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I wrote this blog post as a guest post over at another blog over a year ago and I never posted it on mine. It was left as a draft and I decided to look over it again, and I realized that some of my opinions have changed about some of the products I’ve recommended in the past. Not saying they are bad products, but since I have tried a lot more skincare over the last year or so I think I have become a sort of skincare snob, hahaha! Also, I want to let you know the products that I enjoy using now. Well anyway, read on for my sheet masking tips!

Oka 7 Collection Sheet Mask Review


It’s time for a sheet mask review. I got a bundle of 7 sheet masks from a brand called Oka. This brand specializes in different needs for the skin as well as for men and children. The packaging is simple yet very stylish. Each mask has a character on the front and each drawn with a skin issue that the sheet mask will help remedy. Also each of the characters have different colored lips, so it makes it fun and easy to choose which mask you need. All of them are a moisturizing masks with added ingredients for specific care. All of the sheets are 100% cellulose, contains an aroma essential oil, and uses natural ingredients. The ingredient list is very short so I feel assured that it’s not filled with unnecessary ingredients. I’ve tried all of them except for the one for men, I gave it to my brother to review for me. I’m ready to tell you all about them!




I will start with the basic mask in the line. Boosting Moisture Up Sheet Mask helps with moisturizing and nourishing. The essential oil in this mask is bergamot oil which reminded me of Earl grey tea. Notable ingredients include aloe vera leaf extract, artemisia vulgaris extract, and witch hazel extract. It did say that it has sunflower oil in it, but I couldn’t find it on the list. The mask is moisturizing and I would say a very good mask everyday. No sticky feeling and the sheet didn’t dry out.




The next mask is the Diet My Freckles Sheet Mask. This mask helps to brighten and soothe the skin after prolonged sun exposure. This has grapefruit aroma essential oil. The niacinamide for whitening and the catechins in the green tea extract will help soothe the skin. This mask was as well and my skin felt hydrated and soothed.



Pore Care

The third mask I tried was the Buckle Up The Pore Sheet Mask. This is formulated to help stretched out pores with ingredients like witch hazel, Artemisia Vulgaris extract, and green tea extract. It has tea tree extract as it’s essential oil so it has a very cooling aroma. This one was moisturizing and my pores felt very refreshed, but not much of a miracle pore tightening mask.




The next mask on the list is Pump the Brightening Up Sheet Mask. This is a whitening mask with niacinamide. This one has lime oil as it’s aroma. It has sunflower seed oil for moisturization. I didn’t really like this one as much as I did the others. I didn’t see a big difference in the brightening of my skin.




The next mask is the last woman character mask int this line. The Cheers to Anti-Wrinkle Sheet Mask was my favorite out of all the ones I tried. This one has a milky essence and it smells like rosemary. It contains adenosine for wrinkle treatment. It also has avocado seed oil for nourishment and softening the skin. It also has royal jelly which give the skin extra care. I would recommend this mask if I had to choose only one of these to you.



Kids & Men

The next two mask are for men and children. The Stay Cool Sheet Mask I gave to my brother to review for me. He said that the essence was too watery and kept dripping. However he did say it was very cooling, soothed and hydrated. The last mask in the bundle is the Filling With Honey Sheet Mask. It has a very cute baby face on front. I tried this mask even though it did not fit my face it’s supposed to fit ages 5-10. I actually would like this mask in an adult sheet mask size. It has lavender oil and honey extract. My skin felt hydrated and I think it would be a great mask to use as a family.



My overall impressions of these masks are that I like them! These are great for everyday use. They’re also quite fun because of the characters on the packaging. I can say that the ingredients in the masks are also good quality and not much goes into them, so its safe to say that I know what I am putting on my skin. These can be bought on mask costs 3,000KRW.

These were sent to my by the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes. I have full charge of my opinions about the products they send me. I can assure that everything I say is 100% fo realz!



Shine K-II 3 Step Mask Review

How’s it going guys?

Today I will be reviewing three masks from Shine K-II, it sounds awfully close to SK-II right? Anyway, these masks have a 2-3 step system. There are 3 different types that I have tried. I really like these multistep ones because it makes my sheet masking feel more complete and they are great for traveling. Shine K-II is a branch from MLS who specializes in face masks, but also makes other skincare products and hair and body. It is a manufacturer that developed JayJun mask pack. In addition, they also work with leading cosmetics companies such as A by Bom, Siero, Cuore, Dewy Tree, and Celltrion Skincure. So you can see that they are experienced with producing quality sheet masks.

