Complexion Enhancer – 9 Wishes Ultimate Vanishing Balm


Hey guys! I have a new review for you, it’s the 9 Wishes Vanishing Balm. This is a tone up cream. The tone up cream has been a popular beauty product in Korea. This kind of cream provides instant whitening of the skin. Not like a BB or CC cream, but just a plain white color. I’ve tried other tone up creams and I’ve hated them! They gave me an awful white cast ad it clung to all my dry patches. It was a total flop for me. So when the K-Beauty Expo sent this product in the review bag I already had my opinions about it. Let’s get on with the review!

Packaging and Texture/Finish

The packaging is a white plastic tube with a pump attached. It contains 50ml/1.75fl oz of product. The texture is like watery cream. When you go to rub it turns into a milky liquid. It absorbs quickly and the white pigment sticks to the skin well. It moisturizes without any sticky or greasy feeling. The skin looks lighter, ‘toned up’, and the skin looks like it has a soft focus. A slightly powdered appearance.


The cream does have a brightening and anti-wrinkle effects. It is formulated with a skin brightening complex, Botaniceutical Plus-10. A mix of natural extracts used in Korean Herbal medicine. It does contain titanium dioxide, so it is a sun protectant too. It also uses sea water which is rich in minerals. The Niacinamide and glutathione helps with whitening and brightening of the skin. There is no added fragrance so that is great!

My Review

I was actually quite impressed by this cream compared to the other tone up creams I’ve tried. It applies nicely and the white cast isn’t terrible. It’s good for those days I don’t want to wear makeup. I like the blurring effect as well, it makes it look like my skin. I’m not sure how it will look on darker skins though. I wouldn’t purchase this with my own money, I just don’t use it enough. I’m just not a big fan of these tone up creams. I will end my review saying that if you want to try a tone up cream I would recommend this one. They do have an original and glow versions. This is 44,000KRW (pricy!) and you can get this on the online mall,

This was sent to me by the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes, everything I’ve written was my own opinion.

Etude House – Any Cushion All Day Perfect Review

All Day Perfect VS. Cream Filter

Hey everyone! I’ve tested it and this is an overdue review post but I’m finally getting some time to write my thoughts on it! The Etude House came out with their new cushion is April. Their previous cushion before the All Day Perfect was the Cream Filter one, which I loved and still do. That one is not so great if you want to hide any blemishes, but if you’re looking for a light coverage cushion that’s hydrating that won’t break your budget then it’s great! The All Day Perfect cushion is a little bit different. It has much more coverage and it’s slightly less hydrating. The All Day perfect has 6 different shades to choose from while the Cream Filter has 5. I got the shade in Tan with neutral base.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.50.19 AM
17,22,23 have neutral undertones, 19 & 21 have pink undertone, and 21 has a yellow undertone.                   Taken from Etude House

 Specs & Formula

The All Day Perfect cushion has a slim case and the box does include a refill, it costs 20,000KRW. The puff inside is nice and thick and super soft. It’s supposed to give you a more coverage and help with better application. You can buy it separately for 2,500KRW. It has a three point locking system and a mirror inside. The cushion inside holds 14g/ 0.49 oz. The scent is a light fresh floral, typical of most Etude House products. It has SPF50+ PA+++, helps with wrinkle care, and whitening. Also, the cushion claims to give high coverage, thin adherence, and long lasting with its Roll-Spread Technology.

How was it?

I’ve been testing it out on and off for about two weeks. The shade is still a little light, but manageable. I  The coverage is very good, it covered my redness on my nose after I shamefully squeezed it to get my whiteheads out (it’s really bad for your skin and pores, don’t do it!) also it covered my dark circles really nicely, I only needed a little bit of concealer. The puff is really nice, I would get buy it separately for my other cushions. The formula wasn’t drying, but still I could feel that I wouldn’t wear this in the colder months. I also think if you’re on the oily side it might still be too creamy for your liking. At first application it looks great! For me I would say the first 4-5 hours, it looked fine. Then as the hours keep passing I could see it clump around my nose and start to separate above the lip and between my brows. However, nothing has moved or settled into fine lines. It’s a weird mixture of looking great in on larger areas of my face like cheeks, chin, forehead, but just in the little areas you could see it starting to break. As for the Cream Filter the formula moves around a bit because it’s creamy, but this one stays in place but later it breaks because it can’t move around as much. Does that make sense? Moving on, I did end up fixing around those areas and I didn’t notice any difficulty layering over it, it didn’t look cakey or thick. There wasn’t any darkening and it faded very little over the whole day.

