Stila – Matte ‘N Metal Eye Shadow Palette

Hi guys! I’m taking a break from K-beauty in this post to review a new eyeshadow palette I got a few days ago. Stila came out the Matte ‘N Metal palette late December 2016. I saw this at Lohbs here in Seoul for the first time and since Stila is one of my favorite brands since highschool I had to get it! Plus, the eye-catching gold checkerboard front was calling my wallet, I mean, my name… Let’s start the review shall we?


The packaging is a gold square 10cm by 10cm case with a gold foil checkerboard pattern on the front. Inside you get a nice big mirror and 12 x 1g eyeshadows divided oh-so-nicely into three columns of four color coordinated shades. The first column has 4 cool tone shades, the middle column is a mix of neutral shades of mauve and rose gold, and the last column has a selection of warm tone shades. All the colors are very wearable colors for everyday wear.


The pigmentation isn’t crazy and I’m realizing that necessarily mean it’s a bad palette. I think it can be really intimidating to some people when they come across an eyeshadow or a palette that is mad pigmented so palettes like this one exist! Anyway, the textures of the shadows are nice and smooth, but some felt a little dry. If you have oily lids then these might be quite nice. There isn’t too much kickback on the powder when you grab it with an eyeshadow brush. The metallic shades barely show up if you use a brush so using your finger or a wet synthetic brush is the best way to apply them. I have the best use that way.


Out of all the matte shades ‘fringe’, ‘suede’, ‘vintage’, and ‘velvet’ show up on my skin the most. In the metals ‘sizzle’, ‘smolder’, and ‘retro’ swatch well and stand out much more than the others. The shade ‘flare’ looks glittery if applied dry, so using a wet brush gives a metallic sheen.



So should you get this palette? I think that even though the shades are very wearable it will take some work to get a nice matte and metal look. However, if you don’t really care so much about the metallic look then this is a great everyday palette with easy to see color matches for each shade. As for the price, it is on the pricey side. I paid 46,600 for it and it was on a special discount, but it normally retails for about 58,000KRW/49.00USD. If you’re paying full price then I don’t think it’s worth it, so overall I guess it’s a pass in my opinion. I don’t think this would be my go-to palette, but on days I want to have a little fun or want a specific look then I’ll maybe use it…I have too many eyeshadow palettes…but also not enough.

Heimish Dalisim Palette Review- The Best Eye Shadow Palette From Korea?

Hey Oh My Glossers! I’ve missed you so~ it was a long Chuseok week here in Korea so I took a break from writing and I am super excited to be writing again and bring you a fresh review! I had been eyeing the Heimish Dalisim Eye Shadow Palette for a while and I finally decided to purchase it and I can say right off the bat that it was a very good purchase. I ordered the Heimish Dalisim Eye Shadow Palette in Blissful Plevy, blue/navy colorway. There are 6 different palettes you can choose from. I was super excited when I opened it up and totally satisfied with the results when I went it with my brushes. Now let’s get into the details.


First I will start with the cons. The packaging is not amazing, its a dark brown matte plastic case with the logo in rose gold foil. I had it for a couple days and the foil is already fading and the matte case looks dirty and scratched up. However, when you open it up you get a full sized mirror and 8 beautifully coordinated shades. The longevity in the shadows are OK, not the best it fades after 5-6 hours. I would recommend using an eye shadow primer. This isn’t necessarily a con, but I could do with it was a tiny bit more pigmentation, the level of pigmentation is fine, but personally I would have liked some of the shadows to be a little more pigmented. These cons aren’t super terrible and the longevity thing can be remedied easily.

dscf0238Here are the pros! The color coordination in the palettes are so pretty and sophisticated. From looking at the other palettes and trying out the one I bought I think its an easy palette to use. All of the palettes have a good mix of textures so you can go basic to glam very easily. The Blissful Plevy has 4 mattes, 2 satins, and 2 glitters. The texture in these are very smooth and creamy, and they apply evenly without bunching up. Also the color is very buildable and true to what’s in the pan. They blend easily too. The glitters especially is AMAZING. They are the super stars in the palette! If you use your fingers it gives you a intense dusting of glitter and if you use a brush you can build it up to an opaque glitter shimmer. I did notice that when I swatched the shadows with a brush it came out better than it did with my fingers.


The brush that comes with the palette is surprisingly really good!  It picks up a good amount of shadow and blends the shadows easily. The smaller brush is great for picking up the glitters. I liked using it to dab in the inner corners of the eye.