Honey With Nature

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The first one is the Shea Butter Honey Mask which has 2 steps. The first step is a honey eye serum. It’s a watery gel like texture and there’s enough to put on your whole face. it contains 250ppm of honey extract and panthenol. The serum is not sticky and absorbs very quickly. Great prep for the sheet mask.


The mask is to help give moisture to rough and dry skin. It forms a moisture barrier. It contains shea butter and honey extract to moisturize skin, and adenosine to help skin wrinkles. The mask sheet is thin and adheres well. The scent is sweet, but not overwhelming. The effect of the mask was really nice. My skin felt moisturized without any sticky feeling and it seemed to brighten my complexion. This is 4,000KRW.


 Moisturize to Shine


This next one is a moisturizing and purifying mask with three steps. Step one is an essence, step two is a the mask, and step three is the cream. The essence has beta-glucan, betaine, adenosine, ceramide, and loquat extract that all helps protects and soothes the skin. The texture is a clear gel and lightly hydrates the skin.


The mask is contains moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, trehalose and squalane. Also has adenosine to help wrinkle the skin. The sheet is the same material as the honey one. The essence is a bit watery. The result was brightening and moisturizing. The last step is the cream. It contains shea butter, meadow foam, and adenosine. The texture is not too heavy, but very creamy. I really loved this three step one because I can do everything in while I’m in bed! This one is 4,000KRW.


Reactivate to Shine


This is this the last of the masks, Illuminating Water Light Black Mask. This is also a three step mask, but instead of a cream it includes a foam cleanser! It contains hypoallergenic sodium, beta-glucan, which has excellent moisturizing effect on tired skin, and lava sea water in Jeju Island. I also has ceramide to enhance skin barrier and improve wrinkles of adenosine.


The foam cleanser is a good as a second cleanse after taking you makeup off. It has papaya extract to help exfoliate the skin. The skin didn’t feel dried out because of its added sodium hyaluronate. Follow up with the step two essence much like the moisturizing and purifying mask essence has the same texture and consistency.

The sheet mask is black and it is a bit thicker than the first two. The eye holes seemed a little smaller too. I really liked this one. My skin was brightened and felt soft and moisturized. This would be great for a taking on a trip because of the added cleanser. This costs 4,000KRW.

Final Thoughts

I really liked all the mask from here. Loved the multi-step routine in one packaging. It’s also very affordable and good quality. Their website is but I wasn’t able to find these mask there. I received these from K-Beauty Expo to conduct my personal review.


Yes, I Woke Up Like This #Flawless!

i woke up like this


Hey guys! I have been so excited to share with you my new found favorite skincare brand! It’s a Korean beauty brand trendily named, i woke up like this, or IWLT for short. IWLT aims to use both natural ingredients along side Bio-technology. I received the Hydra Luxurious oil along with two other IWLT products, the Hydra Balancing Rose Mist and the Whitening Concentrate Treatment Mask. I will review those down below, but first I really have to tell you about this oil!

Your Skin Companion! Skinion Sheet Mask Reviews


My skin is very confused right now because we’re almost near the end of the transitioning from spring to summer! I have been suffering from the dryness in Korea and I really need the humidity for my dry skin, #dryskinproblems. However, I have a remedy for my extra dry skin days, sheet masks!

Today I’ll be reviewing two sheet masks from Skinion. The Mexico Nopal Cactus Water Bomb Sheet Mask 84% and the Honey Banana Pack, U Fall For Me!

About the Brand

Skinion, Skin+Companion, is a fairly new Korean skincare brand that started in 2015. They have been well known for their cactus soothing cream. Later in 2016 they developed the Mexico Nopal Cactus line that includes the sheet masks that I will talk about below. They like to use natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic, but not sacrificing effective results for the skin.

Mexico Nopal Cactus Water Bomb Sheet Mask 84%


The first thing you will notice it the sassy cactus on the front of the packaging. Next you can guess that the 84% refers to the amount of MNC extract it has in each pouch. This cactus is also called the ‘prickly pear’, cue The Bare Necessities song!



Key Ingredients and features

In Mexico many people eat the plant because of it’s high content of manganese, vitamin C, and magnesium. The cactus plant can withstand 40 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius so you can understand how hydrating it must be for the skin. As well as the cactus extract the essence contains 10 other plant ingredients such as peony, licorice, black soybean, and mulberry root to keep your skin moisturized and add vitality back. This mask contain 30g of essence! So much and it soothes skin, is anti-wrinkle, whitens, and hydrates. The Niacinamide is the whitening ingredient.



