Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Repair Cream Review

Hey everyone!

It’s going to be fall very soon and I know some of you might be looking for a fall/winter face cream and I have a recommendation and review for you! It is the Thank You farmer Miracle Age Repair cream. This rich cream is the perfect companion as weather becomes dry and colder. I’ve actually been using this cream since mid July and my dry skin loves it!

Packaging and Texture

The Miracle Age line consists of a toner, emulsion, serum, eye cream, and face cream. The cream comes in a frosted wine colored plastic jar. The cream holds 50ml/ 1.75 of the product. The rich cream inside has a faint floral scent. The cream is rich, but not greasy. The texture is very silky and as you apply it to the face it coats the face with a creamy hydration.


It is a brightening and an anti-wrinkle line. They claim to be a pre-antiaging line so, I would think this line is a good line for mid twenties to mid thirties. The cream is formulated with argan tree kernel oil, bisabolol, sanghwang mushroom, and other natural extracts. Argan oil nourishes, bisalolol has skin-healing properties, and the sanghwang mushroom has lots of vitamin C which is good for brightening and has lots of antioxidants. It also has ‘olive-crystal emulsions’ that gives the skin extra hydration. Also it has niacinamide, adenosine, panthenol, ceramide, betaine, collagen, squalene. It does contain fragrance and PEG, so just be aware if you are allergic or easily irritated by them.

My Review

I love this cream! Like I said before it coats the skin and it absorbs quickly while leaving your skin with nice nourished glow. I don’t think that this cream had brightening effects that I could notice, but I do use a lot of brightening products. I would totally recommend this to anyone.

The Thank You Farmer products are sold in Ulta and Cult Beauty. They have an online shop in Korean at and the cream costs 45,000KRW.

These products were sent to me from the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes. My opinions are my own and 100% honest!

Your Skin Companion! Skinion Sheet Mask Reviews


My skin is very confused right now because we’re almost near the end of the transitioning from spring to summer! I have been suffering from the dryness in Korea and I really need the humidity for my dry skin, #dryskinproblems. However, I have a remedy for my extra dry skin days, sheet masks!

Today I’ll be reviewing two sheet masks from Skinion. The Mexico Nopal Cactus Water Bomb Sheet Mask 84% and the Honey Banana Pack, U Fall For Me!

About the Brand

Skinion, Skin+Companion, is a fairly new Korean skincare brand that started in 2015. They have been well known for their cactus soothing cream. Later in 2016 they developed the Mexico Nopal Cactus line that includes the sheet masks that I will talk about below. They like to use natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic, but not sacrificing effective results for the skin.

Mexico Nopal Cactus Water Bomb Sheet Mask 84%


The first thing you will notice it the sassy cactus on the front of the packaging. Next you can guess that the 84% refers to the amount of MNC extract it has in each pouch. This cactus is also called the ‘prickly pear’, cue The Bare Necessities song!



Key Ingredients and features

In Mexico many people eat the plant because of it’s high content of manganese, vitamin C, and magnesium. The cactus plant can withstand 40 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius so you can understand how hydrating it must be for the skin. As well as the cactus extract the essence contains 10 other plant ingredients such as peony, licorice, black soybean, and mulberry root to keep your skin moisturized and add vitality back. This mask contain 30g of essence! So much and it soothes skin, is anti-wrinkle, whitens, and hydrates. The Niacinamide is the whitening ingredient.



The sheet adheres very well and no dripping while I had it on. The essence is nice and very cooling and soothing. I didn’t have any irritation on my eczema patches. Afterwards my skin felt very hydrated. I was a little sticky though. My skin also looked brighter and refreshed. The next morning my skin felt very soft and it was easy to put on my makeup. For a box 10 it costs 30,000KRW or 30.89USD. I think for a 3,000KRW/$3 mask it is totally worth it!

Banana Honey Pack, U Fall For Me!



Key Ingredients and features

This mask is one of the new releases from Skinion. There are 4 other types, blueberry, martini (olive), milk, and honey beer. I picked out the Banana Honey one and it it for nourishing. It has banana extract which helps with nourishing the skin, honey which helps with skin hydration, and shea butter which helps balance oil and water on the skin. The mask sheet is really nice, 100% cotton (cellulose crystal) material that is very smooth and it has wavy lines on it which I think helps with the adhesion. There was no dripping what so ever! I was taking pictures and nothing dripped off! The essence smells like bananas but it’s not overly fragranced. The pouch is a easy to tear because its made with some kind of wax paper material.



