The Etude House Lipstick Collection Review

Hey Ohmyglossers! First of all, so sorry for the no blog on Wednesday. I had writers block so I couldn’t write or post up anything. It’s weird because I have a ton of stuff I wanted to review, but I couldn’t formulate the words haha. However, I am ready today to write a 3-in-1 review of the Etude House lipsticks. Etude House recently came out with their new lipstick line, Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon/Matte, and instead of just reviewing just this line I wanted to compare and see what the differences were between some of the other Dear My ______ Lips-Talk lines. There are 5 different lipstick lines from Etude House, but I only have three in my collection which are Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon, Dear My Wish Lips-Talk, and Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk. The two that I don’t have are Dear My Blooming Lips and Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk.


First, let’s talk about the packaging. All of the Dear My _______ Lips-Talk, except for the DMBLT Chiffon/Matte, have a ribbon decoration on it. Wish and Enamel have the exact same packaging except the for the color and finish. Wish is a matte peach pink with a red ribbon and the Enamel is a shiny lilac pink with a lilac pink ribbon. Both are extremely cute and girly. The newest of the bunch has a new design, a shimmery peachy pink cylindrical body with a flat scalloping design on the front with symmetrical chrome circles that can also double as a tiny mirror haha. To me it has a vintage 60’s feel and I personally like it better than the previous designs.


Wish and Enamel have ten colors to choose from. Wish has a range of colors from orange,pink, to red. While Enamel has the same range of colors with an addition of a couple beige shades. The Chiffon/Matte together have 20 shades to choose from, 12 chiffon textures and 8 matte textures ranging from pink, orange, red, and beige. I’ve noticed that some of the colors from the Chiffon/Matte were from the first Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk line (RD306, PK012, PK014, and PK015). So I feel as though they are replacing the first ones with these new chiffon and matte lipsticks.


Let’s talk about the textures now. Wish is all about the pigmentation! It’s a very light texture that packs in a lot of color in one swipe. It has a high shine and moisturising formula. Enamel on the other hand is a little bit less opaque than Wish and has a balmy texture with a glossy finish. Chiffon is a hybrid of a matte and cream lipstick. It has a semi matte finish and a plush application. It’s creamy but not heavy feeling, a little bit like heavy whipped cream haha. The color pay off is really good. Just as vibrant and pigmented like the Wish ones. The formula on the Chiffon ones are really great, it stays in place and doesn’t bleed like the the Wish one, and it stays on longer than Wish and Enamel. As for the Matte versions I didn’t buy one because I when I switched it in the store it wasn’t a very smooth application, it looked like it would pill and fall off the lips very quickly. But, now I feel like I should just to see if I was right or not. Also I feel that the chiffon is just as moisturising as the Wish ones. If you’re more of a moisture lipstick gal than Enamel would be a better choice


How would I rank these lipsticks? It’s a tie between Wish and Talk, I love both textures and each line has such different personalities, like Wish is very bold, youthful, and fun while Enamel is a bit more reserved, womanly, and functional. Is it weird that I give personalities to lipsticks? Hahahaha! So that means Chiffon is my number 1 pick out of the three! I love the big color selection, the finish is good for anyone and for any occasion. The texture and longevity is also much better than the other two. I’m really glad I could share this review for you guys! I hope you found is helpful. Sometimes even I get a bit overwhelmed at the beauty store and it is my wish that I can help you make a fast and easy decision and not waste time on the buying process so you can get on with having fun with the makeup itself! Yay! Hahaha.

Which is your choice, Chiffon, Matte, Jelly, Enamel, Wish, or the original formula?

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