Too Much Makeup- Makeup Shaming


I just wanted to step away from doing another review for this post and wanted to write about something that I think a lot of people go who wear makeup experience. Thought the whole post I will be talking very generally, so if I say something weird I’m sorry.

So there is fat shaming, skinny shaming, slut shaming, selfie shaming, and of course there is makeup shaming. The act of shaming to me is you getting butt hurt (yes, butt hurt) about things that has nothing to do with them. To me, people who shame people who wear “too much makeup” think that we are insecure, brainwashed by societies standards, fake, vain, or whatever. There are people who do have these issues but snarky comments about how and how much makeup they put on and present themselves to the world is not helpful and it’s none of your business.

I really do hate it when people say that I have to much makeup on or that I look sick if I don’t have it on. It’s a catch-22 for men and women who choose to wear makeup daily. The fact is that I might have the same amount of makeup on compared to another girl on the street, but we just wear it differently. It’s a matter of style and personal expression. If you can’t say something kind or encouraging to someone just don’t say anything. Most people who wear makeup wear it because it fun and a creative outlet to express how we want to look. It’s an art, thats why we have makeup artists. I’m not one myself but I do have a lot of respect for them because they aren’t afraid to think out of the box when it comes to beauty.

I am not blinded by media and advertisements of airbrushed skin, I am not insecure about myself, neither am I fake or vain because I like makeup. The amount of makeup I put on does not determine my intelligence, my compassion for others, my sense of humor, so why does it matter? I really like Calvin Klein’s quote, “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” Natural can mean natural makeup, which can take more time and work to achieve than let’s say a party look. Or natural could mean how you make yourself look natural, bold eyeliner, colorful eyeshadow, bright lips, whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

Makeup to me isn’t a crutch or a mask to hide who I am. It actually does the opposite. For those of you who don’t wear and feel comfortable without it great! Just don’t go saying what a better person you are for not wearing it. Don’t even get me started when guys comment about makeup…ugh. Hahaha well anyway, this seemed more of a rant than a regular post. Thanks for staying with me if you got to the end of this. I just want to finish by saying be you and let others be themselves.

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  1. Ugh yes girl! This is a topic I am really damn passionate about. I love wearing makeup and I love doing different kinds of looks because as you said, it’s a form of expression and it’s just fun! I really look forward to doing my makeup everyday. When people try and say that people wear makeup only because they’re insecure…my god that bothers me so much. Like let people do what they want to do and wear what they want to wear, you know?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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