💨🙅🏻🌫Pollution Cushion – Pony Effect Defense Longwear Cushion Foundation Review

Hi guys! Last week Seoul had the second worst air quality ever! My skin, throat, lungs, eyes, and nose were all congested. The air quality is a little better because of the rain today, but dust season and pollution will be here to stay in busy little Seoul. So why am I talking about air quality and pollution? It’s because I am reviewing the newest cushion from Pony Effect! The Defense Longwear Cushion was released mid-March and it was a perfect time to test this out on the high pollution days like last week.


I bought this on the Memebox app which I uncontrollably look through every hour or so. I bought it while it was on promotion and got a small discount and a free mirror (wahoo!) The retail price is 42,000KRW (about 37.00USD). The cushion comes with a refill with an extra puff. The packaging is a thinnish square compact with a prismatic silver coating.It’s very pretty under the light however, the coating is a bit thin so mine is already a little scratched up around the corners. The puff is a spongey type very squishy and flexible. I like the puff, but don’t be fooled about the amount of product it absorbs! One weak dab on the cushion and it looks like you need to dab some more, but the product is already sucked into the sponge.


Pony also released new darker shades so I jumped to get my hands on a cushion that matched my skin tone. Sand was the color I got it’s supposed to be for tanned skin *laughs* and in the tradition of Korean skin color numbers this is number 25. It’s still a half shade lighter than my natural skin tone. It has a yellowy-faintly peach undertone so if you’re on the cool dark tone side then this color, no matter how ‘dark’ it is, will not look good on you. For me, it was fine but still not a perfect match. I do appreciate the brand for looking out for darker Asian skin girls like me.


There is a light herbally-floral scent which goes away after application. The formula is very thin but if you layer it on it can look like a medium coverage foundation. It covers 40% if my dark circles and 50% redness from pimples. The cushion is whitening, has wrinkle care, and is SPF 50+/PA+++. Also it has been tested on the absorption of dust onto the skin with a special Arabian Cotton complex that has large amounts of Phyto-chemical that defends the skin from outside pollutants. I really can’t tell the difference if it’s really defending my skin from dust, but it hasn’t irritated my skin so that’s a good sign. It also has lotus flower extract to revitalize tired skin.


The finish is not matte and at first, it starts with a soft satiny glow but later after 4-5 hours it drys down. The cushion isn’t very hydrating for dry skin types like myself, it felt and looked dry. This also transferred to clothing easily and settled into fine lines, so longevity was not very good. It does accentuate dry patches so exfoliating is a must if you are going to put this on! I did find some success in wetting the sponge first and it felt a bit more hydrating-ish. With this one, I have to fix it regularly or it made my skin look old.


This is 3 hours after application. It looks like the end of the day…



Overall, would I repurchase? N to the O, no! It’s was really mediocre and it’s not the best for my dry skin.  This was my first Pony Effect cushion and even thought this wasn’t a showstopper for me I wonder how the other two cushions compare. If I do purchase the other two I’ll write a comparison review!

Thank you for reading this review lemme know if you have any questions or even suggestions for future posts in the comments section!

Pony Effect Master Eye Palette – Matte Master

Hey guys! I’m super excited to post today because I’m going to be reviewing about one of the new Pony Effect Palettes that was released this week! There are two Master Eye Palettes, Shimmer Master and Matte Master. I was tempted to get both but I decided to just get one and I picked the Matte Master palette. I was suckered in with the green shadow in this one. Right now on the Memebox Korea website there is a promotion going on where you get a compact mirror with a purchase and 20 percent off the purchase. Shall we get started then?


I’ll start by comparing the Master Eye Palette with the Conceptual Eyes Quad as a reference to the eye shadow palettes she’s come out with. The case is the same as the Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad except that it’s 3/4 wider and blue enamel face is a much deeper navy. Same magnetic closure and rose gold plating. There are 8 shadows in the palette. The four outer shadows are the same shape and look like the same size as the shadows in the Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad. The thing I don’t get it that the quads are 6 grams (1.5 grams per shadow) and this palette is 12 grams (1.5 grams per shadow). It could be that the pans in the master palettes are shallower. If I did a rough estimate without the packaging cost the cost per shadow in the quad is 8,000 KRW per shadow and the cost per shadow in the Master palette would be 4,750 KRW. That’s a huge difference. So if you want more for your money then picking up a Master Eye Palette might be better.

