Pam’s Spa Product Review

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I am here with another K-Beauty Expo Review. I am wrapping things up this month so for the next several posts here and on my instagram it will be posts of the products that K-Beauty Expo has sent me to review. Pam’s Beauty & Business is a Korean skin specialist/cosmetics company with experience over 30 years. They sell Italian and German skincare as well. I will only be reviewing the Korean brand that they produce called Pam’s Spa. I received the TERRA VITA Volcanic Mineral Powder Mask, Water Drop Blue Solution 3 in 1 Ampule Gel Cream, Skinalle Anti Gravity Lifting Mask, and the Professional Derma Fluid. Shall we start?


TERRA VITA Volcanic Mineral Powder Mask

This comes in a very large box and it contains six individually packaged containers and a spoon. The packs are a bit hard to take out, I had to use the other end of my tweezers to pry it out from the plastic holder. Inside it contains 100% very fine volcanic mineral powder. It naturally stimulates ion exchange and is universally applicable to all skin types. It can be used as an intensive cleaning mask for face and body. It removes excess sebum and micro dust while firming, whitening and revitalizing the skin.

After adding a spoonful of water the texture will become like dirt. It’s like a very thin mud mask. Because it’s just water that you add to it it will dry up pretty quickly. I also found it a bit drying on my skin, but it’s because I have dry skin. So this works as a exfoliating face pack. I did notice that my skin looked clearer, smoother and softer. I think next time I will only put it on parts of my face and not all over, because I felt like I had to moisturize right away! For a box it costs 30,000KRW.

Water Drop Blue Solution 3 in 1 Ampule Gel Cream

The next item is the cream. It comes in a plastic jar. When I read ‘Blue Solution’ I didn’t think it was actually going to be blue! It kinda threw me off of using it because it of the color and the texture I really don’t like how it goes on my face. It’s the cyclopentasiloxane, a silicone based ingredient that gives it that slip. Also, the smell is quite strong, I want to describe it as a fresh aquatic smell. It not bad, but it lingers a while.

However, even with these shortcomings, it’s not a bad cream. It consists of more than 30% of moisture factors. Contains Blue Complex, which includes Chamomile, Borage, Lavender, Hyacinth, Clary Sage, and Cornflower. I don’t think I would recommend it though, the finish is a little bit too tacky for my taste. This cream is 39,000KRW.

Skinalle Anti Gravity Lifting Mask

Lifting anything is always a good thing, but with some products I’ve used in the past lifting masks always seem to be the most disappointing. The Skinalle mask doesn’t use any ear hooking hydrogel patches, thank God! This lifting mask contains albumin and human oligopeptide-1 for skin elasticity, collagen regeneration, and anti-wrinkle effects. It also contains 6 different kinds of Hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin.

The mask comes in a regular mask pouch and instead of leaving the mask on for 20-30 minutes, you leave it on skin for 10-15 minutes and wash it off. If you don’t, like I did for 5 mins after taking it off, it will feel like actual glue and your eyelids will stick to itself. HAHAHA. Afterwards it feels tighter, but it’s not a miracle face lift. I think its worth a try though, for a box of 5 it costs 30,000KRW.

Professional Derma Fluid

Last on the list the the Professional Derma Fluid. This was a complete fail for me. I really think that it should be left for professional use. There are 4 types of vials, Purifying for acne and senstive skin, Moisturizing for dry and normal condition skin, Brightening for aged and pigmented skin, and Peptide for lifting. These glass vials come with no directions, so I wasted 2 vials and the third one the broken glass got stuck in the plastic tube thing, and I am not even going to with the last vial. I’m sure the fluid inside is awesome, but I can’t seem to open them correctly and also just thinking that there might be micro pieces of glass on my skin is a definite no-no for me. This is hard 20,000KRW pass from me.

Final Thoughts

Not my favorite review, but there were some ok ones like the Terra Vita mask and the Skinalle Anti Gravity Lifting Mask. The whole aesthetic of the brand doesn’t charm me and it needs an upgrade, and that’s my opinion. Overall it’s just an OK from me. You can visit their shop at

Shine K-II 3 Step Mask Review

How’s it going guys?

