Complexion Enhancer – 9 Wishes Ultimate Vanishing Balm


Hey guys! I have a new review for you, it’s the 9 Wishes Vanishing Balm. This is a tone up cream. The tone up cream has been a popular beauty product in Korea. This kind of cream provides instant whitening of the skin. Not like a BB or CC cream, but just a plain white color. I’ve tried other tone up creams and I’ve hated them! They gave me an awful white cast ad it clung to all my dry patches. It was a total flop for me. So when the K-Beauty Expo sent this product in the review bag I already had my opinions about it. Let’s get on with the review!

Packaging and Texture/Finish

The packaging is a white plastic tube with a pump attached. It contains 50ml/1.75fl oz of product. The texture is like watery cream. When you go to rub it turns into a milky liquid. It absorbs quickly and the white pigment sticks to the skin well. It moisturizes without any sticky or greasy feeling. The skin looks lighter, ‘toned up’, and the skin looks like it has a soft focus. A slightly powdered appearance.


The cream does have a brightening and anti-wrinkle effects. It is formulated with a skin brightening complex, Botaniceutical Plus-10. A mix of natural extracts used in Korean Herbal medicine. It does contain titanium dioxide, so it is a sun protectant too. It also uses sea water which is rich in minerals. The Niacinamide and glutathione helps with whitening and brightening of the skin. There is no added fragrance so that is great!

My Review

I was actually quite impressed by this cream compared to the other tone up creams I’ve tried. It applies nicely and the white cast isn’t terrible. It’s good for those days I don’t want to wear makeup. I like the blurring effect as well, it makes it look like my skin. I’m not sure how it will look on darker skins though. I wouldn’t purchase this with my own money, I just don’t use it enough. I’m just not a big fan of these tone up creams. I will end my review saying that if you want to try a tone up cream I would recommend this one. They do have an original and glow versions. This is 44,000KRW (pricy!) and you can get this on the online mall,

This was sent to me by the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes, everything I’ve written was my own opinion.

Vanav Cover & Clean Fit – 2 in1 Makeup and Cleansing Device

Hey guys!

It has been a while! I’m back from my trip to Osaka, Japan and I am ready to sit and write a review on a very special device from Vanav. This is Korean brand that specializes in developing makeup and skincare technology. I was really lucky to receive from the K-Beauty Expo to try out the Vanav Cover & Clean Fit device. You can use this to apply your makeup and also cleanse your skin! How awesome is that? Let’s start with the specs.


First, the device comes in a orange box that contains one cleansing brush head, one makeup brush head, 6 AAA batteries, and the Cover & Clean Fit body. It great that batteries are included. It uses 3 AAA batteries and there isn’t a need to charge it. The brushes are really soft and made with good quality bristles. There are 3 vibration modes and 1 beep signals low vibration, 2 beeps is normal vibration, and 3 beeps signals the high vibration. It turns off automatically after 3 mins. You can turn it off by holding down the power button. The weight is 158g so it does have some weight. The heads are easily detachable the shorter parallel edge goes on the bottom, following the device shape.

Makeup Performance

Hmmm, what can I say… It works! It doesn’t make your foundation streaky it works with cream, stick, and liquid foundation. It’s a little tricky to get around your nose and eye area. The finished look is very nice and the vibration helps the foundation to spread out evenly. The only thing I have an issue with is that it makes my nose tickle so much! The best way to use it is to let the skin feel the vibration rather than pressing it down onto the skin. It’s less work for me because I can just glide the brush without having to tap and blend a hundred times. It’s also gentle since I’m not rubbing the brush down on the skin. You can use this concealer, cream contour, and even cream blusher.

Cleansing Performance

This is a great tool to use during a second cleanse. First cleanse would be to take the makeup off and then go in with a foam cleanser and spread the foam over the skin and massage and wipe away the foam with the cleansing brush head with the desired vibration. You can also squeeze some of the cleansing product on the brush head and wet skin and cleanse that way without doing a first cleanse. This way it creates the bubbles on the skin. I really really liked it as a cleansing tool, much more than I did a makeup one. I’m just more finicky with how I like to apply my makeup.