This mask is amazing! I love how my skin felt afterwards. So soft and 0% sticky. I was shocked to feel that it had no sticky feeling what so ever! Seriously amazing. My skin felt hydrated and my eczema didn’t feel angry or itchy. There wasn’t a drastic brightening effect it just made my skin feel refreshed and nourished. I really want to try the other ones too! These are also 30,000KRW for a box of 10. They aren’t available yet on the English site, but hopefully soon because this mask is great!


Final Opinions

I really like both masks. I would really recommend you to try both of them if you can. My makeup on both days applied seamlessly after sheet masking with these two. I felt that my skin was smoother, hydrated, and more supple. You can find these mask on their online store,


These masks were provided by Skinion in exchange for an honest review. Everything I write is ultimately written for you, the consumer!

NEW 2017 IOPE AIR CUSHION – Cover Review

Hey folks! Having a great day? I hope so! I am finally sitting down to write a review on the 2017 new IOPE Air Cushion! Last year IOPE released their 3rd generation of the cushions. Last year’s line included 4 different types – moisture lasting, intense cover, natural, and matte long wear. There were 5 different shades available 13, warm/natural 21, and warm/natural 23. This shade system was to make everything much easier but from the comments that I got on my old post, it made people even more confused about what color to get (sorry for not responding to some of your shade questions!) I think IOPE realized the confusion and they revamped the whole shade system which I will get into later. So last year I bought the matte long wear and this time I bought the cover version. They got rid of the moisture lasting and natural glow and replaced it with cover and natural. That was a loaded intro, so let me break it down now!

batch_DSC00730Packaging and Cushion

So the packaging is the same for the intense cover and matte long wear, but for the cover and natural cushion, they changed the color to a silvery pearl base and a mirrorball-holo face. It’s so pretty!!! I just like having it on my desk and look at it like a weird makeup-obsessed-Gollum creature that I am. My preciousssss…! The ring that goes around the rim is silver and the intense cover is the only one with a rose gold ring. The cushion inside is different than the IC (intense cover) and MLW (matte long wear). The circular nodes are a little bigger and porous. The reasoning behind it is that the bigger 3D circles pump more hydrating ingredients so that your skin is more moisturized. I really don’t know if that is scientifically proven, but sure, okay. I don’t really feel a great difference, but because the holes in the circular cells are bigger, the easier it is for the hydrating liquids to surface. That’s how I am interpreting their idea. While the smaller cells in the IC and MLW cushions offer a light and even stippling effect.

batch_DSC00736Smell and Formula

The cushion is SPF50+/PA+++, whitening, and anti-wrinkle. The scent is same as last years cushion from what I remember, an overall fresh with a slight powdery after smell. The main formula for the cover and natural cushion is a mix of IOPE’s trademarked Bio water, trehalose, a moisture-retaining ingredient, and 3D prism pearl. This combo creates a trademarked formula called Air prism water. The formula is very hydrating and not at all oily or greasy feeling. When you apply it has a very fresh moist feeling and then it dries down to a comfortable to wear texture. Also, there isn’t any visible shimmer, pearlescence, or glitter so you can be assured that you won’t actually look like a disco ball. Just a glowy ball 🙂

batch_DSC00742Finish and Wear

The finish is a glowy finish but it looks very natural and not greasy looking. For my dry skin, it looks SO GOOD! The glow is very long lasting as well. The coverage is not a very high coverage, up to medium coverage. For redness, red spots, and dark circles you need a bit of help from a concealer. But as for freckles and things it gives a nice thin layer of coverage. As it dries and throughout the day it wears nicely without much fading. I could go all day without any touch ups and still look okay. It also doesn’t accentuate the pores and fine lines a lot, but I do powder up under the eyes and nose area, for extra coverage and lasting wear. I would give the finish a 5/5, coverage a 4/5, and wear 4.5/5.