Today I will be reviewing three masks from Shine K-II, it sounds awfully close to SK-II right? Anyway, these masks have a 2-3 step system. There are 3 different types that I have tried. I really like these multistep ones because it makes my sheet masking feel more complete and they are great for traveling. Shine K-II is a branch from MLS who specializes in face masks, but also makes other skincare products and hair and body. It is a manufacturer that developed JayJun mask pack. In addition, they also work with leading cosmetics companies such as A by Bom, Siero, Cuore, Dewy Tree, and Celltrion Skincure. So you can see that they are experienced with producing quality sheet masks.

Honey With Nature

Ã≈ı Ω√æÓπˆ≈Õ «„¥œ∏∂Ω∫≈©_Ω«¿Ãπሿ˚øÎ(ƒ√∑Ø¡∂¡§)

The first one is the Shea Butter Honey Mask which has 2 steps. The first step is a honey eye serum. It’s a watery gel like texture and there’s enough to put on your whole face. it contains 250ppm of honey extract and panthenol. The serum is not sticky and absorbs very quickly. Great prep for the sheet mask.


The mask is to help give moisture to rough and dry skin. It forms a moisture barrier. It contains shea butter and honey extract to moisturize skin, and adenosine to help skin wrinkles. The mask sheet is thin and adheres well. The scent is sweet, but not overwhelming. The effect of the mask was really nice. My skin felt moisturized without any sticky feeling and it seemed to brighten my complexion. This is 4,000KRW.


 Moisturize to Shine


This next one is a moisturizing and purifying mask with three steps. Step one is an essence, step two is a the mask, and step three is the cream. The essence has beta-glucan, betaine, adenosine, ceramide, and loquat extract that all helps protects and soothes the skin. The texture is a clear gel and lightly hydrates the skin.


The mask is contains moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, trehalose and squalane. Also has adenosine to help wrinkle the skin. The sheet is the same material as the honey one. The essence is a bit watery. The result was brightening and moisturizing. The last step is the cream. It contains shea butter, meadow foam, and adenosine. The texture is not too heavy, but very creamy. I really loved this three step one because I can do everything in while I’m in bed! This one is 4,000KRW.


Reactivate to Shine


This is this the last of the masks, Illuminating Water Light Black Mask. This is also a three step mask, but instead of a cream it includes a foam cleanser! It contains hypoallergenic sodium, beta-glucan, which has excellent moisturizing effect on tired skin, and lava sea water in Jeju Island. I also has ceramide to enhance skin barrier and improve wrinkles of adenosine.


The foam cleanser is a good as a second cleanse after taking you makeup off. It has papaya extract to help exfoliate the skin. The skin didn’t feel dried out because of its added sodium hyaluronate. Follow up with the step two essence much like the moisturizing and purifying mask essence has the same texture and consistency.

The sheet mask is black and it is a bit thicker than the first two. The eye holes seemed a little smaller too. I really liked this one. My skin was brightened and felt soft and moisturized. This would be great for a taking on a trip because of the added cleanser. This costs 4,000KRW.

Final Thoughts

I really liked all the mask from here. Loved the multi-step routine in one packaging. It’s also very affordable and good quality. Their website is but I wasn’t able to find these mask there. I received these from K-Beauty Expo to conduct my personal review.


Yes, I Woke Up Like This #Flawless!

i woke up like this


Hey guys! I have been so excited to share with you my new found favorite skincare brand! It’s a Korean beauty brand trendily named, i woke up like this, or IWLT for short. IWLT aims to use both natural ingredients along side Bio-technology. I received the Hydra Luxurious oil along with two other IWLT products, the Hydra Balancing Rose Mist and the Whitening Concentrate Treatment Mask. I will review those down below, but first I really have to tell you about this oil!

Your Skin Companion! Skinion Sheet Mask Reviews


My skin is very confused right now because we’re almost near the end of the transitioning from spring to summer! I have been suffering from the dryness in Korea and I really need the humidity for my dry skin, #dryskinproblems. However, I have a remedy for my extra dry skin days, sheet masks!

Today I’ll be reviewing two sheet masks from Skinion. The Mexico Nopal Cactus Water Bomb Sheet Mask 84% and the Honey Banana Pack, U Fall For Me!