This gets a two thumbs up from me! I does what it says and performed really well. The price is a bit steep 148,000KRW, but still much cheaper than others similar beauty tools on the market. I like how you can use the device in the bathroom and then take it to the vanity. You can learn more on the Vanav website at They have four other devices and their newest device UP5 looks so cool! I really want to try that in the future.

Thank you for joining me in this review and I hope you will come back to read my next review soon! Again, this product was sent to me by the K-Beauty Expo as their beauty editor, all opinions are my own as always. Thanks for reading.

Color Live Tints from Aritaum That Will Make Any Lips Look Pretty!


Could it be? A second review in one week for Oh My Gloss Blog? Yes! I have been sorting out some time to post regularly again, yay! Today’s review is about the Color Live Tints from Aritaum that I have been wearing religiously! If you follow me on my social media accounts you can see why! They are the prettiest tints!

Old Tint vs. New Tint Comparison

These tints were released early this year 2017 and it has been said that this is an upgraded version of the Color Lasting Tint that Aritaum had before. The lasting tints had 15 shades but the color live tints have the 12. The packaging is more simple, and personally I like the Color Live one more than I do the Color Lasting. The Color Live has a cute little heart window to see the actual color inside and is a good way to see if you need to stock up again, he he. The applicator is also different from the old tints. The Color lasting one had a donut shape but the color lasting one is a long doe foot tip. I’m not sure about the texture and wear of the color lasting tints but from what I’ve heard and read they say that it’s a better quality than before. These actually remind me of the Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Lip Tints, very similar color shades and number of choices, all black packaging with window, similar texture and shine. So I guess you could say these are a dupe!


The Live is actually an acronym for its formulation!

Lightness in texture

Intense color and lasting

Various colors to compliment all skin tones

Effective glossiness ( that one is a bit of a stretch lol)

I have to agree that all of its description is true! It’s not sticky at all and it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my lips. Also the texture is a creamy mousse-gel formula so the application is very silky and smooth. The pigmentation on these are also really good. You get the color that you see. It’s great for full lips or gradation lips.
The colors that are available are all so pretty! Aritaum did a really good job of picking colors that are trendy yet will look good on anyone. Also the color’s aren’t just you typical coral, red, pink, and orange that you might get at some road shops. I guess I want to say that the colors are more sophisticated.

These tints do leave a stain and last quite a while, but if you’re eating greasy foods then it will fade. When it does it wasn’t too splotchy or uneven, so if you do forget to reapply it won’t look terrible. I also like the glossy formula, it hydrates my lips and it makes them look healthy. Especially perfect for spring and summer. The glossiness stays for a while to, but again eating an drinking will fade it.

The application is also very easy and the color adheres well and it doesn’t bleed, or give be the yogurt effect – gunk around the inside of the lips. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to line the outer lip for a full lip look. There is a fruity cosmetic smell which I don’t mind but some of you might not like it. There isn’t a bad perfumy taste either.


I LOVE THESE TINTS! They are great quality and very affordable. I already bought four, but I can’t seem to find one of them. Aritaum in Korea sometimes have these 1+1 sales on tints and if they do another sale I will probably get more and stock up on some of my favorite shades like coral on top!

Etude House – Any Cushion All Day Perfect Review

All Day Perfect VS. Cream Filter

Hey everyone! I’ve tested it and this is an overdue review post but I’m finally getting some time to write my thoughts on it! The Etude House came out with their new cushion is April. Their previous cushion before the All Day Perfect was the Cream Filter one, which I loved and still do. That one is not so great if you want to hide any blemishes, but if you’re looking for a light coverage cushion that’s hydrating that won’t break your budget then it’s great! The All Day Perfect cushion is a little bit different. It has much more coverage and it’s slightly less hydrating. The All Day perfect has 6 different shades to choose from while the Cream Filter has 5. I got the shade in Tan with neutral base.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.50.19 AM
17,22,23 have neutral undertones, 19 & 21 have pink undertone, and 21 has a yellow undertone.                   Taken from Etude House

