Water Blend Foundation for Stupid Hot Weather 😥

Hey Y’allllll! (in Paula Deen accent) I’m so excited to share with you my thoughts on this foundation that I bought recently. Make Up For Ever reformulated and upgraded the original Face & Body foundation and now it’s called Water Blend. Face & Body is one of favorite foundations to use during summer and when I saw the Water Blend foundation I bought it without hesitation. The percentage of water in the new WB is 80% and it has added pro vitamin B5 to help with skin elasticity. Also it’s completely waterproof, the older version was only water resistant.


The packaging is almost the same as the old F&B except the glass is frosted and it has a new cap. The dispenser, shape, size and  amount is still the same. The shade number have changed so you will have to figure out what shade you need. I was using #32 Alabaster Beige in the F&B but in the WB I am a Y325. The Y stands for ‘yellow’ and if you get a shade starting with R it stands for “Red”. So depending on your undertone you can choose from 20 shades ranging from light to deep tones. The #32 in the F&B is almost the same except it’s a tad more yellowy than the WB Y325.


I will say that the new formula has a little bit more coverage and dries faster than the FB. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s changed for the better. The finish I would say is the same satiny finish. The WB looks even more like your real skin, really! I love this foundation so much! I’ve been wearing out these hot humid summer days and even being out the whole day outside my skin looks flawless. It does not melt off because it’s a water-gel formula and oil-free. It’s also has very little transfer onto clothing so you can use it on your body no problem.


The only con would be that the coverage is on the light end. The F&B does not have the highest coverage to begin with so the WB is about the same. Its is buildable, but I would say to a very sheer medium. If you have blemishes you might need to correct and conceal before or after applying the foundation. I bought a Eclipse Blending Sponge that launched together with the WB foundation. It’s made with latex and it shaped to get in to all the crevices while making it easy to spread the product over larger areas. This sponge also won’t suck up the product, you can squeeze the product out to the surface if you need more coverage.


My conclusion is that MUFE did a super duper job in this relaunch/reformulation of the F&B foundation. The foundation costs 60,000KRW/43.00USD and the sponge costs 12,000KRW/12.00USD.

MY NEW FAVE LIPSTICK REVEALED!- Korean Brand Espoir No Wear Luster Lipstick

Hey everyone!

Let me just tell you how excited I am to share with y’all this lipstick that I have fallen in love with. Seriously, move over MAC! I have a new love…. (just kidding I still love you MAC) But let me just say these new lipsticks from Espoir are amazing. Espoir is a Korean cosmetic brand that was launched in 2010 that has a urban chic and glamorous personality to it. The first wave of the No Wear lipstick collection was launched in 2012 and the newest No Wear collection are the luster lipsticks. The collections has 15 vibrant colors with good pigmentation. It’s a moisturising lipstick with a subtle sheen and it ‘fits’ to your lips, meaning that it goes on smoothly and evenly.


Espoir 2015 No Wear Luster Lipstick swatches.
I purchased two colors, Sultry and Ignite. It was so hard to pick just two… I wanted all of them. Anyway, Sultry is an orange lipstick and ignite is a purple shade. They are both gorgeous.

ignite and sultry

These lipsticks feel amazing. Every time I put it on it feels like I have nothing on my lips. It feels very natural and comfortable. The color payoff is pretty good as well. The collection are very complimentary and trendy summer shades. The lipstick stays on pretty well. Even after eating lunch I had most of it on my lips. I’m gonna say it again but the texture is so nice. It’s not too watery or slippery feeling nor is it tacky or sticky. It’s perfect.   

 Each lipstick is 19,000KRW and now if you buy a lipstick you can get a free nail polish too. I’m not sure how long of a promotion it is, so go and grab a lippie soon in store or online. Seriously these lipsticks and the other No Wear lipsticks are so nice you will want to buy more than one. For sure I’ll be going back to grab a couple more. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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One Product That Will Keep You Out of the Sun

I absolutely love summer, the Sun, and sunbathing. But these days I’m trying to be a little less sun-happy because I want to retain and maintain the youthfulness of my skin as best I can. So instead of heading out to get your summer glow in the harsh sunlight, save your skin and opt for a good bronzer.



Bronzers can be a difficult thing to shop for because it’s a product that a lot people misuse and abuse, I’ll explain that in a little bit. Also, I think it’s a really hard color to match with your skintone. There are possibilities that it’s going to look muddy or too orange. To be honest you can’t beat a natural summer tan, maybe that’s why people will risk the effects of tanning to get the color they want. Nevertheless, as a beauty blogger I’m here to encourage you to take care of your beautiful skin and avoid being out in the Sun without proper protection. If you absolutely must go out read this post I wrote a couple month back. Anyway, when I said before about misusing and abusing bronzers, I’m talking about using too much and/or placing it on unflattering areas of the face. You don’t want to overdo it with bronzers because you don’t want to change the your skin tone just warm it up. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes in the past but you live and you learn. 😉


I personally recommend and use the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Give Me Sun! It is described as a ‘light summer peach tan’. It is one of the 15 shades in the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural line. MAC has a separate bronzer line but you can definitely use the Mineralize powders for bronzing. It’s not shimmery so it’s going to give you a very natural look. It’s also very wearable alone, over foundation, or under blushes and highlighters. In the case it looks very orange but don’t be fooled! This bronzer will give you Sun! I’m a MAC shade NC25-30 and this bronzer gives me a very natural warm color. It blends nicely and the feels very smooth to the touch.