About the Brand

Skinion, Skin+Companion, is a fairly new Korean skincare brand that started in 2015. They have been well known for their cactus soothing cream. Later in 2016 they developed the Mexico Nopal Cactus line that includes the sheet masks that I will talk about below. They like to use natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic, but not sacrificing effective results for the skin.

Mexico Nopal Cactus Water Bomb Sheet Mask 84%


The first thing you will notice it the sassy cactus on the front of the packaging. Next you can guess that the 84% refers to the amount of MNC extract it has in each pouch. This cactus is also called the ‘prickly pear’, cue The Bare Necessities song!



Key Ingredients and features

In Mexico many people eat the plant because of it’s high content of manganese, vitamin C, and magnesium. The cactus plant can withstand 40 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius so you can understand how hydrating it must be for the skin. As well as the cactus extract the essence contains 10 other plant ingredients such as peony, licorice, black soybean, and mulberry root to keep your skin moisturized and add vitality back. This mask contain 30g of essence! So much and it soothes skin, is anti-wrinkle, whitens, and hydrates. The Niacinamide is the whitening ingredient.



The sheet adheres very well and no dripping while I had it on. The essence is nice and very cooling and soothing. I didn’t have any irritation on my eczema patches. Afterwards my skin felt very hydrated. I was a little sticky though. My skin also looked brighter and refreshed. The next morning my skin felt very soft and it was easy to put on my makeup. For a box 10 it costs 30,000KRW or 30.89USD. I think for a 3,000KRW/$3 mask it is totally worth it!

Banana Honey Pack, U Fall For Me!



Key Ingredients and features

This mask is one of the new releases from Skinion. There are 4 other types, blueberry, martini (olive), milk, and honey beer. I picked out the Banana Honey one and it it for nourishing. It has banana extract which helps with nourishing the skin, honey which helps with skin hydration, and shea butter which helps balance oil and water on the skin. The mask sheet is really nice, 100% cotton (cellulose crystal) material that is very smooth and it has wavy lines on it which I think helps with the adhesion. There was no dripping what so ever! I was taking pictures and nothing dripped off! The essence smells like bananas but it’s not overly fragranced. The pouch is a easy to tear because its made with some kind of wax paper material.



This mask is amazing! I love how my skin felt afterwards. So soft and 0% sticky. I was shocked to feel that it had no sticky feeling what so ever! Seriously amazing. My skin felt hydrated and my eczema didn’t feel angry or itchy. There wasn’t a drastic brightening effect it just made my skin feel refreshed and nourished. I really want to try the other ones too! These are also 30,000KRW for a box of 10. They aren’t available yet on the English site, but hopefully soon because this mask is great!


Final Opinions

I really like both masks. I would really recommend you to try both of them if you can. My makeup on both days applied seamlessly after sheet masking with these two. I felt that my skin was smoother, hydrated, and more supple. You can find these mask on their online store,


These masks were provided by Skinion in exchange for an honest review. Everything I write is ultimately written for you, the consumer!

Kocostar Masks – Head to Toe Comprehensive Review!

Hi! If you don’t follow on social media, I was picked to be an official beauty editor for the K-Beauty Expo 2017! I am very happy to say that this is the first official review as their beauty editor. The product I am reviewing in this post are the Kocostar masks. Kocostar is a K-beauty brand that specializes in home beauty treatments, getting the salon experience with time, budget, and user-friendly masks. I received 7 different types of masks to try from head to toe! I have reviewed Kocostar masks in the past like the Slice Mask Sheet, gold hydrogel patches, and their hair mask. In this review I’ll be reviewing each mask I received from head to toe (except for the Slice Mask Sheet since I already have a post on it). Are you ready? Let’s start from the top!