The sheet adheres very well and no dripping while I had it on. The essence is nice and very cooling and soothing. I didn’t have any irritation on my eczema patches. Afterwards my skin felt very hydrated. I was a little sticky though. My skin also looked brighter and refreshed. The next morning my skin felt very soft and it was easy to put on my makeup. For a box 10 it costs 30,000KRW or 30.89USD. I think for a 3,000KRW/$3 mask it is totally worth it!

Banana Honey Pack, U Fall For Me!



Key Ingredients and features

This mask is one of the new releases from Skinion. There are 4 other types, blueberry, martini (olive), milk, and honey beer. I picked out the Banana Honey one and it it for nourishing. It has banana extract which helps with nourishing the skin, honey which helps with skin hydration, and shea butter which helps balance oil and water on the skin. The mask sheet is really nice, 100% cotton (cellulose crystal) material that is very smooth and it has wavy lines on it which I think helps with the adhesion. There was no dripping what so ever! I was taking pictures and nothing dripped off! The essence smells like bananas but it’s not overly fragranced. The pouch is a easy to tear because its made with some kind of wax paper material.



This mask is amazing! I love how my skin felt afterwards. So soft and 0% sticky. I was shocked to feel that it had no sticky feeling what so ever! Seriously amazing. My skin felt hydrated and my eczema didn’t feel angry or itchy. There wasn’t a drastic brightening effect it just made my skin feel refreshed and nourished. I really want to try the other ones too! These are also 30,000KRW for a box of 10. They aren’t available yet on the English site, but hopefully soon because this mask is great!


Final Opinions

I really like both masks. I would really recommend you to try both of them if you can. My makeup on both days applied seamlessly after sheet masking with these two. I felt that my skin was smoother, hydrated, and more supple. You can find these mask on their online store,


These masks were provided by Skinion in exchange for an honest review. Everything I write is ultimately written for you, the consumer!

Slow Down Your Wrinkles! 🐌✨ Double & Zero Double Care Solution Mask – Gold Snail Review + BB Cosmetic Discount Code

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog if this is your first time, and welcome back if you’re a regular! This is going to be my first snail product review! Long, long time ago I used to a snail cream and it didn’t work out for me, so I never bought a snail product after that. However, since it’s a new year I thought I’d try it again. I’ve tried one other Double and Zero mask, The First Prestige Cream Mask Royal Propolis which I am absolutely in LOVE with! When I got that package from BB Cosmetic I was really excited to see if the double solution line was a good as the first prestige cream one.


The double care solution mask box comes with 10 masks and an ‘Introller’, a roller ball face massager. There are 7 different kinds of masks to choose from which are Alaska ice water, hyaluronic acid, black pearl, collagen, goat’s milk, gold snail, and bamboo. The gold snail one catered for wrinkle care. Each mask contains 10,000ppm of premium snail juice (just kidding, but not really) but not very much of gold, only 0.1ppm. Other ingredients include panthenol, shea butter, argan tree kernel oil, squalene, ginseng, propolis (yay!), and ceramide. It also has a patented ASD Complex+acetyl hexapeptide-8 (Argiriline) which is a synthetic anti-wrinkle cosmetics ingredient. Combined together you get the ‘Actress Formula’ that’ll plump up your skin like a k-drama actress!DSCF0846


The sheet itself is made of cellulose so the sheet was saturated with the ampoule. It’s a woven type mask and it’s on the thicker side. I fit well on my face and didn’t fall off or moved around. The roller ball was a nice accessory to go over the places that dried out more quickly and also helps with the absorption.  There’s 30g of product in each mask so there was a lot left over in the pouch, which I patted more onto my face and neck afterward. The smell is pleasant and not over-powering. My skin looked a little brighter and plumped up after taking the mask off. Also, it was very moisturizing. However, it did feel a little sticky.


I really liked using this mask just as much as the first prestige ones. One time use isn’t going to be enough to see results, but continuous use will probably help your skin get rehydrated and look more youthful. You can purchase this at BB Cosmetic for under $15.00 and if you use my code ‘sarahomgb‘ you will get to save a little more extra money! Just to let you know, I don’t profit from you guys using the code so use it freely as you like. They have tons of great stuff and reasonable shipping prices so check out their online store! jb

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll come back for more beauty posts like this one~xxoo

The ‘Bride Pack’ 👰🏻 – Double & Zero The Prestige Cream Mask- Royal Propolis 👑🐝

Happy Wednesday y’all! I’m going to be reviewing a sheet mask in this post. I got a ten pack box from BB Cosmetic and I have been using the Double & Zero Royal Propolis pack since last Thursday. This mask is self proclaimed the ‘wedding mask’ or the ‘bride pack’. I’m not getting any time soon but I do like the idea of prepping my skin for a big day such as a wedding. Also, it says on the packaging that one mask is equal to the effects of one jar of soothing gel cream. Thus far from what it claims it better be amazing right? Keep reading for what I think about it!


