Water Blend Foundation for Stupid Hot Weather 😥

Hey Y’allllll! (in Paula Deen accent) I’m so excited to share with you my thoughts on this foundation that I bought recently. Make Up For Ever reformulated and upgraded the original Face & Body foundation and now it’s called Water Blend. Face & Body is one of favorite foundations to use during summer and when I saw the Water Blend foundation I bought it without hesitation. The percentage of water in the new WB is 80% and it has added pro vitamin B5 to help with skin elasticity. Also it’s completely waterproof, the older version was only water resistant.


The packaging is almost the same as the old F&B except the glass is frosted and it has a new cap. The dispenser, shape, size and ¬†amount is still the same. The shade number have changed so you will have to figure out what shade you need. I was using #32 Alabaster Beige in the F&B but in the WB I am a Y325. The Y stands for ‘yellow’ and if you get a shade starting with R it stands for “Red”. So depending on your undertone you can choose from 20 shades ranging from light to deep tones. The #32 in the F&B is almost the same except it’s a tad more yellowy than the WB Y325.


I will say that the new formula has a little bit more coverage and dries faster than the FB. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s changed for the better. The finish I would say is the same satiny finish. The WB looks even more like your real skin, really! I love this foundation so much! I’ve been wearing out these hot humid summer days and even being out the whole day outside my skin looks flawless. It does not melt off because it’s a water-gel formula and oil-free. It’s also has very little transfer onto clothing so you can use it on your body no problem.


The only con would be that the coverage is on the light end. The F&B does not have the highest coverage to begin with so the WB is about the same. Its is buildable, but I would say to a very sheer medium. If you have blemishes you might need to correct and conceal before or after applying the foundation. I bought a Eclipse Blending Sponge that launched together with the WB foundation. It’s made with latex and it shaped to get in to all the crevices while making it easy to spread the product over larger areas. This sponge also won’t suck up the product, you can squeeze the product out to the surface if you need more coverage.


My conclusion is that MUFE did a super duper job in this relaunch/reformulation of the F&B foundation. The foundation costs 60,000KRW/43.00USD and the sponge costs 12,000KRW/12.00USD.

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