Face Masks

batch_Camellia - Kocostar

Camellia Happy Mask – This mask is for moisturizing and soothing. Its ingredients include Camellia seed oil, Camellia flower extract, green tea extract, aloe vera extract, and Centella extract. The mask sheet is thin but holds a lot of essence. It’s super soft and adheres to the face well without slipping around. The color is slightly tinted pink because of the Camellia seed oil. It smells SO good, it might be a bit perfumy to some but I really loved the floral sweet smell. There was also a lot of essence left over in the pouch as well, which I used on my neck and decolletage. The sheet remained hydrated well over 30 mins and there was no sticky feeling after the mask. It has a very fresh moisturized feeling to it. My skin felt soothed and soft to the touch. This mask is 3,000KRW. Overall score perfect 5/5!

batch_birds nest - Kocostar

Bird’s Nest Silk Fiber Mask – Korean beauty wouldn’t be complete without with an animal derived product! This one is the very beautiful sounding but if your research what birds nests are made of its bird saliva. Awesome. Some people eat it, I just like to soak up the juices on my skin! The thin sheet is made up of 95% Eucalyptus tree fiber and 5% silk so the mask sheet itself is a treat. It’s very soft and plush on the skin and holds the essence well that it doesn’t drip. It fits very snug on the face. The essence is a little bit thicker than your usual liquid essence. It also has a slightly sticky residue but after 5-10 mins it just feels normal. It gave an awesome glow and brighter tone afterward. The smell is very fresh and not very strong. This mask is 2,500KRW. Overall 4.5/5! I had to shave half a point for stickiness.

batch_flower - kocostar

Flower Mask Sheet – This one is just like the Slice Mask Sheets except they are flower versions. They are THE prettiest mask ever! Also very fun to place them wherever you want. One thing is that there isn’t enough to cover the whole face, but the point of these masks are to use them on certain areas that need extra care or on larger parts of the body. You can use it as a lip mask, dry spots, and I guess even your nippy-nips! Haha. You can mix and match with different patch masks. There are 3 types of flowers you can try sunflower, tulip, and rose. I got the sunflower one which helps with skin elasticity and firmness. I have never smelled a sunflower so I can’t say for sure that the mask smells like it, but I can say that it is a pleasant light floral scent. The mask has much skin hydrating, calming, and reviving ingredients such as sunflower extract, milk protein, witch hazel, hydrolyzed soy protein, common purslane extract, glasswort extract, summer lilac extract, and white willow bark extract. I really liked using this mask because it was easy to apply, fun to use, and gave me instant hydration and soft skin! This mask is 2,500KRW. Overall I give it a 5/5!


batch_cucumber and breast - Kocostar
The cucumber slice mask is reviewed in another post so click any of the colored links. Boobie patches no bueno.

W Line Hydrogel Breast Pack –  First there won’t be before and after pictures for this one hahaha! Anyway, I tried it and it didn’t do much for me because first, you need to do it regularly, and I only had one to try. Also, I just don’t care for packs like these. Too gimmicky for me. The hydrogel is sticky enough to stay on the skin, but if there is a lot of movement then it kinda peels off, maybe it’s because I have small breasticles there wasn’t enough the hydrogel could hold on to… lol. It’s very cold when you apply it at first. After an hour I took it off and it didn’t do much, my boobies felt the same, not hydrated. and after a little bit, they skin started to itch around where the edge of the sheet was. It wasn’t a very bad itch but itchy enough to suspect that it’s not for me. This mask is 2,500KRW. Overall I give it a 0/5.

batch_hand - Kocostar

Hand Moisture Pack – This hand mask was such a nice little treat! My hands get pretty dry as well as my nails and I like how this is such an easy way to maintain my hands. Just slip them on, secure with the pre-attached sticker, and let your hands soak up the moisturizing ingredients. It has 10 different natural extracts such as licorice, green tea, witch hazel, gold, and mallow. Also 13 different kinds of moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, argan tree kernel oil, meadow seafoam oil, cacao seed butter, and camellia extract. My hands didn’t feel greasy or oily afterward. It felt moisturized and really soft! I loved it so much. Also, I was able to use my phone while I still had the gloves on. They have three different glove colors to choose from too. This mask is 2,500KRW. Overall I give it a 5/5!

batch_Foot - Kocostar

Foot Moisture Pack –  This one is pretty much the same concept as the Hand Moisture Pack. Very easy to use Perfect for sandal weather. Mini foot spa at home! It has 9 kinds of skin-repairing ingredients like cactus extract, lavender extract, chamomile extract, and spirulina extract. Also 9 kinds of moisturizing ingredients like safflower seed oil, shea butter, cucumber extract, glycerin, aloe vera, and argan seed oil. It also includes natural exfoliants like white willow bark extract and apple extract. Just like the hand pack, my feet didn’t feel greasy and it felt very soft and smooth afterward. This mask is 2,500KRW.  I give this a 5/5 as well!

