Korean makeup- Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 eye shadow palette review

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I ordered the Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 eyeshadow palette from Memebox Korea last week. If you aren’t familiar with Memebox you can check out last weeks post here to know more about their beauty shopping app that you can download on your phone. So I knew that Pony, hip Korean makeup artist, was about to launch her own line in time for the holiday, but I wanted to check out the previous products that she collaborated with Memebox.kbm

This palette is an upgrade from the previously released shine easy glam eye palette. Its the same colors but each shadow is now 13g which is about a 40 percent increase from the first one. The case is stronger and now has a magnetic closure which I like a lot. The formula has been enhanced with ruby, pearl, and amethyst powder to give you more sparkle for your bucks. Also, it has added rose hip oil that helps to prevent shadow and glitter fallout while keeping your eyelids moisturised and youthful looking.

DSCF8083Now let’s get on with the palette review! This handy case fits eight luxuriously sparkly colors that lean toward the warm side of the color spectrum. So if you don’t like glittery shadows and prefer cool tones over warm ones, I suggest that this might not be the best choice for you. But if you are with the Korean majority of women who like a little or a lot of bling in your eye look then this is definitely a gorgeous palette.

DSCF8085The texture is really soft and velvety and when you apply it there is surprisingly little fallout and sticks well to the lids even without a primer. The pigmentation is also good, its not fantastic but its good. For sure the lighter shades like shine dew, shine peach, and shine beige are very translucent and are mostly there to highlight and accent. But, you can layer it up to give it more color, so all the colors are very buildable to your liking and blends well with one another. The glitter is very glossy and it is amazing when your eye hits the light and it just reflects into a thousand facets.


Here are the color profiles-

Shine Dew– translucent warm white with a mix of very fine gold and silver sparkles

Shine Beige– light beige with a mix of very fine gold and pink sparkles

Shine Peach– translucent pinky opalescent color with gold sparkles

Shine Rose– seen translucent deep rose pinky opalescent color with a mix of pink and gold sparkles

Clockwise: shine dew, shine beige, shine peach, shine rose

Shine Bronze– bronze with a mix of gold and pink sparkles

Shine Mocha– chocolate brown with gold sparkles

Shine Violet– violet with gold sparkles

Shine Choco– dark chocolate color with a tinge of pink shimmer, this is the least sparkly shadow in the whole palette

Clockwise: shine bronze, shine mocha, shine violet, shine choco

This palette goes for 30,000KRW on Memebox and there is another version of this one called Shine Easy Glam for the same price. I hope that I will be able to purchase the second one as well. I hope you like this review. I always love sharing with you guys things that I think are worthy of our beauty bucks ;).

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It got me melting: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick Review

Hey everyone! 

So sorry about not being able to post on Wednesday this week. I wasn’t able to sit down and write while I was in Singapore. I had a wonderful time while I was there! Shopping, exploring, and a lot of eating. So I recently posted on IG some of my purchases at Sephora while I was in Singapore. One of them was the Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick. I bought two actually… I wanted to buy all the colors but my conscience wouldn’t allow it.  

Melted sandwich 🙂

The Melted line came out in 2014 I believe, so this is a late purchase. They did come out with a new line of Melted Liquified long wear lipsticks in metallic shades. I wish I got some but at that time my heart was set on the original shades. It was a hard decision and I ended up with Melted Nude and Melted Berry.  

The colors come in a squeezy plastic tube with a sponge applicator that’s attached at the top. All you have to do to start using it is to gently squeeze so the sponge is wet with the product. It’s fun to watch. Application is super easy and not messy as other liquid lipsticks tend to be. You only need a little bit because it’s packed with color. The texture is smooth and dries to a satin finish. It also stays on your lips  and doesn’t migrate outside of your lips. I’ve noticed with other liquid lipsticks that it tends to bleed making my lips look really strange. The Melted lip colors stay in place and lasts for a long time, like with most all lip products it’s going to fade as you drink or eat and such. 

melted nude and melted berry

All I can say in conclusion about the Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks is that they’re worth getting, although it’s on the expensive side. Each one costs $21.00USD, I paid $30.00SGD when I got them in Singapore. They have an extensive choice of shades to choose from so you’re bound to find a color that you’ll like.  

I’ll post the Melted Berry on my lips later~ Have a wonderful Saturday wherever you are! oxox 

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Cheap Travel Buys- Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Collection Review

I’m still on vacation, I’m loving it, and now I’m blogging it.

So I went shopping today with my dear Mother and we went into a pharmacy and we were looking around the makeup section and then she offered to buy me the Wet n Wild Eye Shadow palettes. What did I do? I said “Yay Mummy! Thank you.” That’s the end of the story.


I’ve heard many good things about the eye shadows from WnW, but Korea, where I currently reside, doesn’t have this brand in the market. So when I saw the sign from outside the pharmacy I was pretty excited to see this brand again. When I was in middle school in the States I used to love wearing this metallic silver and gold nail polish from WnW. Anyway I didn’t really expect much of the product because I knew it was a cheap drugstore brand. The palettes were fairly cheap, about 16,000IDR/14,000KRW each. But you know what? In the US of A it’s about $5.00 *le sigh*. Why does everything have to be so expensive outside of the US? Wahhhhhh. Moving on…



Now let me tell you about the first swatch. I was seriously blow away by the pigmentation of the colors in these basic plastic cases. Each shade feels very silky and the color pay off is amazing for what you pay for. The two color collections I got were comfort zone and petal pusher. The comfort zone palette contains warm neutral and green shades and the petal pusher palette is a mix of lilac, purples, violet colors. Each palette has 8 shades, 2 different brow bone, eyelid, crease, and definer shades. The texture is a mix of shimmer, pearl, and duo chrome. You can mix and match the colors or go straight down the line. You can also adjust the intensity of your look by just using one shade or all four shades in a line. The possibilities are endless. Ido prefer the comfort zone palette more because of the collection of colors but I think the colors are more concentrated in this one. For me this one is more wearable than the purple. Also the duo chrome definer shade on the green side is amazing!batch_IMG_9833batch_IMG_9829

I do find that the dark black shades in both palettes cover up the shimmer when applied, especially with a brush so I think it’s best after you apply it with a brush then use your finger or a sponge eye shadow applicator and pat over it. You have to be a bit generous with the very light shades as well. The left side definer shade on the petal pusher palette is very creamy so use you fingers!

Final comment is that I think these eye shadows are really nice to have especially if you’re on a budget and you want some versatility in your makeup looks. Also for those who are fairly new to applying eye shadows the imprint of what shadow to use where is helpful and once you have mastered them you can go be as creative as you like. Also just a side note, these are made in China but I’ve found out that they don’t sell their products there so it’s cruelty free.

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