The shades are, I hope/think, much easier to figure out than last years. Ther are 4 shades 13 ivory, 21 cool vanilla (brighter, pinker 21), 21 vanilla (natural yellow toned 21 shade), and  23 beige (yellow toned 23). I bought the 23 beige and compared to the shade, 23W, I got last year it’s a bit toned down and less light. I can get away with wearing it, the last IOPE cushion I gave away to my mom because after I reviewed it, I felt it was a bit too light for me in the summer and it would be too dry for me in any other season. The beige 23 is a shade lighter than my MAC NC30 skin. I wish they’d came out with a 25 like other brands are doing these days.

batch_DSC00727Final Thoughts

Overall I really like this one much better than the matte long wear I bought last year, it suits my dry skin and I really love the natural glowy finish. For 42,000KRW (about 36USD) you get the case with the cushion and puff and an extra refill with a puff. What do you think about this generation of the IOPE Air Cushion? Do you think you will try it? Thanks for reading!

COSRX- One Step Moisture Up Pad💦

Hi guys! I have been fighting off a cold this whole week and what a great way to spend my Saturday relaxing at home and writing a new post on a hot product! It’s the COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pad. It was launched a couple months ago following huge popularity of the COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad in early spring this year. It has the same packaging and number of pads. The main ingredient in the Pimple Clear Pad is betaine salicylate and in the Moisture Up Pad its hyaluronic acid.


The cotton pad has a textured side and a smooth side. The bumpy side is there to gently remove dead skin and flakes. It is also formulated with BHA which helps brighten and also help clean out your pores, so even though it’s a moisture pad it’s still great for oily/acne prone skin. It also has propolis extract which nourishes the skin and replenishes the skin to it’s original state. The hyaluronic acid provides optimum hydration as well as added cetearyl olivate which is a emulsifier from olive oil, reduces skin water loss, has a high moisturizing effect, is hypoallergenic and biomimics the skin.


There are no skin irritating ingredients so it’s also great for sensitive skin. It smell really good, the bergamot and lemon oil as a wonderful aroma. I like using it because it’s great for my dry skin and I can get the cleaning benefits of the original Pimple Up Pad. I’ve been using it in the morning and evening as a toner and a 2nd cleansing pad. It’s great to use for fixing your makeup or makeshift mask sheet too. It doesn’t have a sticky feeling either.



It costs 25,000KRW but it’s on promotion for 17,000KRW. I don’t think I would have full price for it though. If you use it twice a day it’s about 714 KRW per day, with the price I paid I pay less than 500KRW per day. Honestly I have better toners/cleansers than this one so I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. However, if you like the no fuss feature of this product it’s worth trying out.

Thanks for reading!

Neogen White Truffle Serum In Oil Drop

Hey guys! I’m here to review the Neogen White Truffle Serum In Oil Drop that was sent to me by Neogen. I have loved all the Neogen products I’ve used in the past, so I was really excited to try this one out! The white truffle line came out only a month ago and seems to be a hit here in Korea. They also have two other white truffle products that I might review later on.


The serum comes in a colorful yellow and blue box that really pops out at you when you’re looking around at the store. The serum is in a glass bottle with a pump and cap. You can see the oil drops in the bottle which is so cool to look at! Each bottle holds 50ml and I use two pumps per application. I think you can get away with even one pump.


This serum claims to strengthen damaged skin, nourish, create a moist barrier, and brighten the skin. The little drops that you see in the bottle is created by micro fluidic dispersion technology. This new technology balances the oil and serum so that you get a fresh finish and not a sticky or oily feeling on the skin. The white truffle extract is mixed in with a skin barrier component that is similar to our own skin which helps restore damaged skin. This skin barrier is made up of fatty acids, ceramide, and cholesterol that mimics your own skin.


The white truffle extract is the nourishing ingredient. Nicknamed the ‘black diamonds’ in the culinary world, it’s amazing to see this as an ingredient in a skincare product. I thought black truffles were better for some reason but it turns out that white truffles have more vitamins, amino acid, and minerals. The serum also has other oils that helps with moisturizing the skin like macadamia seed oil, avocado oil, and baobab tree seed oil. The added hyaluronic acid keeps your skin hydrated for longer. The serum also as niacinamide to brighten and improve skin texture.


What I love about this serum is the texture and feel of it during and after. At first it feels like a water essence and soon after you get the oil texture and when you’re done massaging it in to the skin you’re left with soft glowing skin. To test it, I only applied toner and this before I went to bed and the next day my skin didn’t feel dried out, but felt soft and still had a hint glow. I’ve been using it night and day for several days now and the dry spot on my forehead is so much softer and 90% less flaky. I’ll have to try it more to see any brightening effects though.

It costs 22,400 KRW and you can get it at the Neogen website or at any Olive Young store. Thanks for reading and follow me on social to keep yourself updated, @ohmyglossblog everywhere!