When your sick makeup…

hey guys!

You can guess from the title, I am sick. I thought it would be good to share what products are my go to when I am not feeling great, like I am currently. The best would be to stay at home and not put on any makeup and sleep, but life…

  • Sleeping Pack (the night before)

I am still using the BRTC Vitalizer Whitening Sleeping pack. My skin can get an extra vitamin boost while I’m drugged up on my meds hahaha. Also, your body/skin dehydrates if you sleep and stay in bed longer so the extra moisturization from the sleeping pack will keep your skin from getting overly dry during the night.

  • Pink primer

I use the Giorgio Armani UV Master primer in Pink as a base to give my sallow skin some color. The pink pearlecence will help your skin color look a little more lively and not so sick and tired. You can use any pink primer you can find or like. I also sometimes use the Missha BB Boomer which has pink relfects.

  • peachy concealer

Oh man… when I am sick, the dark circles are DARK. So I opt for a peachy concealer like my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Light 3 Honey. The peach undertones will help eliminate deep purpley hues around the eyes. I dab on the darkest areas and press and blend out with my fingers or a brush if I have one.

  • BB cushion

I tend to sleep in more when I am sick, so I’m always running late. The beauty about BB cushions is that you can take it on the go! I am loving my Laneige Antiaging BB Cushion and it takes less than 3 mins to apply. Plus you get good skin loving ingredients, it’s very moisturizing, it’s high in sun protection, and great coverage. You can read more about this here!

  • Lip balm

When my nose is blocked I tend to breathe through my mouth. This causes my lips to get chapped and cracked. I like the Dior Lip Glow because it’s balmy and it gives my lips a natural an healthy pink tint. Dry white chapped lips? NO! Kissable dewy pink lips? YASSS!

Ok guys that is my sick makeup list… BONUS use mascara. EXTRA BONUS fill in brows. If you can do a wing liner… c’mon your not sick. Thank you for reading!

Innisfree Fall 2015 Real Fit Lipstick Review


Hey guys!

It’s full fledged fall now and do you know what makes me feel cozy? A good fall lipstick color! I found the prettiest fall lip colors at Innisfree this week and I wanted to share them with you guys. I got two colors, number 7 and 9. 7 is a nude pink, very similar to MAC lipstick in creme cup. It’s a perfect pink for any skin tone. 9 is a mauve rose color which is a perfect color for fall. It’s not too purple and not too pink either. It’s one of those colors that shows everyone it’s autumn, if you know what that means. The new Real Fit Lipstick line has 10 colors to choose from ranging from light peach to reds and berry colors. Each of them goes for 12,000KRW which is about 10.00 USD.



The texture feels very smooth and light. Doesn’t feel too heavy or too slick on the lips. One swipe gives me loads of color! The formula sticks to the lips so it doesn’t migrate into the fine lines around the lips. It feels comfortable to wear because it feels so light. The lipsticks have a light sheen, not overly glossy or matte. Overall I think these lipsticks are awesome. Grab one if you can get it!

Here are some swatches~

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What Beauty Ninjas Carry In Their Makeup Pouches

Hey guys,


So last Tuesday my boyfriend, a wonderful and thoughtful man, totally caught me by surprised and presented me with flowers and a gift from Chanel. In the bag was the rouge allure gloss that comes in a beautiful solid black case. At first I didn’t know how to open the case because it’s not a twist open cap like most lip glosses. You have to push open the top and the applicator pops out. Ninja style! It’s super chic and I feel really cool when I click it open to apply the gloss… haha maybe it’s just me. The applicator is sculpted on both sides that hugs the lips for a precise application.



The color my boyfriend picked for me was number 17 Supreme, a deep pink. It definitely has a lot of color for a lipgloss however, I feel as though to get a deeper color I have to layer the gloss more than once. I think my BF did a really nice job of picking this color because it’s a color that looks good with all skin tones. Good job honey! Anyway, the line has 10 other alluring colors to pick from.


The texture is a little sticky but it’s pretty standard for a long-wearing lipgloss. Nevertheless, it feels comfortable to wear throughout the day. Also, it’s very smooth and glossy and makes my lips extra kissable…Hahaha! The lipgloss is formulated with Vitamin E, Sappan Wood and Green Tea Butter that hydrates the lips.


Overall, It’s a very luxurious lipgloss that looks and feels really great on my lips. For the price of 34.00USD per gloss it’s obviously a lavishly delightful treat for your lips as well as your makeup bag. For sure it was a wonderful gift for a makeup lover like me. Take notes guys, if you want to impress your girlfriend or someone you admire go take yourself to a the Chanel beauty counter and get her this really awesome beauty ninja lipgloss!

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Pink Sunset: Pink, Orange, and Gold Eye Tutorial


I went to The Face Shop a couple days ago and got two bright colored eye shadows to ease myself in to Summer… and it was really cheap, about 3,500KRW a pop. This is a easy and fun look for anyone who wants to get out of the brown shadow, black liner, and mascara routine. The shades I’m going to be using are The Face Shop Single Shadow in pink shock PK02 and cover orange in OR04, both are matte. The gold I used is from Etude House Give Me Chocolate shadow duo #3 Cacao Fudge.


First, I prepped my eye with Missha Good-bye Crease Eye Makeup Primer in 02.Beige to make the colors show up more.

Then to make the color pop a bit more and blend easier I dusted the entire lid with a white-cream shade. I used the highlight shade, White chocolate, from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette.


Now let’s add some color! Using a light milky pink shade, like strawberry bon bon also from the Chocolate Bar palette, place it on the lids a little past the crease.


Next, I dusted the orange shade on the middle of my lids extending it outwards. I had to pile it on a little because the pigment wasn’t too strong. But considering the price it’s pretty good me thinks.


Afterwards, I went in to the corner of my eyes with the sparkly gold shade slightly overlapping the orange color.


Now take the pink color and in a window wiping motion get it into your crease. Again I had to dip into the pan several times for a stronger color pay off on the lids. Blend it upwards with the milky pink that was applied before.


Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner to give it a clean look. You can wing it out or you don’t have to. I like to so I did and I also added some lash extensions. If you’re not a fan of false lashes then add some mascara on the top and bottom lashes and you’re done!


Hope you had fun with this tutorial!