Compared with the 2 Conceptual Eye Quads

The Matte Master only has Matte shadows and is mostly warm toned. There are 4 main neutral shades and 4 bolder shades. The pigments are not as pigmented I thought they would be. I did a light swatch and I got a very mediocre swatch. I had to rub my fingers several times to get a more pigmented swatch. All the shadows except for Undisclosed and Hypnotized very smooth and velvety. Undisclosed and Hypnotized felt very chalky and the swatches were patchy, especially Hypnotized. However when I used my brushes it applied more evenly. Use a smooth base with these shadows because it seems to stick on to moist areas and starts to look patchy.Undisclosed also had a staining effect so using a base would be a good idea and later removing it with a oil based cleanser.

finger heavy swatches

All the shadows applied easily enough, they all blended well with the other shadows. Again with Hypnotized it just wasn’t pigmented enough so I had to go in with my brush over and over again to get my desired look. The lasting power is okay as well, however I lost all pigment on the moist areas on my eyes like the tear duct. It just got washed away. So I would definitely need a primer and set it with fixing spray.


So overall I would give this palette a ‘C+’ grade. I thought that the four neutral colors were too similar to see a big difference on them eyes. They all became the same-ish color when I applied it and I think it could have done with just two. It’s not pigmented as it said it was. The formulas and application were inconsistent. Barely had no staying power on bare skin and I thought Hypnotized was the worst. I was able to create some nice looks, but it took some effort. If you’re new to makeup this is not a friendly palette, maybe that’s why it’s called the ‘Master’ palette. I wish I bought the Shimmer Master Palette to compare it with the Matte Master, but because this was a disappointment I don’t want to buy the other one.

I’ve liked Pony Effect cosmetics for a while now but if this keeps happening I’m not gonna be suckered in to their attractive ads and promotions again. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere or pay a little bit more for better quality shadows. I hope you guys found this review helpful. Maybe I was a little harsh on this post but for the price that it’s selling for it should have been better. Each Master Eye Palette costs 38,000KRW. Thanks for reading!


New Pony Effect Long Wear Precision Liner Review

Hey guys! It was pouring rain in Seoul yesterday, but today is sunny as can be. Monsoon season can be the worst time for makeup wearers because of the humidity and the muggy air tends to melt off out makeup especially our eyeliners. Today I’m reviewing the Pony Effect Long Wear Precision Liner. It came out in June along with the Stay Fit Matte Lip Colours which I love! Do I love the liners as much as the liquid lipsticks? Keep reading to find out more.


There are 10 colors to choose from and I bought #Majestic Purple and #Secret Mint. Both are perfect colors for the summer season. 8 out of the 10 are matte types and the the remaining two are pearly. The packaging is sturdy, the cap clicks on well and the rotation isn’t flimsy or loose. The liners are auto type liners, so you don’t have to sharpen it. The liner ‘lead’ size is pretty small so you’ll always get a sharp line. Which is good for me because I always seem to sharpen more than necessary and I feel like a wasted so much product. One thing is that you can’t put too much pressure when you’re applying or it breaks. It’s happened twice and it’s a big loss because there’s only about 4cm of product which isn’t alot, so that’s a bit of a bummer. Even more so because of the 14,000KRW price tag… it’s so expensive for so little and it’s not even a department store brand! Dang Pony… making bank off my monies lol >_<

The formula is smooth and glides on pretty well, there isn’t much drag. I think because the soft texture it breaks easily. The pigmentation is pretty good too, going it over it twice after the first line dries gives it the best color and lasting power. It does wear for quite a while, I kind of wish I bought a dark color to see if it transfers because the colors that I bought I can’t really tell. I will say though that even after being doused in rain the liners stayed put. It’s also quite rub proof, it’s good at staying where it’s supposed to be and eve if I accidentally/intentionally rub my finger over the liner it doesn’t rub off.

SO… do I love it as much as the Stay Fit Matte Lip Colours? I’m gonna have to say no. I really don’t think these are worth it, I think if there’s a  color that you really like then go for it, but with how it breaks off so easily, amount, and the price, I’d rather pay a bit more for something more high end or pay less for similar performance results. As much as I have enjoyed Pony’s products this one was just alright. I’ll enjoy what I have left of it, but I probably won’t repurchase. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below. Be sure to follow me on either Facebook or Instagram or both! Thank you so much for reading.

