What’s Better Than Baking Soda Scrub? The 9 Wishes Rice Face Polish!

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Have you ever tried using baking soda as a scrub? It’s not bad at all, but I think Ive found something better! The 9 Wishes Rice Powder Polish. This magical stuff will make your skin feel and look super smooth and shine! This brand uses natural ingredients and no chemicals or other harmful ingredients. They have been featured on various Korean beauty channels, magazines, and sponsored by K-celebs. Let’s get down to my review on this face scrub.


The packaging comes in a jar form. If you’re a anti-jar or prefer squeezable tubes you can use the spatula that comes with the jar and a protective inner lid. The design is clean and white so it looks great in your bathroom sink or vanity. The jar contains 100ml/3.4 fl.oz.


Formula and Ingredients

The main ingredients include rice water, finely milled rice powder, and fermented rice extract. Rice water is known for helping brighten skin and has been used in Asian beauty regime for many generations. Then we have the rice powder that scrubs away the dead skin cells as well as brighten the skin and adds moisture to the skin. The fermented extract helps nourish the skin. Other notable ingredients are lactobacillus/soybean ferment, white willow bark extract, argan kernel oil, canola oil, macadamia oil, and jojoba oil. This is a scrub come true for dry skin types, but can be used on any skin type! There isn’t any fragrance added and it just smells like the oils that are in the list.

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Using The Scrub

The scrub should be used on moist skin or it is going to be too harsh in my opinion. I tried it on dry skin at first, but now I wet my skin. I use about a finger tip amount on the entire face. The great thing about this is that I can use it as a lip scrub as well as body scrub too. The granules are not too fine and it does a great job sloughing off any dead skin. Don’t apply too much pressure. So after massaging for about 2-3 minutes I wash off it with warm water and my skin is so soft! It gives me a moderate brightening effect and it makes applying the rest of my skincare routine a breeze.


Final Thoughts

I love this scrub! It’s less harsh than sugar scrubs and more effective than baking soda and water. I also love the ingredients list. Uncomplicated and doesn’t include any harmful chemical ingredients. This costs 28,000KRW and 32.29USD. On amazon you can get it for 19.99USD. Check out their site at www.9wishes.co.kr for more of their products or check out Amazon (click the link to get the the product page). Get this scrub!

These were sent to my by the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes. I have full charge of my opinions about the products they send me. You can trust that my reviews are honest!

Neogen – Code 9 Black Volume Cream

Hi! I am here to finally review the Neogen Code 9 Black Volume Cream. I say finally because I got this as a gift from Neogen last summer when I went to their headquarters. I started using it but the colder winter months came so I changed to heavier creams. But since spring is approaching I brought it out of hibernation to fully test it and review it for you guys.



So Code 9 is a sub-branch of Neogen and Code 9 stands for Convenient, One step skincare, Dynamic, Effects, and the 9 is the number of skincare effects that it uses to treat your skincare concerns. Code 9 has a trendy and chic packaging. The Black Volume Cream comes with a silicone spatula and a plastic base that holds the cream and the spatula together. It looks really nice on when it’s all set up. The spatula can be used on both ends, the narrow end to scoop up the product and the wider end to spread out the cream on the skin. Sometimes I use the spatula to put on liquid face masks/peels. It’s easy to use and clean.


The texture and the consistency is very unique. It’s a gel but very bouncy and thick, slightly like hair gel, but for your skin. It has a variety of moisturizing ingredients. The first five ingredients are water, butylated glycol (surfactant), glycerin, niacinamide (antioxidant), hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid solution (prevents water loss). Also, the list of natural extracts is a crazy long. 49 of the extracts are black anthocyanins, black pigmented, such as blackberry, black bean, and black currant. It also has citric acid that can slough off dead skin cells and speed new cell turnover as well as ginseng root extract and ceramide. It has absolutely no oil, so it’s suitable for any skin type.



It claims to hydrate your skin for 50 hours and volumize and plump up the skin. It’s definitely hydrating and I do feel that my skin is plumper after I use it. Also, because it’s a gel type it cools my skin when I go to put it on. putting it in the fridge before applying it is a cooling treat! It feels a little sticky at first but after it settles into the skin it leaves it soft and hydrated. It has no oily feeling but it gives a nice dewy glow on the skin.


