Tony Moly Inked Cushion Liner Review

Hey guys! This is going to be a short post! So last week I was browsing around makeup stores and popped in to Tony Moly and I saw that they released the Inked Cushion Liner so I took a chance and I got it! The packaging was what made me get it haha. It’s super cute and I like that it holds both the brush and the liner. However, it’s unnecessarily bulky for a liquid eye liner. There are five¬†colors you can choose from black, brown, pearl brown, plum wine, and olive black. The liner is at the bottom of the ink bottle that you twist open. The liquid is held in by a sponge, like a face cushion pact. The brush is not bad either it’s pointy enough to make a clean flick.



The color I got was a brown and it’s a warm red toned brown and the pigmentation is not bad, about two coats makes it completely opaque. It goes on smoothly but this is a formula that needs to be worked with quickly. If you wait too long the formula starts to bunch up and it’s really hard to make a clean line or flick. The lasting power is okay, on bare skin if you rub it it starts to peel, so if you want it to last longer wearing powder eye shadow is recommended. It comes off easily though when you cleanse.



So what’s my verdict? I can say that I don’t like it that much and I wouldn’t recommend it to you either. I spent 10,800KRW for cute packaging and mediocre product. I will stick to my regular brush liner pen thank you very much. I hope you can save some money and buy a better eyeliner. Thanks for reading!

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