 Specs & Formula

The All Day Perfect cushion has a slim case and the box does include a refill, it costs 20,000KRW. The puff inside is nice and thick and super soft. It’s supposed to give you a more coverage and help with better application. You can buy it separately for 2,500KRW. It has a three point locking system and a mirror inside. The cushion inside holds 14g/ 0.49 oz. The scent is a light fresh floral, typical of most Etude House products. It has SPF50+ PA+++, helps with wrinkle care, and whitening. Also, the cushion claims to give high coverage, thin adherence, and long lasting with its Roll-Spread Technology.

How was it?

I’ve been testing it out on and off for about two weeks. The shade is still a little light, but manageable. I  The coverage is very good, it covered my redness on my nose after I shamefully squeezed it to get my whiteheads out (it’s really bad for your skin and pores, don’t do it!) also it covered my dark circles really nicely, I only needed a little bit of concealer. The puff is really nice, I would get buy it separately for my other cushions. The formula wasn’t drying, but still I could feel that I wouldn’t wear this in the colder months. I also think if you’re on the oily side it might still be too creamy for your liking. At first application it looks great! For me I would say the first 4-5 hours, it looked fine. Then as the hours keep passing I could see it clump around my nose and start to separate above the lip and between my brows. However, nothing has moved or settled into fine lines. It’s a weird mixture of looking great in on larger areas of my face like cheeks, chin, forehead, but just in the little areas you could see it starting to break. As for the Cream Filter the formula moves around a bit because it’s creamy, but this one stays in place but later it breaks because it can’t move around as much. Does that make sense? Moving on, I did end up fixing around those areas and I didn’t notice any difficulty layering over it, it didn’t look cakey or thick. There wasn’t any darkening and it faded very little over the whole day.

My Final Thoughts

I would say that the name is misleading. It really looks great in the beginning, but as you wear it throughout the day it is starts to break. I bought this for 9,900KRW while it was on promotion. For 20,000KRW retail price though I don’t think it’s worth it. I’d rather pay more and get the IOPE Air Cushion Cover which comes with refill or the Missha The Original Tension Pact in Perfect Cover which is cheaper and wears better.

*Affiliate Link* – If you’d still like to try it out for yourself then here’s a link where you can find the best price on Amazon – Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect SPF50+/PA+++ (Beige)



NEW 2017 IOPE AIR CUSHION – Cover Review

Hey folks! Having a great day? I hope so! I am finally sitting down to write a review on the 2017 new IOPE Air Cushion! Last year IOPE released their 3rd generation of the cushions. Last year’s line included 4 different types – moisture lasting, intense cover, natural, and matte long wear. There were 5 different shades available 13, warm/natural 21, and warm/natural 23. This shade system was to make everything much easier but from the comments that I got on my old post, it made people even more confused about what color to get (sorry for not responding to some of your shade questions!) I think IOPE realized the confusion and they revamped the whole shade system which I will get into later. So last year I bought the matte long wear and this time I bought the cover version. They got rid of the moisture lasting and natural glow and replaced it with cover and natural. That was a loaded intro, so let me break it down now!

batch_DSC00730Packaging and Cushion

So the packaging is the same for the intense cover and matte long wear, but for the cover and natural cushion, they changed the color to a silvery pearl base and a mirrorball-holo face. It’s so pretty!!! I just like having it on my desk and look at it like a weird makeup-obsessed-Gollum creature that I am. My preciousssss…! The ring that goes around the rim is silver and the intense cover is the only one with a rose gold ring. The cushion inside is different than the IC (intense cover) and MLW (matte long wear). The circular nodes are a little bigger and porous. The reasoning behind it is that the bigger 3D circles pump more hydrating ingredients so that your skin is more moisturized. I really don’t know if that is scientifically proven, but sure, okay. I don’t really feel a great difference, but because the holes in the circular cells are bigger, the easier it is for the hydrating liquids to surface. That’s how I am interpreting their idea. While the smaller cells in the IC and MLW cushions offer a light and even stippling effect.