You can use it as a hydrating makeup base, sleeping mask, and I especially like to use it after I do a sheet mask because it feels like it traps the sheet mask goodness in. I would highly recommend this because it’s a hydrating cream with anti-wrinkle and brightening effects without any oils and it is loaded with skin loving ingredients. You can purchase this on the Neogen Korean and English website. It retails for 35,oooKRW/38.00USD.


Son and Park 💦Beauty Water💦 Review!

How’s it going Oh My Glossers! I hope you had a wild week catching Pokemon on Pokemon Go… if you’re into that kind of stuff. I wish it came out in Korea already! Then I’ll have  something new to be obsessed about hahaha. Just kidding, my beauty obsession will always be number one, sorry Pikachu. This post is going to be one of those reviews that other beauty bloggers have blogged about many times and a while ago, but hey I’m bring it back y’all. The Son and Park Beauty Water is a must have or a must try for Kbeauty or just any skincare beauty lovers out there!


The Beauty Water’s popularity rose when it became known to the public that Korean celebrities were all about this product. It claims that it’s neither a toner nor a cleansing water… so what is it? To put it simply it’s a multifunctional skincare product. You can use it as a toner and a cleansing water that exfoliates, hydrates, and softens the skin. You can use it anytime, in the morning instead of soap and water, before the gym to wipe off makeup, to prep your skin before applying makeup, refresh your skin during the day by putting it in a spray bottle, you can wet some cotton pads to make a sheet mask, use it as the last step in your cleansing routine, and you can take some of it on the plane to freshen up during flight. The possibilities are endless.

The multipurpose part of it is great, but how does it perform? I have to say that this is the best product Son and Park has come out with. It’s such a simple product, but because it can do so many things it gets so many wins. The ingredients list is pretty impressive too. 94% of it is of natural origin, there are 20 ingredients that moisturises, brightens, softens the skin like Damask Rose, orange extract, and papaya fruit. Also it uses coconut, corn, potato, and wheat ingredients to gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin. It’s the perfect tonic for dewy skin anytime and for anyone. I usually use a cotton pad to gently wipe all over my skin or pat it on to the skin if I don’t have a cotton pad available.


The Beauty Water is a really approachable product that it doesn’t seem to be a overly Korean beauty product. It can really cross beauty borders without being labelled as “Asian skincare”. The packaging itself is really plain, but at the same time very sleek and sophisticated. It screams “I AM AN ESSENTIAL PART OF YOUR BEAUTY REGIME!”. If you can get your hand on one, it will change you for the better. It’s not overly sticky or drying, and its gentle enough for sensitive skin types. The 340mL goes for 25,000KRW and they also sell a 500mL for 39,000KRW.

🌴Coconut Lover’s Favorite Cleanser!🌴 NEOGEN Milk to Foam Coconut Milk Pure Mild Cleanser

Hey guys and happy hump day to you all! I’m going to to review the NEOGEN Milk to Foam Coconut Milk Pure Mild Cleanser. Cleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine, so I love to test out new skin cleansers out there. Neogen is a new brand to me, I’ve seen their products at Olive Young and I hear that it will be going in the Kbeauty lineup at Sephora. They have also won awards as a premium cleansing and exfoliating brand in Korea. Anywho, I thought this would be a good chance to try it out before it goes out of Korean borders.


The packaging is pretty simple and pretty big, it’s 300mL/9.9 fl oz. There is an option to get a pump, but I just got the no pump option. The cleanser is a quite thick and and creamy  looking. It has no over powering scent, to me it kind of smells like Sprite haha.  It’s probably because of the lime and bergamot oil in the formula. Yeah, surprisingly it doesn’t have a coconut-y smell even though it has coconut oil and fermented (lactobacillus) coconut fruit extract as the main ingredient. This cleanser is an all in one cleanser, it has the cleansing milk, oil, and foam component in one step and is said to leave the skin moisturised and not dry out the skin.



I used about a 3cm diameter amount of product and it might seem a little to spread over dry skin, once you add a little bit of water it more than enough. After spreading it over the entire face I massage it into the larger areas of my face and when it turns to a thick white consistency I add a bit of water and then lather it up a bit more. Once the larger areas are done I carefully massage the foam around my eyes to remove eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow. It did get in my eye a little and it stung like crazy, so be careful. I didn’t have to rub really hard, just in circular motions. While I was washing I was a little skeptical that it would remove all of my waterproof eye makeup, but after rinsing it was really clean! There was a very slight trace of mascara under the eyes, but I think if I went over it a couple more times it would have been removed completely. Even around the crevices of my nose was quite clean. I think if I used my brush cleanser  with it it would have been amazing! Even with just hand washing it’s pretty great.


