Thank You Farmer – Back To Iceland Cleansing Water & Peeling Cream

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I am going to talk about two products from Thank You Farmer. This brand is pretty well known among the K-beauty community outside of Korea and there’s a steady brand following among the Korean consumers here. Thank You Farmer’s branding comes from the honesty that farmers represent and the natural ingredients they use in their products. The cleansing line from Thank You Farmer is called ‘Back To’ and the two products is the Iceland Cleansing Water and Iceland Peeling Cream. These two products use Iceland moss extract to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin without dryness or tightness. I will also review the Dual Premium Cotton Pad from Thank You Farmer that I used with the cleansing water.


Cleansing Water & Dual Premium Cotton Pad

I have always been a fan of cleansing waters because they don’t leave an oily residue and it’s great to use when I need to fix my makeup and not having to worry about having to rinse and moisturize again. It’s also easy to transport, soak it in some cotton pads and put in a little baggie! This cleansing water is 83% Iceland Moss extract and the other 17% is made up of other natural extracts. That’s a huge amount of an original extract ingredient. What’s good about Iceland moss? It has good purifying effects, natural antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory, and not sure if this counts but, it immunomodulating effects, something to do with stimulating white cells. The last one probably doesn’t really have any effect in the cleansing water because it would most likely have to be taken as a drug.

The other extracts include cloudberry extract which is high in vitamin C and helps in skin hydration, witch hazel which helps with enlarged and clogged pores, lemongrass extract for brightening, papain for exfoliation, wintergreen leaf extract which is a plant derived salicylic acid, and peppermint leaf extract for soothing. It does have added fragrance but it doesn’t smell very strong. It has an herbal scent.


The cleansing water works quite well, I do have to go in with a second cleanse. I do this with after using any type of cleansing water. Waterproof mascara takes some time to get off but it will come off. If you get some of it in your eye it will sting! Be aware. I think that this cleansing water is not as soft as other cleansing waters I’ve used. It has a more exfoliating and slightly cooling effect. I do like that it is effective and it takes off my makeup without tugging and rubbing. It takes about 3 cotton pads until I get a 95% clean cotton pad. Afterwards my skin feels exfoliated, clean, and hydrated. You can use this as a cleansing toner as well. I would recommend this cleansing water if you want something more invigorating than I would really recommend this. However even though I say invigorating it’s still gentle on the skin. For 260 ml / 9.15 fl.oz. it costs 22,000KRW.


Cotton Pad

The cotton pad is 100% cotton and it is an exfoliating type with a mesh side and a stripped embossed side. It is definitely not your regular cotton pad. I really like using it for cleansing and it is a perfect pair with the cleansing water. For 80 pads it costs 3,000KRW.

Peeling Cream

The peeling cream has the same concept as the cleansing water. This product has 48% of Iceland moss extract. It also has salicylic acid (BHA) and lactobionic acid (PHA) that helps exfoliate dead skin. Also it has Oligo Ha, which is hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid. The peeling that comes off when you rub is a plant based cellulose. The fragrance is very similar to the cleansing water.


This should be used after you wash your face and dried it, I’ve tried it on damp skin but it just takes longer for the peeling to happen. When it does happen it works really nicely and when I go to rinse off my skin, it feels so smooth, silky, and brightened. This is a mild exfoliator and I think its great for all skin types because it just rolls off the dead skin cells with the plant pulp and not scratching like granule based exfoliators. For 150ml / 5.27 fl.oz. it costs 24,000KRW.


Final Thoughts

I think this cleansing line is really nice! I thoroughly enjoyed this line. I wish I could have tried the cleansing foam as well. They are sold in Ulta and Cult Beauty! They have an online shop in Korean at

These products were sent to me from the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes. My opinions are my own and 100% honest!

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