My Final Thoughts

I would say that the name is misleading. It really looks great in the beginning, but as you wear it throughout the day it is starts to break. I bought this for 9,900KRW while it was on promotion. For 20,000KRW retail price though I don’t think it’s worth it. I’d rather pay more and get the IOPE Air Cushion Cover which comes with refill or the Missha The Original Tension Pact in Perfect Cover which is cheaper and wears better.

*Affiliate Link* – If you’d still like to try it out for yourself then here’s a link where you can find the best price on Amazon – Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect SPF50+/PA+++ (Beige)



Tony Moly Inked Cushion Liner Review

Hey guys! This is going to be a short post! So last week I was browsing around makeup stores and popped in to Tony Moly and I saw that they released the Inked Cushion Liner so I took a chance and I got it! The packaging was what made me get it haha. It’s super cute and I like that it holds both the brush and the liner. However, it’s unnecessarily bulky for a liquid eye liner. There are five colors you can choose from black, brown, pearl brown, plum wine, and olive black. The liner is at the bottom of the ink bottle that you twist open. The liquid is held in by a sponge, like a face cushion pact. The brush is not bad either it’s pointy enough to make a clean flick.



The color I got was a brown and it’s a warm red toned brown and the pigmentation is not bad, about two coats makes it completely opaque. It goes on smoothly but this is a formula that needs to be worked with quickly. If you wait too long the formula starts to bunch up and it’s really hard to make a clean line or flick. The lasting power is okay, on bare skin if you rub it it starts to peel, so if you want it to last longer wearing powder eye shadow is recommended. It comes off easily though when you cleanse.



So what’s my verdict? I can say that I don’t like it that much and I wouldn’t recommend it to you either. I spent 10,800KRW for cute packaging and mediocre product. I will stick to my regular brush liner pen thank you very much. I hope you can save some money and buy a better eyeliner. Thanks for reading!

Beauty People Absolute Lofty Girl Cushion Foundation Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Beauty People Absolute Lofty Girl Cushion Foundation! I’ve been using this for about a week and a half and I am ready to share my thoughts on it. There are two versions of the absolute cushions, radiant and lofty (in Korean it’s translated as impregnable woman, I think they’re implying that it’s long lasting/high coverage lol). Maybe the girl on the cover looks lofty? Anyway the one I got was the lofty one in the shade 23 Cover Sand. The radiant one looked more pink toned and had lighter coverage, so I decided on getting the lofty version.


The case is what stood out to me the most at first because it doesn’t look like a cushion. It has a gorgeous slightly creepy portrait  of a Frida Kahloesque girl  on the cover. The rest of the case is gold which gives it a luxe feel. The case is quite thick, 3cm, maybe I’ve been getting used to the new slimmer cushion cases. The reason that it’s that thick is because the actual cushion inside has a small wall around the puff that keep it from falling off. Another feature is the air tight lock seal around the cushion. It has a rubber ring seal on the inner part and a patented three point locking feature around it that secures the lid from opening. So your foundation is free from evaporating or possible leaking. I think it’s great, even if it looks a bit bulky.


There are two colors to choose from 21 Cover Beige and 23 Cover Sand. The Cover Sand shade is quite light… which I was expecting it to be. It’s probably a shade and a half lighter than my NC30/Y125 skin. I just have to wear a scarf or a turtle neck haha. It’s a yellow tone, good for covering up redness and dark circles. The coverage is really good, it covers up my dark circles and any other blemishes that I have without looking cakey. It adheres well on my skin and stays put without moving around and accentuating fine lines. When I go to touch up it doesn’t build up or cake together and my skin appears smooth. It has a natural glow finish and is good at capturing oil throughout the day. I have dry skin and it felt comfortable to wear and didn’t feel or look dry. A tip would be to use a hydrating base before applying.


