VDL Lumilayer Primer – MAC Strobe Cream Dupe?

Hey guys and welcome to a brand new blog for you this week! I am here today to write about the VDL Lumilayer primer. I think primers are really important when it comes to flawless makeup. I love my MAC Strobe cream but it is so expensive in Korea so I need a budget friendly option. So I decided to try out this primer that seemed like a good comparison. Also just FYI, I got it from BB Cosmetic and I have a 8% discount code that you can use when you purchase from them! I’ll let you know at the end so please keep reading!


First of all, I got mine safely in the mail bubble wrap and all. The primer box is so pretty hahaha, it has a rainbow holo and it’s fun to look at. Anyway, the primer bottle itself is very pretty and weighty. Its violet pearlized glass with a chrome cap that clicks firmly on. The dispenser is a pump type so it’s easy to keep clean and keep the primer fresh. You get 30ml/1.01 fl.oz. of product so it’s more than enough to use together with your foundation. The smell is pleasant, very light floral soap smell. The MAC has a more citrusy scent. The texture is hydrating but not greasy, it feels like a light moisturizer. I think it can be used for all skin types, for my dry skin it didn’t feel uncomfortable or produce more oil as the day went on. One pump was plenty for the whole face. Once I put on the primer my skin felt very smooth and gave me a quick moisture boost so that my makeup would apply better, which it did. 


The finish is very radiant and gives off a strong violet reflect because of the ‘Violet Lumilayer Pigment’. This pigment is a combination red and blue light pigment that creates bright and clear skin and when the light hits it creates a voluminous and radiant looking skin. If you are familiar with light spectrum and mixing colors then you know that blue combined with red creates violet and in the light spectrum violet is the strongest color. So what does this all mean? To be honest, I don’t know exactly… however I can guess that the this violet radiance will perform well even if it’s being covered up/mixed with foundation.


On my skin it does boost clarity and makes my skin more brighter looking than the MAC Strobe cream. The MAC is more of a moisturizer with a drop of radiance, but the VDL Lumilayer primer is a very luminous primer. They are so similar, but the effect it has is so different. With my MAC I can barely see any radiance, however with the VDL you can see the glittery reflects. When I say glittery I don’t mean chunky at all. It’s very pretty on the skin especially in the light. 


To use you can apply it all over the face and then go over with your foundation/tinted moisturizer. If you want a more luminous look, then mix equal parts of the Lumilayer primer and your foundation/tinted moisturizer. If you’re going to a no makeup look, this alone on the skin or on the high points on the face would look very natural and effortlessly pretty. 


So is the VDL Lumilayer Primer a clear dupe of the MAC Strobe Cream? I can’t say that it is because the finish is so different and I would say that the MAC Strobe Cream is more of a moisturizer than it is a primer, even though a lot of people use it to prime.  In saying this the VDL Lumilayer is much better at holding my makeup on all day than the MAC Strobe Cream. Ultimately The VDL is a makeup product while the MAC Strobe is a skincare product. This said I love them both. The VDL Primer is 21,000KRW and on BB Cosmetics where I got mine is $18.95 USD. 

If you want to purchase Kbeauty items check this site out, they have a lot of the new products that are released in Korea. Also, before I forget save some monies by using “E3GWXIN81Iuse this and it gives you an 8% discount until October 31st, 2016. I hope you found this review helpful and I’ll talk to you on the next one!

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  2. Mehak Hussain says: Reply

    I love this primer I used to buy it from face shop they don’t sell it anymore. From where can I purchase it?

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