One Product That Will Keep You Out of the Sun

I absolutely love summer, the Sun, and sunbathing. But these days I’m trying to be a little less sun-happy because I want to retain and maintain the youthfulness of my skin as best I can. So instead of heading out to get your summer glow in the harsh sunlight, save your skin and opt for a good bronzer.



Bronzers can be a difficult thing to shop for because it’s a product that a lot people misuse and abuse, I’ll explain that in a little bit. Also, I think it’s a really hard color to match with your skintone. There are possibilities that it’s going to look muddy or too orange. To be honest you can’t beat a natural summer tan, maybe that’s why people will risk the effects of tanning to get the color they want. Nevertheless, as a beauty blogger I’m here to encourage you to take care of your beautiful skin and avoid being out in the Sun without proper protection. If you absolutely must go out read this post I wrote a couple month back. Anyway, when I said before about misusing and abusing bronzers, I’m talking about using too much and/or placing it on unflattering areas of the face. You don’t want to overdo it with bronzers because you don’t want to change the your skin tone just warm it up. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes in the past but you live and you learn. 😉


I personally recommend and use the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Give Me Sun! It is described as a ‘light summer peach tan’. It is one of the 15 shades in the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural line. MAC has a separate bronzer line but you can definitely use the Mineralize powders for bronzing. It’s not shimmery so it’s going to give you a very natural look. It’s also very wearable alone, over foundation, or under blushes and highlighters. In the case it looks very orange but don’t be fooled! This bronzer will give you Sun! I’m a MAC shade NC25-30 and this bronzer gives me a very natural warm color. It blends nicely and the feels very smooth to the touch.


To apply I use an angled blush brush or a tapered fluffy blush brush and buff it in on my cheeks, then up towards the side of my forehead, and also down to the jawline. Some things to remember is to build the color gradually and blend, blend, and blend. I recommend this bronzer to light, medium, and tan skin tones. I think it’s a versatile color on most skin types. If you’re lighter skin toned make sure you use very sparingly with a fan brush and blend it out.

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Why I wear sunscreen everyday…

Getting my tan on in sunny Thailand.

It’s typical in Korea during summer or on any sunny day to see a lot of women wear wide brim hats, parasol, big sunglasses, T-shirts over bikinis, face masks, gloves, and arm coverings because we are vampires… haha jokes but women here take UV rays seriously. An Asian beauty ‘secret’ that my mom would tell me was to avoid the sun and always wear sunscreen and I finally listened.

When I was younger, in my golden days of youth, when sunspots and wrinkles were never a care, I never wore sunscreen and never considered it important to put in on. Now I can see the results of my waywardness of not protecting my skin from the sun. My sunspots aren’t hugely noticeable to others but I can see it. I can cover it with my makeup but I know it’s there. Makes me a little sad…ah-wahh.

Sun spots on your skin can get worse if you don’t treat them and you’ll get even more if you don’t protect your face or anywhere on your skin from harmful UV rays. Sure you can fade them but preventing them from appearing is the most important! Sunscreen is cheaper than spot fading treatments and serums, so might as well take care of  what you have already so you don’t have to spend so much later. Whether I’m going to be outside for ten minutes or the whole day, I put on sunscreen every time.

So some of you already know this but for those that don’t this is what you need to know. There are two kinds of rays, UVA and UVB. To be simple, UVB rays will give you sunburns while UVA rays will go deep within the skin and destroy your face. It’s harsh but it’s always good to know these things. Why am I telling you this? You need to find sunscreens that will protect you from both these kinds of rays; UVA the most . UVA protection is labeled as e.g. PA +++.  The more +’s the more protection. Sunscreens that says ‘broad spectrum’ tells you that it will protect you from both kinds rays. Oh, also UVA rays can go through glass and clouds so there’s no running away from it.

The science in developing sunscreens have vastly improved for makeup junkies like you and me. There is a plethora of SPF infused makeup products. From lipstick to primers and foundation you have a whole selection of sun protectant products. They’re not like white clown makeup anymore! And it’s less tacky feeling and absorbs into your skin easily.

My BB creams and CC creams are SPF 35, my tinted sunscreen is SPF 50+, my primers are SPF 40, and foundations range from SPF 25 to 50. If the foundation I’m going to apply doesn’t have SPF then I prime my face with my tinted sunscreen or one of my face primers. It’s really convenient to have a SPF in your foundation so if you’re in a rush you don’t have to apply two things.

If you’re like me and love being out in the sun just make sure you’re taking care of your skin! Slap some SPF on and enjoy the day. Hope your day is sunny and awesome~