After rinsing my skin didn’t feel tight like most foam cleansers. It actually felt really smooth and soft. There wasn’t any kind of irritation or redness afterward either. Unless you have very sensitive skin I think this is a cleanser is great for anyone who wants a no fuss cleansing routine. It’s mild enough in my opinion to use in the morning as well. I’m sure I’ll go through this bottle quite quickly, but I’m all about that twice daily cleansing life. Each bottle costs 43,000KRW (RRP) but on their website now it’s on sale for 30,100KRW with the pump and 27,300KRW without. So guys enjoy this ‘lime in the coconut’ milk cleanser!

Should you wash your face with soap in the morning? My morning skincare routine!

Hello Oh My Glossers! Today I wanted to share about this beauty dilemma, whether to wash your face with soap in the morning. Also I wanted to share my curent morning skincare routine. I’ve been getting asked a lot about morning skincare issues lately. Before I get into what my routine is like, let’s tackle this question of sud or sans sud to start off your day.

I’ve read a lot of articles where dermatologists say that it’s okay not to wash your face in the morning with soap. This is because sleep is the time where our skin can replenish and restore balance back to your skin. Also, if you have a solid night time cleansing routine then washing your face again in the morning isn’t necessary and it will strip away some of the good oils that your skin needs. I would suggest instead of using tap water, which can also be drying, use mineral/thermal water mists from Vichy or Avene and then go into your regular morning skincare routine.So that settles the no soap routine, does that mean that washing your face with soap is bad? No, you just have to use the right kind of cleanser. There are a lot of great mild face cleansers on the market, Cetaphil is a very trusted brand to be very mild. I never ever ever use a foam cleanser in the morning because it will strip my face and give me dry patches.

For the longest time I used the Victoria Egg Soap and recently I swapped it with the Verite Good-Morning Mild Cleanser. Verite is a cosmetic brand under the Amore Pacific group. This cleaner is suited for sensitive skin and has a pH balance of 5.5. This number is the magical number when it comes to creating a healthy and comfortable surface for our skin. A little acidic and not too alkaline. It’s also formulated with hayaluronic acid and camomile extract for a moisture boosting and calming result. As well as that, it has konjac granules to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and excess oil. You can’t really feel it like harsh scrubbing beads in some other cleansers. My skin definitely feels silky and soft after using it. Also it doesn’t feel like I washed my face because it doesn’t foam up, it feels like it’s prepping my skin for the next step. If you feel as though washing with water isn’t enough, then try a mild cleanser like this one. The conclusion is that it’s your preference whether or not you want to wash your face with soap, just make sure that it’s a mild cleanser if you do.


Quickly I’ll list and go over my morning skin ritual. So like I mentioned, I wash with the Verite Good-Morning Mild Cleanser. I like to apply it on dry skin first and massage it all over then rinse with luke warm water. Then I use my Hanyul Red Rice Skin Softener to prep my skin. After, I apply my IOPE Bio Eye Cream Youth Complete and shortly after the SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence. I’m actually almost out so I’ll have to invest in a essence soon. If I feel like my skin needs extra moisture I either apply some sweet almond oil or the Hanyul Jacho Oil. Then I wrap it all up in a moisturising cream, I switch around three different creams which are SK-II RNA Power cream (which I’m also running low on), Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream, and the Vichy Idealia Cream. I usually wear makeup and my primers have SPF in it so I don’t really have a regular sunscreen that I use, but I do sometimes use the IOPE UV Shield Sun Protector cream.

Thanks for reading!


How to wash and prep your face in order


Hey everyone!

So I get asked a lot of skincare questions and I thought I’d write about the general step by step of how to wash and prep your skin. I think this will be a helpful post for those who aren’t familiar with skin care routines. So let’s get started!

1. Wash your face!

I wash my face twice a day, in the morning and at night. In the mornings I like to use a mild soap just to get stimulate the blood flow and to balance out the skin. Also your makeup is going to go on smoother on a cleaner surface. Then at night I will use a makeup removing cleanser to wash off makeup as well as dirt and oil. A couple times a week I like to exfoliate my skin to get rid of any dead skin build up. Weekly exfoliation will keep your pores from being blocked which can develop into pimples.

