Stila – Matte ‘N Metal Eye Shadow Palette

Hi guys! I’m taking a break from K-beauty in this post to review a new eyeshadow palette I got a few days ago. Stila came out the Matte ‘N Metal palette late December 2016. I saw this at Lohbs here in Seoul for the first time and since Stila is one of my favorite brands since highschool I had to get it! Plus, the eye-catching gold checkerboard front was calling my wallet, I mean, my name… Let’s start the review shall we?


The packaging is a gold square 10cm by 10cm case with a gold foil checkerboard pattern on the front. Inside you get a nice big mirror and 12 x 1g eyeshadows divided oh-so-nicely into three columns of four color coordinated shades. The first column has 4 cool tone shades, the middle column is a mix of neutral shades of mauve and rose gold, and the last column has a selection of warm tone shades. All the colors are very wearable colors for everyday wear.


The pigmentation isn’t crazy and I’m realizing that necessarily mean it’s a bad palette. I think it can be really intimidating to some people when they come across an eyeshadow or a palette that is mad pigmented so palettes like this one exist! Anyway, the textures of the shadows are nice and smooth, but some felt a little dry. If you have oily lids then these might be quite nice. There isn’t too much kickback on the powder when you grab it with an eyeshadow brush. The metallic shades barely show up if you use a brush so using your finger or a wet synthetic brush is the best way to apply them. I have the best use that way.


Out of all the matte shades ‘fringe’, ‘suede’, ‘vintage’, and ‘velvet’ show up on my skin the most. In the metals ‘sizzle’, ‘smolder’, and ‘retro’ swatch well and stand out much more than the others. The shade ‘flare’ looks glittery if applied dry, so using a wet brush gives a metallic sheen.



So should you get this palette? I think that even though the shades are very wearable it will take some work to get a nice matte and metal look. However, if you don’t really care so much about the metallic look then this is a great everyday palette with easy to see color matches for each shade. As for the price, it is on the pricey side. I paid 46,600 for it and it was on a special discount, but it normally retails for about 58,000KRW/49.00USD. If you’re paying full price then I don’t think it’s worth it, so overall I guess it’s a pass in my opinion. I don’t think this would be my go-to palette, but on days I want to have a little fun or want a specific look then I’ll maybe use it…I have too many eyeshadow palettes…but also not enough.

Beauty Essentials For The Lazy Girl Winter Edition

Hey! Today I wanted to something else than a review so I’m going to list the essential beauty products catered to the lazy girl in all of us! Since it is winter this list is going to include stuff that would be ideal for the cold season.

Number 1!

A good nourishing face cream.

Skip the lotion and finish your skin routine off with a face cream. It will moisturize better than a lotion and it will help seal in the moisture from escaping throughout the wintery season and hot heaters. I’ve been using the SK-II R.N.A. Power Radical New Age cream and it’s great for Anti-aging and firming the skin. This one is a high end brand so it is a bit pricy 139,000KRW for 50g. A budget friendly alternative would be the Vichy Idealia cream which goes for 59,000KRW. I will have a review on this product soon!

Number 2!

A tinted moisturizer or a BB cream

If you don’t have the “time” to put on foundation all you need is pair of clean hands and a tube of your favourite BB cream or tinted moisturiser. It takes a minute to put on and you’ll have covered all the bases like sun protectant, primer, and foundation. It’s easy to put on and you can’t mess it up. Also you don’t have to fuss over blending, brushes, or sponges. Try the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 they have a bunch of shades to choose from that will hydrate and even out the skin tone. It goes for 62,00KRW but in the States it’s 44.000USD. :/ Not sure what to think about that.


Number 3!

A cream blush that can also be a lip color

Sallow complexion in winter is never good, so warming up the face with a cream blush will give you skin a dewy warmth rather than a powdery look that will accentuate the dryness of your skin. You can use the blush as a lip tint as well. If your lips feel too dry then just layer over it with chapstick. Stila has Convertible Colors that can be used fro both lip and cheek. It’s 38,000KRW or in the States 25.00USD. The Korean road shop Aritaum has Sugarball Cushion blushers that has a small puff inside to apply your cream blusher. It is 8,000KRW and I use the color no.3 Daisy Coral.



Number 4!

Sleeping packs

Lazy girls such as myself love to sleep so with basically with no effort you can still have diligently well managed skin just by ending your day with a general slathering of a sleeping pack cream. While you sleep it will moisturise and also deliver the nourishing ingredients to your skin and the great thing is that you don’t have to deal with peels, mask sheets, or post washing of the face. A lazy girl’s dream come true. I’ve been using the BRTC Vitalizer Whitening Sleeping Pack that costs 31,000KRW. The review I did is here.

eb51d820d130ffe1ee968728cd9dd499-500x500I hope you enjoyed this post! Treat your inner lazy girl this winter season and hit the snooze because you can still manage to look great without waking up early 😉

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What’s In My Makeup Bag: Weekend Trip Edition

Hey! It’s about that time to go on weekend trips during the Summer months. Even though I love makeup I really hate carrying it around when I travel. So, what do I take in my makeup bag you ask? Here’s my essential travel makeup list.

1. Sunscreen!

This is an essential for any day and occasion. Most likely you’re at a church retreat you’re going to be doing outside activities. So protect your skin UVA and UVB rays by applying sunscreen 20 mins before you head out.