The cushion is formulated with propolis extract that helps with adherence to the skin and boosts moisture and nourishment to the skin. It also has sea grape/green caviar extract (Caulerpa Lintillifera Extract) which helps with wrinkles and skin brightening. There is 18g of product. The case with the cushion is 26,000 KRW and the refill is 15,000KRW each. I would really recommend this cushion! I loved how it looked on my skin minus the color, I do have to warm it up with a  blush and bronzer to make it not so crazy pale on me.

Stain-proof and Transfer-proof Lip Shield From Yurica

Hey guys, so if you saw my post on my social platform you already can guess what I’m going to be reviewing today! It is the Yurica Lip Shield. I kept seeing it in the ads and promoted videos on my Facebook and Instagram so I took the plunge and decided to purchase one. The Lip Shield is a product that protects your lip color from transferring on to other things. It sounds too good to be true right? Well I am here to try it out for you so you don’t have to!


When I received the product I found it very small… it’s the size of a deluxe sample size tube. There isn’t much information about the ingredients except that the secret recipe contains argan oil, macadamia oil, and olive oil. It has no smell, it looks like transparent ointment look, and feels like dry oil when rubbed into the skin. The direction says that you must shake it well before use it.

for size reference

I did an arm test and it was amazing! I swatch different colors and textures like glossy, matte, and tints. On one side of the swatch I applied the Lip Shield and then proceeded to run my finger over it and voila nothing smudged. The other side without the lip shield smudged all over. When I dabbed a tissue on the shielded side the glossy texture one transferred a little on to the tissue but all the other ones didn’t.

before the test

On my lips the effects lasted quite well even through many cups of coffee in the morning and lunch! I did have to fix up my lip in the center parts of my lips but overall it kept the color from fading. It does have a oily sheen to it so for matte finishes dab with a tissue after applying to take some of the shine away. For glossy textures you just have to redistribute the lips shield product because it tends to bunch up together.


I would highly recommend using this on expensive products that you want on your lips all day and not on cups and other things. On a date night! You don’t have to worry about wiping lipstick off his face when you kiss him~ Or if you hate reapplying and fixing your lipstick many times throughout the day. You only need a small bit and make sure to get the inner part of the lips. I wish it had a brush or doe foot applicator because I don’t really like having to rub it around with my finger. It is also quite expensive for such a small tube. Retail is 25,000KRW but on sale now it’s 16,900KRW. I don’t know any international resellers but you can purchase it on the Yurica website.

Thanks for reading!!

VDL Lumilayer Primer – MAC Strobe Cream Dupe?

Hey guys and welcome to a brand new blog for you this week! I am here today to write about the VDL Lumilayer primer. I think primers are really important when it comes to flawless makeup. I love my MAC Strobe cream but it is so expensive in Korea so I need a budget friendly option. So I decided to try out this primer that seemed like a good comparison. Also just FYI, I got it from BB Cosmetic and I have a 8% discount code that you can use when you purchase from them! I’ll let you know at the end so please keep reading!


First of all, I got mine safely in the mail bubble wrap and all. The primer box is so pretty hahaha, it has a rainbow holo and it’s fun to look at. Anyway, the primer bottle itself is very pretty and weighty. Its violet pearlized glass with a chrome cap that clicks firmly on. The dispenser is a pump type so it’s easy to keep clean and keep the primer fresh. You get 30ml/1.01 fl.oz. of product so it’s more than enough to use together with your foundation. The smell is pleasant, very light floral soap smell. The MAC has a more citrusy scent. The texture is hydrating but not greasy, it feels like a light moisturizer. I think it can be used for all skin types, for my dry skin it didn’t feel uncomfortable or produce more oil as the day went on. One pump was plenty for the whole face. Once I put on the primer my skin felt very smooth and gave me a quick moisture boost so that my makeup would apply better, which it did. 


The finish is very radiant and gives off a strong violet reflect because of the ‘Violet Lumilayer Pigment’. This pigment is a combination red and blue light pigment that creates bright and clear skin and when the light hits it creates a voluminous and radiant looking skin. If you are familiar with light spectrum and mixing colors then you know that blue combined with red creates violet and in the light spectrum violet is the strongest color. So what does this all mean? To be honest, I don’t know exactly… however I can guess that the this violet radiance will perform well even if it’s being covered up/mixed with foundation.


