VDL Expert Metal Cushion Foundation Review

HIIII! Oh. My. Gloss. It has been ages since I’ve sat down and blogged! I’m so happy, but also I’m so embarrassed that I haven’t written anything for so long. It has actually been really busy for me the last few weeks, I have tons to blog about. So hopefully I will get to catch you up on all the things that has been BACKED UP FO REALZ! First, is VDL’s Expert Metal Cushion Foundation that I got a couple weeks ago. I have been using it non-stop ever since I got it. I love it, but I do have some issues with it. Keep reading for more details!



Just a quick brand overview, VDL is a brand launched in 2012 by the LG Household & Health Care. All of the cushions that they have come out with I believe are the metal plate type. This one is the newest 2017 model of the metal cushions. The case is very sleek and has a dark metallic eggplant purple hue to it. I bought mine with a refill and it came with an expert texture puff in the case and a cover/strobing puff with the refill. I really like the expert texture puff, it applies a thin layer of product on the skin so it doesn’t look splotchy or uneven. You can also use it with a makeup brush, pump the desired amount on the plate and apply it on the brush.


There are 10 shades that you can pick from in this line. #Winning already. I got the shade A207, a pink/neutral toned medium-dark beige. A207 is not completely pink or cool toned, there is a hint of yellow. At the store, it was the darkest shade they had, which is a half a shade lighter than my skin tone. I think next time I’ll try the V207 which is a dark beige with a yellow undertone. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with the color I got and the color selection.


The metal plate has a radial burst of tiny little holes that dispense the foundation on the metal plate as you push on it. It seems more sanitary than a regular sponge type cushion since you are getting a fresh pump everytime you use it and you can clean the metal plate with a wipe. Pressing in the center of the with the cushion on top has given me an even dispense of the foundation, or you can press the outer edge with your thumbs as well.



The coverage is medium to high and I can get away with not using concealer under my eyes to cover up my dark circle and the occasional zit. The texture of the foundation is light but creamy. Adheres very well to the skin and sets quickly. It has a light glowy satin finish and is moisturizing without the extreme dewy finish. I don’t feel that my skin feels dried out with this on all day. It really looks perfect all day. It did crack on the upper lip area but on the larger area of my face I don’t have to touch up, even if I did, I did just because I have a habit of touching up. Using a primer beforehand, especially the VDL Lumilayer primer or MAC’s strobe cream added more luminosity and helped the adherence of the foundation on the skin.


One issue that I have with this cushion is when I go to touch up it looks a little thick and cakey, a little bit uneven. I found that I have to wipe clean the area, like on my upper lip, then touch up. I’m glad that it last well on most all of my face that I don’t have to retouch often or at all. Other than that I don’t have much of an issue. I really love this cushion. I can’t stop using it. Maybe because it’s so close to my natural skin tone! It is OMGB approved!

I hope my next post won’t have such a big gap like this one did hehehe.

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  1. Wohooo, VDL cushion sister!
    I hadn’t even seen that the newest version had 11 shades total. Is VDL catching up with Espoir? 🙂 Since I have the Moisture Glow one, it’s fun to see the differences – mine is super easy to reapply, but on the other hand it does sink into pores quicker, so I actually have to reapply after about 6 hours. Anyway. Your skin looks gorgeous!

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