I hope you enjoyed this list of different masks and packs you can try from Kocostar! You can purchase on their website, or at Sephora, El Corte Ingles, La Rinascente, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, ASOS,, Accessorize, Forever21, and American Eagle Outfitters.

*Just a disclaimer- I don’t get paid to do these review nor do I get any profit if you click on any links, just my honest reviews! Cross my heart (and hope to die).


Bonvivant Chrome Mask Review

Hi, everyone! I’m here to review the Bonvivant Orginal Chrome Mask. I bought this a month ago when it first came out and I think it’s a good time to tell you my opinion on it. First, Bonvivant is a Memebox branch and they specialize in skin masks and sheet masks. I’ve tried their Illuminator Age Cover Mask Pack and Water Lock Sleeping Pack and I enjoyed using them, So I had high hopes for this peel off type mask. Anyway, let’s get into the review!

When I bought the mask it came with the silicone spatula as a promotion. The jar contains 85ml/2.87 fl.oz. of the pearly liquid. The smell is on the strong side, slight rubbing alcohol smell lingers. I don’t mind it, but for those of you sensitive to strong smells beware. The mask is quite runny so applying a thin layer is advisable. If it’s too thick it will run down your face and also it won’t dry evenly.

A piece that dried on my hand

Applying with the spatula was easy enough, I had to use the edge to scrape off excess product and thin out the thicker layers. It takes about 20-30 mins to dry completely, but like all masks, the nose and under the lip area drys up within 5-10 mins. The peeling part is not very painful, to me at least, I’ve had worse. But if you get some of the product on your eyebrows and hairline it will pull some of the hair out. It doesn’t peel off in one piece, but still in large chunks. It rips easily, so if you want to peel it off in one piece you have to be very patient or have super peeling ninja skills. I have neither.
The effect is… not impressive. It’s cooling so I’m sure it had some effect on tightening up my pores, it wasn’t very hydrating at all, and it didn’t brighten up my skin more than a regular sheet mask would have. It did, however, make my skin feel smoother since it has a peeling factor. I don’t recommend this for sensitive skin types because the peeling will aggravate the skin and the smell might also irritate the skin.

This is my not impressed face
Overall I’d say, it’s a very pretty product and fun to see it change to chrome, but with the effort of spreading it out on the face and then having to peel it off and also possibly washing off stray bits is not the best in my opinion. I’d rather open a pouch and get #sheetfaced tbh. I think this was a gimmicky product sold on looks and not performance. it makes for great selfies, but I will not be repurchasing this~ It goes for 24,000KRW on Memebox and right now it’s on sale for 19,200KRW… I wonder why .

Slow Down Your Wrinkles! 🐌✨ Double & Zero Double Care Solution Mask – Gold Snail Review + BB Cosmetic Discount Code

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog if this is your first time, and welcome back if you’re a regular! This is going to be my first snail product review! Long, long time ago I used to a snail cream and it didn’t work out for me, so I never bought a snail product after that. However, since it’s a new year I thought I’d try it again. I’ve tried one other Double and Zero mask, The First Prestige Cream Mask Royal Propolis which I am absolutely in LOVE with! When I got that package from BB Cosmetic I was really excited to see if the double solution line was a good as the first prestige cream one.


