VT Real Collagen Pact With Visible Collagen Ribbons

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This post is about the VT Real Collagen Pact. VT was launched in 2016 and was founded by Gonsen who also launched Vant 36.5, but no longer under Gonsen’s distribution. The concept of the VT brand is fast K-beauty and a trendy cosmetic. It can be seen a lot on social media and sponsored by many K-stars and influencers. So of course, I had to see if it was worth the hype. It was also featured on Get it Beauty. The Real Collagen Pact was launched earlier this year.


The packaging is trendy yet very simple. The gold foiling gives it a luxurious look and the glossy shimmery pink cover adds a sophisticated girly charm. The size of the case is on the wider side. Inside you have your mirror, puff, and pact. When you open the protective cover of the pact you you can see the beautifully marbleized collagen pact. The yellow ribbon is the collagen ampoule.

Formula and Wear

The sun protection is SPF 50+PA+++ and helps with wrinkles, whitening, fight free radicals. The sunscreen base is a mixture of physical and chemical. The chemicals in this cushion especially stings my eyes. I’ve never had a problem with regular cushions, but this one seems to be a bit strong. It goes away after a bit but when I go to touch up around my eyes it bothers me again. I’ve had laser eye surgery so my eyes are more sensitive now. It has skin emollient like hydrolyzed castor oil, hydrolyzed collagen (0.o1ppm). The texture if you rub it on to the skin with your fingers it feels gritty. I’m not sure why. It does have silica in it so it could be that. I really have no idea, but when you apply it to the face it looks smooth. The formula is very moisturizing and slightly on the sticky and heavy side. The coverage is light to med. The shade I got was #23 and I would say its a neutral leaning yellow. It was a pretty good match with my skin shade, just a tad lighter.

At first when you apply it it looks really nice and glowy, but as the day goes on it seems to slip around. I would scratch my nose and you see the product bunched up. I do have to touch up more than once when I wear this on my skin. It transfers a lot too!


I think I bought this in the wrong season. The humid summer weather is not a good measure of its moisturising abilities. This would be a good fall to winter and winter to spring pact. However, I still don’t think this is a pact worth getting. It has too many cons for what it’s worth for me to recommend it or to repurchase. Maybe my mind will change after testing it in the winter For oily and combination skin types this is no go for sure. Dry skin yes, but not for all seasons. It sells for 32,000KRW, I got it on sale for around 24,000KRW.

I will update this post once I’ve tried it during the colder and drier months!

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