batch_DSC00736Smell and Formula

The cushion is SPF50+/PA+++, whitening, and anti-wrinkle. The scent is same as last years cushion from what I remember, an overall fresh with a slight powdery after smell. The main formula for the cover and natural cushion is a mix of IOPE’s trademarked Bio water, trehalose, a moisture-retaining ingredient, and 3D prism pearl. This combo creates a trademarked formula called Air prism water. The formula is very hydrating and not at all oily or greasy feeling. When you apply it has a very fresh moist feeling and then it dries down to a comfortable to wear texture. Also, there isn’t any visible shimmer, pearlescence, or glitter so you can be assured that you won’t actually look like a disco ball. Just a glowy ball 🙂

batch_DSC00742Finish and Wear

The finish is a glowy finish but it looks very natural and not greasy looking. For my dry skin, it looks SO GOOD! The glow is very long lasting as well. The coverage is not a very high coverage, up to medium coverage. For redness, red spots, and dark circles you need a bit of help from a concealer. But as for freckles and things it gives a nice thin layer of coverage. As it dries and throughout the day it wears nicely without much fading. I could go all day without any touch ups and still look okay. It also doesn’t accentuate the pores and fine lines a lot, but I do powder up under the eyes and nose area, for extra coverage and lasting wear. I would give the finish a 5/5, coverage a 4/5, and wear 4.5/5.


The shades are, I hope/think, much easier to figure out than last years. Ther are 4 shades 13 ivory, 21 cool vanilla (brighter, pinker 21), 21 vanilla (natural yellow toned 21 shade), and  23 beige (yellow toned 23). I bought the 23 beige and compared to the shade, 23W, I got last year it’s a bit toned down and less light. I can get away with wearing it, the last IOPE cushion I gave away to my mom because after I reviewed it, I felt it was a bit too light for me in the summer and it would be too dry for me in any other season. The beige 23 is a shade lighter than my MAC NC30 skin. I wish they’d came out with a 25 like other brands are doing these days.

batch_DSC00727Final Thoughts

Overall I really like this one much better than the matte long wear I bought last year, it suits my dry skin and I really love the natural glowy finish. For 42,000KRW (about 36USD) you get the case with the cushion and puff and an extra refill with a puff. What do you think about this generation of the IOPE Air Cushion? Do you think you will try it? Thanks for reading!

💨🙅🏻🌫Pollution Cushion – Pony Effect Defense Longwear Cushion Foundation Review

Hi guys! Last week Seoul had the second worst air quality ever! My skin, throat, lungs, eyes, and nose were all congested. The air quality is a little better because of the rain today, but dust season and pollution will be here to stay in busy little Seoul. So why am I talking about air quality and pollution? It’s because I am reviewing the newest cushion from Pony Effect! The Defense Longwear Cushion was released mid-March and it was a perfect time to test this out on the high pollution days like last week.


I bought this on the Memebox app which I uncontrollably look through every hour or so. I bought it while it was on promotion and got a small discount and a free mirror (wahoo!) The retail price is 42,000KRW (about 37.00USD). The cushion comes with a refill with an extra puff. The packaging is a thinnish square compact with a prismatic silver coating.It’s very pretty under the light however, the coating is a bit thin so mine is already a little scratched up around the corners. The puff is a spongey type very squishy and flexible. I like the puff, but don’t be fooled about the amount of product it absorbs! One weak dab on the cushion and it looks like you need to dab some more, but the product is already sucked into the sponge.


Pony also released new darker shades so I jumped to get my hands on a cushion that matched my skin tone. Sand was the color I got it’s supposed to be for tanned skin *laughs* and in the tradition of Korean skin color numbers this is number 25. It’s still a half shade lighter than my natural skin tone. It has a yellowy-faintly peach undertone so if you’re on the cool dark tone side then this color, no matter how ‘dark’ it is, will not look good on you. For me, it was fine but still not a perfect match. I do appreciate the brand for looking out for darker Asian skin girls like me.


