Too Faced- Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush Review


 Won’t you be my sweetheart?

Get glowy with Too Faced’s Sweethearts perfect flush blush! This lovely blush comes in the most adorable heart shaped box. It reminds me of old fashioned antique cosmetics and it’s just nice to leave it on your vanity because it’s just so pretty to look at. Too Faced released this blush in Spring 2014. There are three color options in this collection, Candy Glow (pinky coral), Beach Peach (bronze peach), and Something About Berry (deep pink). The blushes are a combination of three colors that can be swirled together or used individually. I had a really hard time choosing which one to get because all three were so pretty. But after much contemplation I decided to purchase Candy Glow.


The blushes are baked, so it’s nice that it isn’t too powdery and applies on to the skin smoothly. The colors are soft but gives a good pop of color to your cheeks. The blushes have a pearly-not-too-frosty finish. When you apply it the light bounces off ever so nicely to give you a natural looking glow. I just really love how luminous it is on the face. Not like a plastic shine but a healthy radiance. So far you can really tell I like this blush. Out of the three colors, the middle color is less pearly. Here are the swatches for Candy Glow.

Left to right: All three shades swirled together, first stripe (rose pink shimmer), middle stripe (soft coral pink), last stripe (peachy pink shimmer).

You can get this for $30.00USD. It’s not a bad price since it’s versatile that you can use all the colors together or pick a color out of the trio to use. Also, don’t forget the packaging is gorgeous! So, I don’t mind paying a little more, if indeed I am paying for the packaging. Anyway, the product itself is great stuff. It does what it says and gives me a perfect flush every time!

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