The double care solution mask box comes with 10 masks and an ‘Introller’, a roller ball face massager. There are 7 different kinds of masks to choose from which are Alaska ice water, hyaluronic acid, black pearl, collagen, goat’s milk, gold snail, and bamboo. The gold snail one catered for wrinkle care. Each mask contains 10,000ppm of premium snail juice (just kidding, but not really) but not very much of gold, only 0.1ppm. Other ingredients include panthenol, shea butter, argan tree kernel oil, squalene, ginseng, propolis (yay!), and ceramide. It also has a patented ASD Complex+acetyl hexapeptide-8 (Argiriline) which is a synthetic anti-wrinkle cosmetics ingredient. Combined together you get the ‘Actress Formula’ that’ll plump up your skin like a k-drama actress!DSCF0846


The sheet itself is made of cellulose so the sheet was saturated with the ampoule. It’s a woven type mask and it’s on the thicker side. I fit well on my face and didn’t fall off or moved around. The roller ball was a nice accessory to go over the places that dried out more quickly and also helps with the absorption.  There’s 30g of product in each mask so there was a lot left over in the pouch, which I patted more onto my face and neck afterward. The smell is pleasant and not over-powering. My skin looked a little brighter and plumped up after taking the mask off. Also, it was very moisturizing. However, it did feel a little sticky.


I really liked using this mask just as much as the first prestige ones. One time use isn’t going to be enough to see results, but continuous use will probably help your skin get rehydrated and look more youthful. You can purchase this at BB Cosmetic for under $15.00 and if you use my code ‘sarahomgb‘ you will get to save a little more extra money! Just to let you know, I don’t profit from you guys using the code so use it freely as you like. They have tons of great stuff and reasonable shipping prices so check out their online store! jb

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll come back for more beauty posts like this one~xxoo

Elizavecca Milkypiggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask

Hey you guys-uh! I got some things from BB Cosmetic again and one of the things I ordered was the Elizavecca Milkypiggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask. I was super excited to try this since I was seeing all over social media and stuff. This costs 23,000KRW for 100ml of product. This mask can be used all over the face or on areas you want clarifying like your nose, forehead, and chin. The mask has added charcoal which helps clear and purify your skin. It also has glasswort extract (good for pimples), rhus javanica extract (antioxidant), persimmon leaf extract (anti-aging), cherry blossom (anti-inflammatory), lotus extract (antioxidant), camilla flower extract (nourishing), cosmos bipinnatus callus extract (hydrating), and rose extract (calming and hydrating).



The texture is slightly sticky and runny and when you apply it over the skin get gets into every crevice and wrinkle. You don’t need a thick layer and you can use your fingers or a pack brush to spread it over the skin. It takes about 15 mins to dry and as it dries it really tightens up! After it dries you have to peel it off. I start from the bottom edge and pull it up. It kinda hurts and I accidentally pulled out some of my eyebrow hairs…  🙁 However my skin felt soft afterwards. I’d have to say that it also felt a little dry. I would recommend it for oily and combination. For dry skin for me was OK however you need to tone and moisturize afterwards.


I didn’t have any pores that came out from the pack, but I did feel like my skin was cleaned up and my skin looked and felt much fresher. It wasn’t as amazing as I thought it was going to be, however I do think that it was effective and didn’t aggravate or irritate my skin. I could suggest that you apply the mask after steaming your face or do the mask after showering so that you’re pores are opened. Applying my makeup the next day was awesome because all of my dead skin got pulled off haha. I think it’s worth trying and if you want to try it you can purchase it on BB Cosmetic where I got mine. You can use this code “E3GWXIN81I“* until December 31st, 2016 to save some money on your purchase!

squeaky clean after toning and moisturizing!

*Just a disclaimer, I don’t get any money from these codes, depending on how many people use the code I get offered to try out some products and I get to write my opinion about them! So feel free to use or not use the code~ 😀

The ‘Bride Pack’ 👰🏻 – Double & Zero The Prestige Cream Mask- Royal Propolis 👑🐝

Happy Wednesday y’all! I’m going to be reviewing a sheet mask in this post. I got a ten pack box from BB Cosmetic and I have been using the Double & Zero Royal Propolis pack since last Thursday. This mask is self proclaimed the ‘wedding mask’ or the ‘bride pack’. I’m not getting any time soon but I do like the idea of prepping my skin for a big day such as a wedding. Also, it says on the packaging that one mask is equal to the effects of one jar of soothing gel cream. Thus far from what it claims it better be amazing right? Keep reading for what I think about it!