On my skin it does boost clarity and makes my skin more brighter looking than the MAC Strobe cream. The MAC is more of a moisturizer with a drop of radiance, but the VDL Lumilayer primer is a very luminous primer. They are so similar, but the effect it has is so different. With my MAC I can barely see any radiance, however with the VDL you can see the glittery reflects. When I say glittery I don’t mean chunky at all. It’s very pretty on the skin especially in the light. 


To use you can apply it all over the face and then go over with your foundation/tinted moisturizer. If you want a more luminous look, then mix equal parts of the Lumilayer primer and your foundation/tinted moisturizer. If you’re going to a no makeup look, this alone on the skin or on the high points on the face would look very natural and effortlessly pretty. 


So is the VDL Lumilayer Primer a clear dupe of the MAC Strobe Cream? I can’t say that it is because the finish is so different and I would say that the MAC Strobe Cream is more of a moisturizer than it is a primer, even though a lot of people use it to prime.  In saying this the VDL Lumilayer is much better at holding my makeup on all day than the MAC Strobe Cream. Ultimately The VDL is a makeup product while the MAC Strobe is a skincare product. This said I love them both. The VDL Primer is 21,000KRW and on BB Cosmetics where I got mine is $18.95 USD. 

If you want to purchase Kbeauty items check this site out, they have a lot of the new products that are released in Korea. Also, before I forget save some monies by using “E3GWXIN81Iuse this and it gives you an 8% discount until October 31st, 2016. I hope you found this review helpful and I’ll talk to you on the next one!

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Heimish Dalisim Palette Review- The Best Eye Shadow Palette From Korea?

Hey Oh My Glossers! I’ve missed you so~ it was a long Chuseok week here in Korea so I took a break from writing and I am super excited to be writing again and bring you a fresh review! I had been eyeing the Heimish Dalisim Eye Shadow Palette for a while and I finally decided to purchase it and I can say right off the bat that it was a very good purchase. I ordered the Heimish Dalisim Eye Shadow Palette in Blissful Plevy, blue/navy colorway. There are 6 different palettes you can choose from. I was super excited when I opened it up and totally satisfied with the results when I went it with my brushes. Now let’s get into the details.


First I will start with the cons. The packaging is not amazing, its a dark brown matte plastic case with the logo in rose gold foil. I had it for a couple days and the foil is already fading and the matte case looks dirty and scratched up. However, when you open it up you get a full sized mirror and 8 beautifully coordinated shades. The longevity in the shadows are OK, not the best it fades after 5-6 hours. I would recommend using an eye shadow primer. This isn’t necessarily a con, but I could do with it was a tiny bit more pigmentation, the level of pigmentation is fine, but personally I would have liked some of the shadows to be a little more pigmented. These cons aren’t super terrible and the longevity thing can be remedied easily.

dscf0238Here are the pros! The color coordination in the palettes are so pretty and sophisticated. From looking at the other palettes and trying out the one I bought I think its an easy palette to use. All of the palettes have a good mix of textures so you can go basic to glam very easily. The Blissful Plevy has 4 mattes, 2 satins, and 2 glitters. The texture in these are very smooth and creamy, and they apply evenly without bunching up. Also the color is very buildable and true to what’s in the pan. They blend easily too. The glitters especially is AMAZING. They are the super stars in the palette! If you use your fingers it gives you a intense dusting of glitter and if you use a brush you can build it up to an opaque glitter shimmer. I did notice that when I swatched the shadows with a brush it came out better than it did with my fingers.


The brush that comes with the palette is surprisingly really good!  It picks up a good amount of shadow and blends the shadows easily. The smaller brush is great for picking up the glitters. I liked using it to dab in the inner corners of the eye.

Swatched with the brush that comes with the palette

Final conclusion is that these are one of the very few best eye shadow palettes I have purchased in Korea. I’d rather pay for quality shadows than cute packaging any day. I’m hoping to purchase a couple more of these Heimish palettes soon I hope that deliver just as well as the one I have.

I hope you guys have a great day/evening and thank you for reading! you can go to to see their other palettes.