There is a light herbally-floral scent which goes away after application. The formula is very thin but if you layer it on it can look like a medium coverage foundation. It covers 40% if my dark circles and 50% redness from pimples. The cushion is whitening, has wrinkle care, and is SPF 50+/PA+++. Also it has been tested on the absorption of dust onto the skin with a special Arabian Cotton complex that has large amounts of Phyto-chemical that defends the skin from outside pollutants. I really can’t tell the difference if it’s really defending my skin from dust, but it hasn’t irritated my skin so that’s a good sign. It also has lotus flower extract to revitalize tired skin.


The finish is not matte and at first, it starts with a soft satiny glow but later after 4-5 hours it drys down. The cushion isn’t very hydrating for dry skin types like myself, it felt and looked dry. This also transferred to clothing easily and settled into fine lines, so longevity was not very good. It does accentuate dry patches so exfoliating is a must if you are going to put this on! I did find some success in wetting the sponge first and it felt a bit more hydrating-ish. With this one, I have to fix it regularly or it made my skin look old.


This is 3 hours after application. It looks like the end of the day…



Overall, would I repurchase? N to the O, no! It’s was really mediocre and it’s not the best for my dry skin.  This was my first Pony Effect cushion and even thought this wasn’t a showstopper for me I wonder how the other two cushions compare. If I do purchase the other two I’ll write a comparison review!

Thank you for reading this review lemme know if you have any questions or even suggestions for future posts in the comments section!

Stila – Matte ‘N Metal Eye Shadow Palette

Hi guys! I’m taking a break from K-beauty in this post to review a new eyeshadow palette I got a few days ago. Stila came out the Matte ‘N Metal palette late December 2016. I saw this at Lohbs here in Seoul for the first time and since Stila is one of my favorite brands since highschool I had to get it! Plus, the eye-catching gold checkerboard front was calling my wallet, I mean, my name… Let’s start the review shall we?


The packaging is a gold square 10cm by 10cm case with a gold foil checkerboard pattern on the front. Inside you get a nice big mirror and 12 x 1g eyeshadows divided oh-so-nicely into three columns of four color coordinated shades. The first column has 4 cool tone shades, the middle column is a mix of neutral shades of mauve and rose gold, and the last column has a selection of warm tone shades. All the colors are very wearable colors for everyday wear.


The pigmentation isn’t crazy and I’m realizing that necessarily mean it’s a bad palette. I think it can be really intimidating to some people when they come across an eyeshadow or a palette that is mad pigmented so palettes like this one exist! Anyway, the textures of the shadows are nice and smooth, but some felt a little dry. If you have oily lids then these might be quite nice. There isn’t too much kickback on the powder when you grab it with an eyeshadow brush. The metallic shades barely show up if you use a brush so using your finger or a wet synthetic brush is the best way to apply them. I have the best use that way.


Out of all the matte shades ‘fringe’, ‘suede’, ‘vintage’, and ‘velvet’ show up on my skin the most. In the metals ‘sizzle’, ‘smolder’, and ‘retro’ swatch well and stand out much more than the others. The shade ‘flare’ looks glittery if applied dry, so using a wet brush gives a metallic sheen.



So should you get this palette? I think that even though the shades are very wearable it will take some work to get a nice matte and metal look. However, if you don’t really care so much about the metallic look then this is a great everyday palette with easy to see color matches for each shade. As for the price, it is on the pricey side. I paid 46,600 for it and it was on a special discount, but it normally retails for about 58,000KRW/49.00USD. If you’re paying full price then I don’t think it’s worth it, so overall I guess it’s a pass in my opinion. I don’t think this would be my go-to palette, but on days I want to have a little fun or want a specific look then I’ll maybe use it…I have too many eyeshadow palettes…but also not enough.