NEW Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad Review

Hey guys! I’m here with a new review for you today and it’s the new Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad from Korean makeup artist, Pony! She’s been releasing a lot of new stuff for the Pony Effect makeup line since the end of 2015. I bought one her collab eye shadow palettes with Memebox and the quality was great, so I had high hopes when I bought the two quads that were released this week. The Pony Effect line is distributed under Memebox Inc. so I don’t think the quality will be any less than what they have produced earlier.
There are 6 Conceptual eye quads to choose from #Innocence, #Lively, #Be Romantic, #So Gorgeous, #Eternal Seduction, and #Am Brown. All the color combinations were so pretty I had such a hard time picking out only two. Each quad is 32,000KRW which is a little pricy compared to the Memebox eyeshadow collabs she done. Oh well, there are people like me who are willing to pay hahahaha. If you do the math each 1.5g shadow is worth 8 dollars, but that’s not factoring the cost of the packaging etc. Also, if I compare it to the I’m Meme single eyeshadows that are 1.4g that costs 12,000KRW then buying the quad would be cheaper, so my point is that the quads are not a badly priced. Phew, got that out of the way.


Let’s talk about packaging! The shadows come in a rose gold palette with a enamel blue top with the logo in the center printed in rose gold as well. I thought it would have some weight but actually when I got them it’s like a rose gold plated plastic. In my opinion it doesn’t have that ‘luxury’ feel to it, but then again it’s lightweight and you won’t feel too bad about deporting them if you’re into doing that. The eye shadows are trapezoid shaped to form the zig zag lightening logo through the center, clever branding I say. Also it has a magnetic closure and a built in mirror.



All the quads have one or more shimmer shade. All except #Innocence have at least one matte shade. #Am Brown and #Be Romantic quads don’t have a glitter shade. I think there is a good variety among the palettes in color but also texture and finishes. Most all quads lean toward the warmer spectrum, #Eternal Seduction could be a neutral cool palette. The pigments in the two palette are good the glitter is easier to use with your finger, while the shimmer and matte ones you can pick up a lot of color with a brush. All of them blend very easily and there isn’t a lot of powder kickback. The eye shadows are long wearing and doesn’t fade or fallout while wearing it throughout the day. All of the eye shadows in the palettes are super smooth and silky to the touch. I really want to buy all 6! I really think I should have taken advantage of the 1+1 deal they had on Memebox on their launching day, but oh well. Anyway, here are the color profiles for the two palettes I purchased.


#Be Romantic

Love Me- warm peach gold shimmer highlight shade, it might seem a little too deep as a highlight, just use very sparingly near the brow bone and intensify as you comedown to the crease.

Roses- matte peach with medium depth, it’s for sure not a light peach it’s quite warm nearing orange. It’s a great transition color with Doom.

Moment- copper bronze shimmer.Transitions well with Love Me

Doom- Deepest shade of the four. Matte dry rose pink mauve.



Jolly-highlight shade,  gold beige shimmer

Passion- tangerine orange with yellow gold reflects, point color can be used as a transition color or all over the lid for a colourful look.

Better-glitter bronze with gold and pink micro flecks. Pretty when applied over the other colors and in the inner corners.

Cheerful- Deepest shade of the four. matte light terracotta brown

I hope that you guys can get a hand on these quads! Thanks for reading my reviews always!

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Korean Contour Sticks: Memebox vs. Etude House Review & Comparison

Hey guys!

In my previous post I talked about how contour and strobing sticks were trending in the beauty world in Korea. I listed three Korean brands W.Lab, Memebox, and Etude House. I really wanted to try these out and compare them, so I bought the Memebox I’m Multi Sticks and the Etude House Play 101 Sticks. I didn’t purchase the W.Lab one because I didn’t want to order it online, even though I got the Memebox ones off their app. Another reason is because Pony Makeup was the ‘advocate’, if you will, of these Etude House play sticks and she had collaborated and worked with Memebox products, so I thought it would be a good to compare the two. I’ll do a general review of the two then the comparison at the end.


I bought the Memebox as a set of three that includes the foundation stick, highlighting stick, and the contouring stick. For all three with a free mesh makeup bag was 48,000KRW. Each stick costs 16,000KRW of 10g so there wasn’t a discounted price deal for buying three just a free gift. The packaging is a matte black twist tube with a sturdy lid, its the kind of matte black where you can see your finger prints. The foundation comes in two colors #ST01 Luster Light (21) and #ST02 Luster Medium (23), I got the Luster Medium  and it a tad lighter than my skin tone, which I don’t mind that much. The coverage is light to medium and dries to a satin finish. There is only one shade of contour and highlight, #ST20 Luster Bronzing and #ST25 Luster Beam. Contour color is on the warm side and has a satin finish. The highlighter is a pink base shimmer with a satin finish. The texture and application of all three is very creamy and smooth. It doesn’t feel sticky and blends nicely with a brush or a blending sponge.


