you take my tips seriously or not I hope you know what you like about your face/body/personality/heart/mind. You are beautiful!




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