VDL Expert Metal Cushion Foundation Review

HIIII! Oh. My. Gloss. It has been ages since I’ve sat down and blogged! I’m so happy, but also I’m so embarrassed that I haven’t written anything for so long. It has actually been really busy for me the last few weeks, I have tons to blog about. So hopefully I will get to catch you up on all the things that has been BACKED UP FO REALZ! First, is VDL’s Expert Metal Cushion Foundation that I got a couple weeks ago. I have been using it non-stop ever since I got it. I love it, but I do have some issues with it. Keep reading for more details!



Just a quick brand overview, VDL is a brand launched in 2012 by the LG Household & Health Care. All of the cushions that they have come out with I believe are the metal plate type. This one is the newest 2017 model of the metal cushions. The case is very sleek and has a dark metallic eggplant purple hue to it. I bought mine with a refill and it came with an expert texture puff in the case and a cover/strobing puff with the refill. I really like the expert texture puff, it applies a thin layer of product on the skin so it doesn’t look splotchy or uneven. You can also use it with a makeup brush, pump the desired amount on the plate and apply it on the brush.


There are 10 shades that you can pick from in this line. #Winning already. I got the shade A207, a pink/neutral toned medium-dark beige. A207 is not completely pink or cool toned, there is a hint of yellow. At the store, it was the darkest shade they had, which is a half a shade lighter than my skin tone. I think next time I’ll try the V207 which is a dark beige with a yellow undertone. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with the color I got and the color selection.


The metal plate has a radial burst of tiny little holes that dispense the foundation on the metal plate as you push on it. It seems more sanitary than a regular sponge type cushion since you are getting a fresh pump everytime you use it and you can clean the metal plate with a wipe. Pressing in the center of the with the cushion on top has given me an even dispense of the foundation, or you can press the outer edge with your thumbs as well.



The coverage is medium to high and I can get away with not using concealer under my eyes to cover up my dark circle and the occasional zit. The texture of the foundation is light but creamy. Adheres very well to the skin and sets quickly. It has a light glowy satin finish and is moisturizing without the extreme dewy finish. I don’t feel that my skin feels dried out with this on all day. It really looks perfect all day. It did crack on the upper lip area but on the larger area of my face I don’t have to touch up, even if I did, I did just because I have a habit of touching up. Using a primer beforehand, especially the VDL Lumilayer primer or MAC’s strobe cream added more luminosity and helped the adherence of the foundation on the skin.


One issue that I have with this cushion is when I go to touch up it looks a little thick and cakey, a little bit uneven. I found that I have to wipe clean the area, like on my upper lip, then touch up. I’m glad that it last well on most all of my face that I don’t have to retouch often or at all. Other than that I don’t have much of an issue. I really love this cushion. I can’t stop using it. Maybe because it’s so close to my natural skin tone! It is OMGB approved!

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I hope my next post won’t have such a big gap like this one did hehehe.

NEW 2017 Clio Mad Matte Lipstick and Chic Matte Pen Liner (possibly Monolid holy grail!)

Hi guy-ses! I’m here to review the newest items from Clio Professional, the Chic Matte Pen Liner and Mad Matte Lipstick. They have been advertising like cray cray, so of course, I had to try it. Was it worth the hype? Let’s find out!


The Chic Matte Pen Liner’s selling point is its matte finish that doesn’t fade or transfer onto the lids, especially monolids. The amount of product you get is 2g. Not bad considering you get less than 1ml in their regular pen liner. The applicator is a felt tip pen. It’s flexible but has enough tension so that you can manipulate it to draw your line how you like and create the perfect kitty cat flick. The formula dries pretty quickly and dries completely matte. It’s been my go-to liner since I got it and I LOVE IT. I love the matte finish and it really stays put all day without transferring. I would highly recommend it to those who have monolids or hooded eyelids. It goes for 15,000KRW and it’s totally worth it!