To apply I use an angled blush brush or a tapered fluffy blush brush and buff it in on my cheeks, then up towards the side of my forehead, and also down to the jawline. Some things to remember is to build the color gradually and blend, blend, and blend. I recommend this bronzer to light, medium, and tan skin tones. I think it’s a versatile color on most skin types. If you’re lighter skin toned make sure you use very sparingly with a fan brush and blend it out.

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Back-ne and/or butt-ne got you down? Read this!


Hey y’all~ it’s the weekend and this week was the official start of summer! So clearly it’s time to head to the beach or go to the pool. For some this is exciting news but for others it is a nightmare having to expose our backne or buttne. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the terms backne and buttne, I’m talking about acne/pimples/clogged pores on your back and butt. I don’t think there’s a classier way to say it. Anywho, I have a mild case of back-ne. I can feel the bumps and I feel they’re blocked pores and it’s not a pleasing sight or touch. It’s dry, patchy, bumpy. Not my cup of tea you know?

My back is usually fine in Fall and Winter but when Spring and Summer rolls around, the skin on my back reacts to the changes in climate. I’m not sure about y’all, but this time of the year it tends to get worse because of the humidity and sweat. So what I do to fight this problem of mine is that I treat it just as I would if I had acne on my face. I wash my back with a cleanser with salicylic acid to help open clogged pores, neutralize the bacteria and preventing the area from clogging again. I use the Vichy Labratories Normaderm anti-imperfection deep cleansing foaming cream, 24,000KRW at Olive Young. After shampooing and conditioning my hair I go in with this product at the very end of my shower routine to wash away any hair product off my back. I also try to avoid getting shampoo and especially conditioner on my back. I rinse with my head down so that any other product except for bodywash and the foam cleanser is on my skin. I’m not 100% sure that this works but I like to believe it does. Our skin is a really tough organ but we have to be gentle with the stuff our skin can get in contact with.

I’ve also recently bought a brush back scrubber. Sometimes it can be hard to throughly clean the middle of your back so the extended handle of the back scrubber helps me reach these places as well as getting extra exfoliation. Plus it’s a great back scratcher hahaha. I got mine at the main store Olive Young in Myeongdong for about 14,000KRW.



So if you have any backne or buttne problems, try a salicylic acid wash and try to keep the area clean from any other products that might aggravate the area. Also, remember to dry those areas as soon as you get out of the shower and use a light body lotion or maybe a dray oil spray so your skin can be moisturised but at he same time breathe. Now are you ready for summer? Try it out and see if your skin is swimsuit ready 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!

My Summer Foundation!


Summer is near in Korea and it’s gonna be hot and unpleasantly humid.

I love creamy foundations during the dry chilly winters in Seoul but in the Summer I want something light and nothing too oily or creamy. I’m not much of a powder foundation person because of my dry skin so I opt for something water based in the Summer. By the way, the inspiration for this post came from an old high school friend who messaged me to ask what would be a good summer foundation. My recommendation for her was Make Up For Ever’s Face & Body liquid makeup. Keep reading for my reasons why…

So, I was using MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation since March and it was really nice that it kept my face looking fresh and moisturised during the transition from Winter to Spring and now since the weather is getting warmer I’m switching back and forth with the MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation and Make Up For Ever Face&Body. I recently restocked and it was a great decision that I did. So the Face&Body is really light and fresh feeling because it’s a water based gel. If you look at it in the bottle or on the back of your hand it has a jelly like texture. It’s waterproof as well so it’s great if you’re sweating up a storm outside. It’s great for natural makeup because it gives you a satin finish and gives you a smooth, even-toned look. There are so many pro reasons for this foundation! Also, because it’s not a creamy formula it won’t settle into your pores or fine lines.

When you apply this shake it well and I personally use about two pumps to cover my face. It has a sheer to light coverage so if you’re looking for a more opaque foundation then this might not be the one for you. Before you apply wear sunscreen before hand because it doesn’t have any SPF. Make sure you wear skin protectant, you can read why here. I usually pump it on to the back of my hand and then with a foundation brush or a rounded brush, I’m use the MUFE 152 brush, I make lines on my face stroking it from the inside and outward. After that using small circular motion I blend out the lines. It’s a really easy foundation to apply because it’s so light and not streaky. After 30 seconds to a min the foundation will set and dry to a satiny finish.

#32 Alabaster Beige (similar colouring as MAC NC25/30)

If you’re looking for a good summer foundation then try this one out!

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