There are 4 different Prestige Cream masks you can choose from, Royal Propolis (soothing), Bird’s Nest (hydrating), White Truffle (nourishing), and Black Caviar (tightening). The main ingredient in the Royal Propolis is propolis (10,000PPM), royal jelly, aloe vera, bisabolol, and Baikal Skullcap extract. If I did my math 10,000ppm can be converted into 1% and one percent of 30g is 300 miligrams, so this much of propolis is in one pack. If I did this wrong I’m sorry hahaha. Anyway, propolis is a natural antiseptic and helps rebuild damaged skin cells, which is great for acne prone skin. Royal jelly, similar to propolis, has antibacterial properties and reduces wrinkles. Aloe is a skin soothing and hydrating ingredient. Bisabolol is a colorless and viscous oil that helps healing of the skin and is anti irritant. Last is Baikal Skullcap extract helps with acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

DSCF0283.JPGThe mask sheet is a microfiber sheet and adheres to the skin really well. The mask is on the smaller side, but not by a lot. The sheet holds a lot of essence and doesn’t dry out quickly. It also is on the thicker side so it has a nice density on the skin and feels like the sheet is soaked up with propolis soup :P. Another thing I like about this pack is the amount of essence that is in the package. after I took out the mask I poured out what was left over and it filled my whole palm and there was still a bit more in the package. So I put more essence on my mask and with the rest I used on my neck, décolletage, shoulders, and arms. SO MUCH ESSENCE. The essence isn’t sticky either so I was fine using it all over my body. The essence has a faint honey-floral smell which I like a lot.


After one time my skin felt amazing… it was so soft and the dry eczema patch on the right side of my forehead seemed to calm down and 100% less flakey and dry. The next morning day my skin still felt soft and hydrated and my  makeup went on so nicely. I think I know why it’s called the ‘bride sheet mask’, it seriously preps your skin for the big day even if it’s the next day. I think the Royal Propolis mask is a great choice for brides who are stressed about their big day and need some intensive skin soothing relief. Even if you’re not getting married this is a really nice mask to try out especially if you have an event to go to the next day. I give this two thumbs up!



You can purchase this at BB Cosmetic for $18.32USD and if you use this code ‘E3GWXIN81I‘ you can save 8% off your purchase until the end of October 2016. I hope you take advantage of this code and they have free standard international shipping too! Also if you’re ordering in the states you get free shipping with tracking no matter what 🙂 I LOVE FREE SHIPPING! Hahaha but most importantly they’ve got have a good selection of Kbeauty products so check them out~

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Perrier For My Face Please! Carbonated Air-Laynic Sheet Mask

Hey guys! I’m back on track with a new review this week. I asked on Instagram if you would be interested in reading a review on the Air-Laynic Pore Mask from 23 Years Old. This brand focuses on special skincare at home. They’re most popular product is the CO2 mask sheet and they’re available to purchase at Olive Young, one of the biggest beauty and health CVS stores in Korea. I don’t think I have huge pores, but I notice here and there where I wish the texture would be smoother.



The mask works to help brighten up the center of the face, reduce the size of pores on the nose as well as the surrounding areas, smooth out the skin, minimize the size of blackheads, and skin elasticity. Thats a lot of promises for a small package like this one. The gel is formulated with 10% carbonated water which is delivered into the skin and as it reacts with the O2 it helps with cell turn over and strengths the skin and removes impurities. The ‘air sheet’ helps keep the CO2 last longer on the skin.


I bought 4 packs to try over two weeks. The pack comes with a plastic syringe filled with the ‘air gel’ and the ‘air sheet’. The packaging has a skin clinic feel to it, which is quite clever since the brand is marketing itself as just that, skin clinic experience at home. This mask should be applied after washing you face and toning. The sheet is a bit big, especially the nose area, so you can either trim it and use the left over piece on another area of the face like the chin. With the syringe zig zag the ‘air gel’ on the mask sheet. You will start to hear a fizzing noise, then once the gel has been applied all over the sheet apply it across the cheeks and nose. One tip is you can fit it on the forehead area as well if that is a trouble spot for you. Once you have it on, tap the mask sheet with your fingers to activate the CO2. It will sting, like when you drink a fizzy drink too fast kind of feeling. Have the mask on or 20-30 mins tapping that mask here and there. Afterwards wash it off with water and go on with your regular skincare routine. However it does say to avoid any aloe or alkali products right after.