2. Tony! Toni! Toner!

I’ve written a post on it before oh my you should use toner and you can read it here. Using toner can help the skin take in the other products you will use later. It should be used before any other skin product. I use a cotton pad and gently wipe around the face. Those with oily skin should never ever skip this step! The toner will help prep and control oiliness.

3. Treat your skin

If you’ve got a pimple or pimples use a blemish treatment cream/ointment on specific areas.

4. I scream for eye(s) cream and serum

These are the two skin products that you should invest in. The first signs of ageing starts around the eyes so always moisturise the eye area and firm up the skin with an anti-ageing formulated eye cream if you are in your early 20s or older. Serum or essence will give your skin extra nourishment and helps keep the elasticity of your skin. As you get older collagen in the skin will start to diminish. So using a serum as part of your skin care routine is key to having youthful looking skin.


I hope you don’t mind the dark humor 😉 Whether it is lotion, cream, or oil, this step will lock in everything you put on previously. It will also repair the skin and keep it from drying out. Drying out the skin will cause more breakout and the texture of your skin will become rough. So slather it on. I like to use oils and creams instead of lotion because I have very dry skin. For oily skin types a light lotion or gel cream will do.

6. The California Raisins called and they want their wrinkles back…

is what you’re gonna hear if you don’t put on sunscreen everyday. Use a UVA and UVB blocking sunscreen. Just because you’re going outside for 10 mins is not an excuse not to wear sunscreen. Always and everyday apply sunscreen before leaving your house. You can rad more about the importance of sunscreen here!

Now you know what to buy and how to use it! I hope this post was informative and not overwhelming for you 🙂 If you have any questions just drop a comment below!

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Korean product review: Those night when you want to go straight to bed…

Hey guys,

This is a review of the Velvizo Magic Cleansing Water and their Marine Spa Vital Mask.collage

Velvizo is a Korean skincare brand that is selling at Shinsaegae Department stores that uses natural marine fucoidan, brown algae or seaweed, to revitalise your skin. I received the magic cleaning water which is their best rated product. When it comes to cleansing, I think most all Korean women are on top of it. For me it is one of the most important part of my skin care routine. With all the makeup I put on, I thoroughly cleanse my face with three steps. First, I have a separate lip and eye makeup remover, then I use a cleansing wipe for the face and any left over residue on my eyes and lips, and lastly I wash my face with a mild soap. Now when I got the magic cleansing water I was a little skeptical because it claimed to be a one step cleansing product. But I gave it a shot and without removing anything I wet my face and went straight in with the cleanser.


When you pump out the cleanser its looks like syrupy water and once you start rubbing it foams up really well in to micro bubbles. So after a couple mins of massaging I rinsed off and I was really amazed how clean my face looked. It definitely has a squeaky but not dry feeling on the skin. But you know just because it looks clean doesn’t mean that it is. So with a cotton pad that I soaked with my toner, I went ahead and gently wiped my face and the crevices of my nose to make sure nothing was left over. When I checked there was nothing! I was very impressed, a product that delivers!

squeaky clean!


I actually used it this morning as well because I liked the feeling after cleansing. I think its gentle enough to use in the morning and night. I will have to test it out a little more though. But for an end of the day cleansing it’s great! I recommend this cleanser to those of you who don’t have the energy to do a full clean or can’t be bothered with multiple cleansing. The have three different types of the cleanser, original formula for normal to oily skin, sensitive for dry and sensitive skin, and refresh formula for normal or stressed skin. I wish I could try all of them and tell you the differences!

Bonus! With the cleansing formula I got a box of the Velvizo Marine Spa Vital Mask. So after the toner I put one on. This mask sheet is to calm and moisturise the skin. Something that I needed that day. The mask is 100%cotton and free of parabens, dyes, mineral oil, and benzopsenon. It contains lots of skin soothing ingredients like Camomile extract, witch hazel, and aloe vera. It felt really nice and refreshing afterwards, super moist. I finished off with a watery cream and went straight to bed…




Go to www.velvizo.com for more information. Again I was sent these items from Velvizo but what I wrote was 100% unbiased. I think these are great Korean skincare products. I hope you will get to try it out for yourself. You can find them at Shinsaege Department stores~

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