2. MAC Global Glow Mineralize Skinfinish


Love this stuff. You can use this as a bronzer, highlighter, or a blush. It’s a great color on any skin tone and it just makes your skin look radiant and glowy. It’s a perfect tan color with a silver sheen so you’re not going to look orange. I usually brush it high on my cheeks up to the temples and with any remaining powder on the brush I dust it on the bridge of my nose, forehead and chin.

3. Stila Kitten Smudge Crayon


Stila Kitten eye shadow is a cult classic and it also comes in a smudge crayon form. It’s a shimmery pink nude and it’s flattering on anyone. Its great because I don’t need to carry an eye shadow brush and I can line my water line, brighten the inner corners of my eyes and accent my brown bone all with this one crayon. Just pop some color around your eye lids and with your finger blend and smudge to give your eyes a brighter look.

4. Benefit Roller Lash


I won’t need to fuss around with an eyelash curler with this mascara! A few swipes and lifted and lengthened lashes! No clumps either. You can read a detailed review here.

5. Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow


Keep your #browsonfleek the whole weekend with this double ended brow pen. One side is a brow tint pen then the other side is a brow mascara to keep your brows stay in place and coat them in a natural brow color. The tint lasts about three days as long as you touch it up the next day.

6. Dior Addict Lip Glow 


Moisturizing and it gives your lips a nice pinky glow. The color adjusts to the chemical of your lips, thus enhancing your natural lip color. Easy to wear and the color is flattering on everyone.

7. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer


The best concealer ever! It has great coverage but it doesn’t feel thick or sticky. So you can cover spots and dark circles on the go! The wand makes it easy to cover specific areas you want.

All of this will fit in a compact makeup bag. Get packing and have a great weekend!

April Showers Bring Stila Convertible Color Palette- Review


April showers bring Stila convertible color flowers~

Hey y’all! So a few days ago I did a review on Stila’s nouveau natural eye shadow review and in this post I will be reviewing the Stila convertible color palette. The palette came out at the same time as the nouveau natural eye shadow palette as limited edition products for Spring 2015. The 12 floral inspired colors come in a square matte gold case with a nice big mirror inside. I was really excited to see the entire convertible colors in one palette! The convertible colors can be used as a lipstick or a cream blush. The convertible colors have been winners in InStyle magazine for many consecutive years for best cream blush. The texture is creamy and not sticky. It blends ever so nicely and it gives your cheeks and lips a nice pop of color. I’m a sucker for dewy skin and I love the how fresh it makes my cheeks look. Depending on the color and how much product you use you can create a bold colorful look or you can go sheer and subtle. The single colors are great but having 12 colors in one palette is amazing! You can mix and match colors or create an ombre lip with different shades. It’s a really fun palette to use. Also its great to take it when your travelling or on the go. The colors range from berry red to tangerine orange to brownish pink, so you’ll have a color for any occasion. I took two swatch pictures to show the dewy texture of the convertible colors in direct and non-direct lighting.

Top is under direct light and bottom is taken inside a soft box. Left to right: Lillium (nude pink), Magnolia (nude brown), Tulip (soft berry red), Camellia (peachy brown), Peony (brownish rose), Rose (rosy pink), Gladiola (bright orange cream), Peach Blossom (peach pink), Hibiscus (red coral), Gerbera (rosy peachy pink), Petunia (coral peach cream), Fuchsia (bright pink)
The best way to apply the colors from this palette is to use your fingers because the size of the color pans in the palette is too small to dip a cheek brush into. Some of the colors in the palette that are not in the permanent range are magnolia (nude brown), tulip (soft berry red), peach blossom (peach pink), and hibiscus (red coral). Two permanent colors that are not in the palette are poppy (berry red) and sweet pea (bright pink). My favorite colors in the palette are tulip (soft berry red), hibiscus (red coral), and petunia (coral peach cream). The palette is $49.00USD.

Stila Nouveau Natural eye shadow palette review


I’m back from the Philippines and I have a new review for you!

I finally got my Sephora package and one of the many things I got was the new Stila nouveau natural eye shadow palette. It is a limited edition Spring 2015 palette and I checked Sephora they didn’t have it on their online shop anymore. The palette was inspired by backstage beauty to create a natural and radiant glow. The square matte gold case with a magnet closure. It’s easy to carry around and it has a nice big mirror inside the case as well. Inside there are 12 warm shades. The palette is a mix of textures from matte and shimmer shadow. You can apply the shadow dry or wet. The palette is laid out in an ombre, light to dark, so you don’t have to worry about how or in which order you can apply the shadow. You can use the light colors to highlight your brow bone, the centre of your lids, and inner corners, and then the darker shades to define the shape of your eyes. The purpose of this palette is to enhance your eyes so the colors are sheer.

Top from right to left: Wind, Individual, Desire, Kitten, Dune, Instinct Bottom from right to left: Coco, Gilded Gold, Java, Understanding, Jezebel, Wit
Honestly, I think this palette is OK. I know it’s a natural palette but there are a lot of better nude palettes out there with better pigmentation in my opinion. It performs well enough but it doesn’t feel as great as other eyeshadow formulas. Some of the colors feel too dry and powdery. The best colors in the palette in my opinion are Instinct and Kitten. It goes for $49.00USD.