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My All-time Favorite Cleansing from Aritaum

Hello guys and gals! Today I wanted to share with you my favorite cleansing line that I have bought again and again from Aritaum, and that Ppo-oyan (Miso). Let me just start by explaining the name since it’s not ‘Englishified’. PPo-oyan means to bloom or rise up, and there is another word with the similar sound and spelling without the extra ‘o’ which means milky-white. The Hanja on the bottom is ‘miso’ which means smile. So to conclude, the name is a play on words to describe the blooming effects of it’s fermented ingredients on one’s face. I could go on but I’ll stop here, the Korean language is so interesting when beauty is involved :).



The featured ingredients are fermented rice, bean, and barley. The fermented water and fermented oil work together to melt off the heaviest makeup with ease while hydrating the skin. The lip&eye remover the base oil is coconut. I really love the lip&eye remover, it’s not too greasy or too watery, and it really takes the makeup off so easily so I don’t have to worry about tugging around the eyes. The cleansing oil is also great, on days with lighter makeup I can just use this and my skin feels squeaky clean, but not dry. This stuff is also great for sensitive skin.


The price is the best part of it, for a product that works so well it’s very affordable. All of the Ppo-oyan products are 13,000KRW and down. The bigger sized lip&eye remover is 11,000KRW for 250mL and the cleansing oil is 13,000. I also like to buy the wipes which are 8,000KRW for 40 wipes (200KRW per wipe). If you wear makeup everyday I really recommend that you try these products out. I love them and I hope you will too!


LUNA Pro-Conceal FOUNDE Review

Hey guys! My review today is going to be about a foundation that I forgot to review that I had bought a while ago. I kind of bought it on a whim, like so many other products that I buy. It’s the LUNA Pro-Conceal Founde, it pronounced like foundation but without the -tion and added ‘eh’ sound at the end… I’m telling you this because it’s really important… just kidding, I just kept reading it as fondue hahaha. This foundation was launched earlier this year and have gotten a lot of picks from beauty editors already. It claims to give it a pro touch finish, last 24hrs, and high coverage.


The foundation comes in a pump form and it has a detachable brush head on the other end. The brush is domed shaped, dense, and feels very soft. It is on the small side as a foundation brush in my opinion, but I think it does a reasonable job in blending out the product all over the face and around the crevices of the nose. I really liked how the brush was detachable so you can clean it. In the pump there is about 20ml of product, which is a little less than your standard 30ml of foundation that you get with most brands. The packaging is slim and it can easily take it around in your makeup bag. However it doesn’t have a locking function or a cap so you do have to be mindful not to accidentally press the pump.

The formula is a liquid foundation and there are two shades to choose from 21 and 23. The 23 is a shade lighter than my NC30 skin tone so I do have to darken it up with a bronzer/contour also it has a peach pink undertone which doesn’t match my yellow undertone in my skin. The foundation is true to what it says about coverage, I would say it is medium to full coverage. It dries not as quickly as it says it does though. They claimed that it takes 3 seconds but when you build it up to a high coverage finish, it takes some time. It adhered to my skin well and didn’t break throughout the day. I can’t say that it stayed 100% perfectly on my skin, but for 12+ hours of wear it looked very good. It has a natural satin finish and it’s pretty hydrating, didn’t feel any uncomfortable tightness on the the skin. It also didn’t get stuck and accentuate my fine lines.

I really like this foundation it’s easy to use and does what it claims to do, for the most part. I think it looks really great on my skin. I do wish it was a bit darker so it would match my skin tone. This goes for the 30,000KRW.

Still good after 8 hrs!

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Pony Effect Ink Lip Stain Review

Hi guys! I’ll be reviewing the Pony Effect Ink Lip Stain. The brand has three types of tints and the ones I have are the marker type. The tint comes in a marker pen form and the applicator is felt tipped. There are 10 colors in this line and has a natural finish. It actually feels and looks like I went over my lips with a marker pen. I don’t think it looks bad but it does make my lips a little dry and the color can get patchy very quickly. It also clings to any dray patches so if you have dry lips it’s a no go. The lasting power is not bad, it dries almost instantly once you apply and doesn’t move, but it does tend to fade in the center of the lips, leaving your lips looking like an octopus 🐙 if you eat or lick your lips too much. So you have to be mindful to touch up here and then. However, I do like the colors and the application is a breeze. I can draw on and shape my lips perfectly with the felt tip. Would I recommend to you? I don’t think so, for 14,000KRW I think you can buy two cheaper and frankly better tints than this one.