Tame the flakes! Hanyul Jacho Moist Glow Oil

Hey guys! I didn’t have the motivation yesterday to write this post earlier yesterday so that’s why I’m posting it today. Anyway, I think I can say that spring is officially here! Trees budding and the weather is awesome. Although I am enjoying the changes to the warmer my skin is not quite ‘spring’ ready. I still have some winter flakes that need a little oil persuasion. I’ve been using the Hanyul Ja Cho Moist Glow Oil to help soften my skin so when it comes to exfoliate it’ll be an easier process and afterwards it will protect my skin from losing all its moisture again.


The oil comes in a small red glass bottle with a dropper applicator and holds 30ml of liquid. Packaging is all and well, so what’s in it? First I will tell you what Ja Cho is. It’s scientific name is Lithospermum erythrochizon and sometimes it’s called Ja Geun or Ji Cho. The root of the plant is used for medicinal purposes and studies claim that it brightens skin and has anti-aging properties as well as speeding up healing of the skin because of its high anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Hanyul doesn’t claim any of these effects, but it’s still good to know what’s inside a product you’re putting your face. In one bottle there is 1,200 ppm of Ja Cho extract, in percentage it’s 0.12%, or 0.4 grams (if I did my math right). TBH I don’t know enough science in cosmetics to know if it’s a lot for 30ml or how strong or effective the ingredient is. Just thought it would be informative to those who do hahaha.


Anyway, all I know is that after using it my skin feels super nice and soft and I have absolutely no dryness throughout the day. Other ingredients in the oil are sunflower oil which is high in vitamin E, A, C, D and fatty acids. Also Caprylic Capric Triglyceride  which are efficient solvents, so that means that it is a good carrier for vitamins, and this ingredient helps the oil from feeling sticky and greasy, rather it helps to spread out on the skin better and give a dry and silky feel. Other good ingredients include squalene, castor oil, sesame oil, camellia oil, pine nut oil, apricot oil, and plum and lotus embryo extract.


To apply I warm a few drops on my palms and then massage it all over the face and neck. It doesn’t feel greasy and it penetrates deep down and leaves a healthy natural glow and not an oil slick. You can use it day or night because of it’s antioxidant ingredients. I recommend it for any skin type because of how well it absorbs in to the skin and doesn’t sit on the skin like some oils. I love this oil so much so worth 38,00KRW. For those of you whose skin needs a little pre-spring care then this is for you.

What oils are your favorite to use?

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