The Seoul Blogger Brunch 2017 – Official Oh My Gloss Blog Recap

Hey friends!

I just want to share about an amazing blogger meet up that I attended in August. The official name of the event is the Seoul Blogger Brunch. Maybe you read my short recap on Instagram and the saw some photos from the event on my other social media account. I had such a wonderful time and I will tell you everything that happened!

Who, When, Where

The Seoul Blogger Brunch was hosted by blogger Star Lengas from and also co-hosted by Dot Moore ( and Mina Pierre ( It was on a hot hazy day on August 19th at a cozy restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul called Hearth. The interior was a European bistro style complete with a shelves of imported wine and lovely dried roses hanging from the ceiling. The warm lighting makes it a perfect place for a intimate gathering or a night cap. Also, the owner was very accommodating and served the hungry and thirsty bloggers without complaint! I would totally take my friends there for a wine night out.


Purpose & My Expectations

So, why have this Seoul Blogger Brunch? The purpose of the brunch was to network and link K-beauty brands to global influencers and bloggers. My first expectation when I got invited was something really low key and small where we would chit chat about K-beauty. However, that was not the case! It seriously blew my expectations out the window and it was a full on blogger/brand event. AWESOME! I would have loved an intimate gathering, but this was something else. I arrived a little early and I could see Star, Mina, and Dot lugging gift bags into the restaurant. My eyes were full from just witnessing the stacks of goodie bags. This event was LEGIT!

Soon after other bloggers arrived, some of whom I already knew and had befriended online. It was so wonderful to finally meet some of them in person! Insta messaging and comments can do so much and very limiting. Being able to talk to them in person was a million times better.The number of Seoul bloggers that attended were quite many so I had to get out of my introvert shell and make friends! To be honest though, it was very easy for me talk to people because they were so friendly and chill. I was so happy I was able to meet different types of bloggers, not just in beauty. There were travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogger/vloggers. They definitely were inspiring me to step out of my beauty comfort zone and try lifestyle and travel blogging in the future. Networking with fellow bloggers was the best part of the Seoul Blogger Brunch for me. It really gave me insight into these amazing boss women and how well they were capturing and living life to the fullest in a foreign country! 

Photo by Soo Choi


It would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the brands. The generous sponsors of the event were Troiareuke, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, and Be Mused Korea. Other brands that came were Tiam and Eunogo. Each of them gave a short introduction and I was great to learn more about their brand, product, and services. They organized gift bags for the bloggers and they were so kind to try so many of their products. There were also giveaways too, which was very entertaining to a part of. Other brands that contributed in the goodie bags were Cosrx, HYGGEE, Wish Formula, Wishtrend, Banobagi Hospital and Grace Plastic Surgery, featured clinics from Seoul Cosmetic Surgery. I will be testing out and reviewing these gifts soon! I can’t wait to share my thoughts about them to you guys.

Last Thoughts

I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEOUL BLOGGER BRUNCH! I really hope that it will be an annual thing. I love meeting new bloggers and It’s such a great way to build and strengthen a community of strong independent women, wherever they’re from. Also, it was a great way to connect with brands personally.

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