My first reaction to it was very surprising. I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing or anything, because so many skin care product are way too hyped up to get sales here in Korea. I also didn’t think it would sting as much as other people said it would be, but HA! I was wrong. When you tap the mask it does sting, but for the sake of beauty you just have to endure it. I was also a little afraid that my skin was going to be really red and aggravated from the sting of CO2, but funnily enough my skin looked so much better than it was before I put on the mask sheet. There are slight pink tint but after a couple minutes it went away. I did it twice a week for two weeks and I have to say the midsection of my face looks so good! The pores around my nose and where I got my scar removal done on my cheek looks much smaller and smoother. I also had a lot of flakey skin on my nose from squeezing (I know its bad…I can’t help it sometimes!) but after one time of using the mask it helped remove the dead skin off my nose and return it to it’s normal state. Applying makeup after the mask was so good too.


I didn’t break out afterwards or have any negative reactions after it. It has skin brightening and soothing extracts from mulberry and liquorice plants. I think this is a product that you have to use regularly to see an impactful result. Each of these mask sheets cost 5,500KRW. I bought mine for cheaper than this at Olive Young. I would recommend buying a few to try for a week or over two weeks time. I really like this was because there is very little rubbing or touching the face directly. I hope you can try this out! It’s quite different from any of the masks I’ve tried.

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Rubber Masks the Next Big Thing?

Hey guys! I am currently have a rubber mask on my face as I am writing this blog post so its like in the moment blogging. I was browsing through Olive Young and saw these rubber masks from Dr. Jart+ and they were on sale so I bought a couple to try out. Each mask goes for 7,200KRW a bit expensive for a face mask but I had to try it~ I know there are rubber masks where you mix a powder with a skin essence in a bowl and then you slather it all over your face. These Dr.Jart+ masks are a little different, you can get a similar spa rubber mask experience at home without the mess and the high price tag of going to a beauty salon.

 The packaging is a bit creepy, but the glossiness attracted me and made me hope that my skin would look glossy and smooth. The Dr.Jart+ Dermask Rubber Mask has 4 different types, Clear Lover, Firming Lover, Bright Lover, and Moist Lover. I got the Clear Lover which is a mask that is supposed to purify pores and soothes the skin and I also go the Firming Lover which soothes and improves skin texture. The Clear Lover mask ampoule is a mix of plant extracts that includes green tea, grape, persimmon that cleans and purifies the skin. The grey rubber mask is made with Algin and marine moisturising ingredients like spirulina, kelp, sea lettuce, agar seaweed, and sea mustard. The Firming Lover ampoule has a berry complex that includes strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry extracts that help with skin elasticity. The rubber was on this one is pink and is made with red seaweed extract and algin. The smell for both of them are quite pleasant and fresh.

Inside the box you get a small tub of ampoule that you spread all over your face before placing the rubber sheet mask on top. The ampoule acts like the watery or creamy essence that is in the ordinary sheet masks. It has a oobleck-like consistency, it’s fun to touch and feels like a thick gel cream on the skin. After that the sheet mask goes on top. The rubber mask is pretty dry, as in that there is no extra fluid in the packet. It sicks to the inside of the packet so you have to take it out carefully for it’ll rip which happened to me. The mask feels like it’ll fall off but the ampoule does a good job of adhering the mask to the face. For how thick it is it fits ok on the face. I would still suggest that you don’t do anything too active. There are some blank spaces because it’s two halves so that was a bit of a bummer.

You have to have the mask on for about 30 to 40 minutes which is longer than your usual sheet masks. As the time passes the rubber tightens a tiny bit because the moisture is evaporating, but it keeps the ampoule moist and helps to wrap your skin tightly so that the ingredients are fully absorbed and not evaporated. After I did the two masks (on separate days) I liked it a lot. Both masks hydrated, softened, and brightened the look of my skin. It also give your skin a glossy finish and didn’t have a sticky feeling afterwards. The Firming lover did have a firming effect which faded after an hour. The Clear Lover made my skin feel really smooth and the next day putting on makeup was so good! I was a little skeptical at first but after I took off the mask I loved how my skin looked and felt. I think the rubber really helps your skin appear smoother because its pressed up against your skin.

So are rubber face masks the next big thing? I think it could be, it takes less time, money, effort to do the actual rubber mask at home or at a spa. Busy women, especially in Korea are always looking for ways to get things done fast and easier because of the hectic and busy lifestyle here. I don’t know about any other brands that have rubber face masks but these are definitely worth try if you’re a Kbeauty mask/skincare fanatic.