The Etude Play 101 Stick did have foundation sticks but I just bought the shading color  11 and highlight color in 10. They also have a Play 101 Contour Duo stick but for comparison sake I bought the big chubby one, each costs 12,000KRW for 7.5g. The packaging is a standard plastic body with a lid and you twist at the bottom of the stick to bring the product up. The contour color is a light tan color and the texture is creamy, smooth and has a satin finish. The Highlighting is a light golden beige color and the texture is a little powdery and has satin finish.


I’ll start with the contouring sticks. The colors are very different, the Memebox one is much deeper and the Etude House one is very light compared to that one. I couldn’t call the play stick much of a contour color, but more of a transitioning contour color. It could be a good base shade before going in with a deeper contour shade like the one from Memebox. Also, the formulation of the play stick is very creamy so it blends well, but because of the lack of pigmentation it blends in with my foundation and my skin tone. So unless you’re on the light to fair this contour will not make a very dramatic difference in creating a contoured face.

Memebox Lust bronzing and Luster Beam on the left. Etude House Play 101 Stick #11 and #10 on the right. 

The highlighting sticks are both very good. The only difference is that the Memebox one is more sheer and subtle while the Etude House Play 101 Stick is more high shimmer. In the case of the highlighters the Memebox Luster beam would make a good base and on top I would go over it with the #10 Play 101 Stick. I do prefer the Memebox highlighting stick formulation more because no matter how many times I rub back and forth, it doesn’t bunch up. With the Etude house it’s a bit powdery and if I do put it over some parts it doesn’t spread out evenly and sticks together. I can’t really say one is better than the other, but I do like the Memebox ones more personally because of the texture and formula.

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Korean makeup- Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 eye shadow palette review

Hey guys!

I ordered the Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 eyeshadow palette from Memebox Korea last week. If you aren’t familiar with Memebox you can check out last weeks post here to know more about their beauty shopping app that you can download on your phone. So I knew that Pony, hip Korean makeup artist, was about to launch her own line in time for the holiday, but I wanted to check out the previous products that she collaborated with Memebox.kbm

This palette is an upgrade from the previously released shine easy glam eye palette. Its the same colors but each shadow is now 13g which is about a 40 percent increase from the first one. The case is stronger and now has a magnetic closure which I like a lot. The formula has been enhanced with ruby, pearl, and amethyst powder to give you more sparkle for your bucks. Also, it has added rose hip oil that helps to prevent shadow and glitter fallout while keeping your eyelids moisturised and youthful looking.

DSCF8083Now let’s get on with the palette review! This handy case fits eight luxuriously sparkly colors that lean toward the warm side of the color spectrum. So if you don’t like glittery shadows and prefer cool tones over warm ones, I suggest that this might not be the best choice for you. But if you are with the Korean majority of women who like a little or a lot of bling in your eye look then this is definitely a gorgeous palette.

DSCF8085The texture is really soft and velvety and when you apply it there is surprisingly little fallout and sticks well to the lids even without a primer. The pigmentation is also good, its not fantastic but its good. For sure the lighter shades like shine dew, shine peach, and shine beige are very translucent and are mostly there to highlight and accent. But, you can layer it up to give it more color, so all the colors are very buildable to your liking and blends well with one another. The glitter is very glossy and it is amazing when your eye hits the light and it just reflects into a thousand facets.


Here are the color profiles-

Shine Dew– translucent warm white with a mix of very fine gold and silver sparkles

Shine Beige– light beige with a mix of very fine gold and pink sparkles

Shine Peach– translucent pinky opalescent color with gold sparkles

Shine Rose– seen translucent deep rose pinky opalescent color with a mix of pink and gold sparkles

Clockwise: shine dew, shine beige, shine peach, shine rose

Shine Bronze– bronze with a mix of gold and pink sparkles

Shine Mocha– chocolate brown with gold sparkles

Shine Violet– violet with gold sparkles

Shine Choco– dark chocolate color with a tinge of pink shimmer, this is the least sparkly shadow in the whole palette

Clockwise: shine bronze, shine mocha, shine violet, shine choco

This palette goes for 30,000KRW on Memebox and there is another version of this one called Shine Easy Glam for the same price. I hope that I will be able to purchase the second one as well. I hope you like this review. I always love sharing with you guys things that I think are worthy of our beauty bucks ;).

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