There are 4 different Prestige Cream masks you can choose from, Royal Propolis (soothing), Bird’s Nest (hydrating), White Truffle (nourishing), and Black Caviar (tightening). The main ingredient in the Royal Propolis is propolis (10,000PPM), royal jelly, aloe vera, bisabolol, and Baikal Skullcap extract. If I did my math 10,000ppm can be converted into 1% and one percent of 30g is 300 miligrams, so this much of propolis is in one pack. If I did this wrong I’m sorry hahaha. Anyway, propolis is a natural antiseptic and helps rebuild damaged skin cells, which is great for acne prone skin. Royal jelly, similar to propolis, has antibacterial properties and reduces wrinkles. Aloe is a skin soothing and hydrating ingredient. Bisabolol is a colorless and viscous oil that helps healing of the skin and is anti irritant. Last is Baikal Skullcap extract helps with acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

DSCF0283.JPGThe mask sheet is a microfiber sheet and adheres to the skin really well. The mask is on the smaller side, but not by a lot. The sheet holds a lot of essence and doesn’t dry out quickly. It also is on the thicker side so it has a nice density on the skin and feels like the sheet is soaked up with propolis soup :P. Another thing I like about this pack is the amount of essence that is in the package. after I took out the mask I poured out what was left over and it filled my whole palm and there was still a bit more in the package. So I put more essence on my mask and with the rest I used on my neck, décolletage, shoulders, and arms. SO MUCH ESSENCE. The essence isn’t sticky either so I was fine using it all over my body. The essence has a faint honey-floral smell which I like a lot.


After one time my skin felt amazing… it was so soft and the dry eczema patch on the right side of my forehead seemed to calm down and 100% less flakey and dry. The next morning day my skin still felt soft and hydrated and my  makeup went on so nicely. I think I know why it’s called the ‘bride sheet mask’, it seriously preps your skin for the big day even if it’s the next day. I think the Royal Propolis mask is a great choice for brides who are stressed about their big day and need some intensive skin soothing relief. Even if you’re not getting married this is a really nice mask to try out especially if you have an event to go to the next day. I give this two thumbs up!



You can purchase this at BB Cosmetic for $18.32USD and if you use this code ‘E3GWXIN81I‘ you can save 8% off your purchase until the end of October 2016. I hope you take advantage of this code and they have free standard international shipping too! Also if you’re ordering in the states you get free shipping with tracking no matter what 🙂 I LOVE FREE SHIPPING! Hahaha but most importantly they’ve got have a good selection of Kbeauty products so check them out~

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Slice Mask Sheet from Kocostar! No slicer needed!

Happy Humpday!

I received a special package containing new Slice Mask Sheets from Kocostar, a Korean beauty brand that specializes in masks from your head down to your toes. Korea is a capital of masks so these guys know what’s up in the beauty market. These mask sheets are so cute and brilliant! I grew up with my mom doing cucumber facials by grinding or slicing up cucumbers. But in my busy schedule I don’t have the time to slice up vegetables and put them of my face. I’d rather eat them hehehe. Now I can do both!



There are three different slice masks, tomato, cucumber, and lemon. Each mask has two sheets with 6 slices on each side that come in two different sizes. To get it off you just gently peel it off like you peel off a sticker. The great thing about this is that you can put it anywhere on your body. On your face, neck, chest, arms, and legs. Each sheet is drenched with moisture and natural extracts. I thought because it was a small patch it would dry out faster but it was very moist even after 30 minutes, it could be because its made with Tencel, a natural man-made finer made from tree pulp. Also, the slices are thin enough that it won’t fall off your face while you go about doing whatever you’re doing.

batch_DSCF8040 batch_DSCF8041 batch_DSCF8039

The lemon mask contains vitamin C and lemon extract that will help brighten and soothe the skin. The cucumber is great for dry and fatigued skin. The cucumber extract will deeply moisturize and refine dry skin. The tomato sheet is good for skin elasticity and detoxification. The lycopene and vitamin C will boost collagen in the skin. Whatever your skin needs are, you can always mix up the different mask slices.


I really like these masks because it fun to use and convenient. It would be good to use after playing sports in the sun or something and you can put the slices on the any area that you need. Each mask pack is 3,000KRW. You can buy these mask packs by going to

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