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Now the Mad Matte Lipstick. There are 8 colors to choose from and they did a really good job of the color range. It’s not just your typical red, orange and pink. Something about the color selection is very sophisticated and high fashion, yet suitable for everyday. This was bad news for me because I wanted to buy all of them! However, I made up my mind to buy only one and I got the shade in Sunlit orange. It’s a reddish orange that I can’t wait to wear every day during the warmer season. The formula is matte FOR SURE, yet it glides like a normal lipstick. When you rub it around on your hand it bunches up a little bit but on the lips it totally fine. The pigmentation is seriously on point. One swipe you get so much color and no matter how many times you layer it will not pill. It’s comfortable to wear and even with my dry lips, it doesn’t make it drier. It feels light on and stays on. It also smells like cocoa! It retails for 16,00oKRW each and if you want a matte lipstick that doesn’t feel like one then this is a must try!

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Powder Lip Colors from RiRe and Tint Remover Review

Hello, ohmyglossers!  Today’s review is about the RiRe lip powders and the tint remover. The lip powders are lip tints that are in powder form and I believe that through this product this brand has gotten a place in the K-Beauty realm. It’s been reviewed many times by other bloggers, but here’s my take on it. I was sent the lip powder and lip remover set by BB Cosmetics for an honest review. Here we go!



The set comes with all of the colors available in the lip powder line. The colors are ‘orange pop’, ‘hot plum’, ‘sugar rose’, and ‘fashion red’. Each tint has 1.8g of powder in them. Packaging is a teardrop shape which is a little awkward when you’re applying it because it kinda slips between your fingers. I had to hold the wider part to get some grip. One guess as to why they packaged it this way was so that the wider brim of the applicator would catch the excess powder. Which leads me to my next point, the powder can get everywhere! Not like a ton, but enough to make a mark when you try to dust it off. No light colored fabrics if you’re applying this. The applicator in ‘orange pop’ and ‘fashion red’ are also different that it’s a tear drop shaped rather than the regular doe foot applicator in ‘sugar rose’ and ‘hot plum’. It makes it harder to pull out and more room to accidently flick powder everywhere. Not sure if it’s the same for all, but mine came that way. Just be careful when you open it and pull out the applicator, mkay?


The formula is the most intriguing and the most important. Just like it says, it’s a lip powder. It’s really interesting as the powder gets into contact with your skin or lips it has a slightly cooling effect and instantly melts into a wet formula. It’s not sticky or drying, it looks velvety and soft on your lips. Feels like nothing on the lips and it’s comfortable to wear all day. It looks really nice as a gradation lip or a soft airy look. You can also top it off with a gloss if you dont like the matte look.


The first time I applied it I was using a swiping motion but that made the color look streaky and uneven. Then I read the directions and it said the best way was to dab it onto the lips. Which gave a 100% better results. The colors are quite pigmented and wearable. You can also use it on the cheeks as a blusher which gave me a nice flush of color. I would recommend that you apply primer first because without it the powder accentuates the pores.


The lasting power isn’t as great as let say the ink or cream tint types, however, the color lasts more than a regular lipstick. Once you start eating and drinking, it will come off. I did a kiss test on my hand and it barely transferred, ever so slightly could you see the outline. When you rub it though it will come off. I also did a waterproof test and it failed completely. You can wash it off with plain water, really no need for the remover. There is a tiny hint of the tint left over but that can easily be removed with any type of cleanser.

The lip remover is a lip gloss texture and the formula includes aloe, sage, rosemary, lavender, peony root extract, Matricaria (chamomile) extract, and ivy leaf morning glory seed extract. But the main ingredient is isopropyl myristate which is a skin emollient. It works well cleaning up the RiRe powder tints and it’s great to have in your bag so that you can fix your lipstick on the go! You don’t need any water, just wipe with a tissue and it leaves your lips moisturized. Personally, I still to rinse with water, though.

I think this is a fun product, definitely different from what’s out there in the K-beauty market. I do think it has some issues with packaging and longevity. Nevertheless, I think it looks really nice on the lips. You can get this on Amazon for about 25.00USD. I hope you found this review informative and helpful in syour search for the perfect K-beauty product!

Thank you for reading!