Swatched with the brush that comes with the palette

Final conclusion is that these are one of the very few best eye shadow palettes I have purchased in Korea. I’d rather pay for quality shadows than cute packaging any day. I’m hoping to purchase a couple more of these Heimish palettes soon I hope that deliver just as well as the one I have.

I hope you guys have a great day/evening and thank you for reading! you can go to to see their other palettes.

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I’m Stick Shadow from I’m Meme Review

Hey guys! First of all, I think I have a I’m Meme obsession. I bought three I’m Stick Shadows when I purchased the I’m Eye Shadow Palettes which are also from I’m Meme. I really love the consistency of quality in every product! Anyway, I should be their brand ambassador or something because I have nothing bad to say about their brand… okay, seriously let’s get into this review!


Like I said I before I bought three stick shadows and I think that was very modest of me, because at first I grabbed all of them and dumped them into my basket. I literally was at Watsons for one hour trying to pick which ones I had to get. Life of a true beauty addict… The three colors I ended up getting were Falling Star, Cassiopeia, and Spinel. Falling star is a pearl champagne color, very similar to the Stila Kitten smudge crayon but a little less yellow gold. Cassiopeia is a deep gold with noticeable white and gold shimmer. Spinel is a grey tone purple with blue and deep pink shimmer. Originally there were 6 colors, but recently, like a month ago, they added 5 new colors to the line. They are White Swan, Bellatrix, Stella Rose, Hazel Topaz, and ES410 (Sipeka Bron). That last one I don’t know the exact Korean to English spelling. There are no matte shades, only shimmer and pearl.


It cost 12,000KRW each and I got mine at that time on sale for about 9,000KRW. The eye shadow stick is about 12.5 cm long and a 1cm thick, but the actual amount of product you get is about 3 cm/1.5 g. Which isn’t bad considering the thickness and color payoff. It’s actually the same or more than you would get in a regular eye shadow pan. The stick is an auto type so there’s no sharpening involved, just rotate the bottom part of the stick.


The formula is very smooth and very pigmented. There is no drag so it’s easy on the eyelids. The shimmer and pearl shine is very high and multidimensional. It looks pretty in all different views. The shadows dry pretty quickly so working on  one eye at a time is recommended because after it sets it will not budge. I would say that these lasted for more than 8 hours close to 12 hours, I did see it bunch up in my crease a little bit after a humid day out. But the shadow on the lid did not move at all. You have to use a oil type cleanser/eye and lip remover to get these off. I’am so impressed with the colors and how well they last throughout the day. They blend easily and you can create a nice eye look using 2 colors and a black eye liner. You don’t need to use a brush, finger blending works best in my opinion.


I’m so tempted to get a couple more of these in my stash… I’ll keep you posted when I do! I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook for daily updates and photos. Thank you for reading!


I’M MEME – 🌞Day to Night🌝 & 🌝Night to Day🌞 Eye Shadow Palettes Review

Hey guys~ It’s middle of another week and I’m here today with Meme! That is, I’m Meme to be exact. I have an obsession with palettes and I couldn’t walk away without buying both of the I’m Meme – I’m Eye Shadow Palettes. One is the Day to Night Palette and the other is the Night to Day Palette. Both have 10 eye shadows with 3 different finishes and you can create a multitude of looks for both day and night.



The packaging is simple like all of the other I’m Meme products, plastic matte black exterior with the name of the product printed in glossy print on the front and magnetic closure. Inside there are two rows of 5 eyeshadows, a dual ended brush, and a built in mirror.The brush isn’t that bad, I’d give it a 6.5/10, it’s usable to an certain extent. There are 10g of product, so each shadow is 1g each, and that’s about 3,000KRW per shadow. Now the I’m Meme single shadows are 12,000KRW each for 1.4g, which I think is ridic… I’m sure it’s the same formula as the ones in these palettes, so for the single shadow you’re paying for the unnecessary packaging. Anyway, I’m just going to say, if you want to save money get the palette. However, it’s your monies, do what you wish, but hey I’m always on a budget.


There are 3 types of eye shadow finishes in the palette so you can create a very multidimensional look. Day to Night has 4 mattes, 4 shimmers, and 2 glitters.  As for the Night to Day there are 3 mattes, 5 shimmers, and 2 glitters. The matte shades in both palettes can be used on other areas of the face for shading, blush, or filling in your eyebrows. The color selection on both are super gorgeous and both of them lean very warm on the color scale. The Day to Night is a mix of neutrals, browns, and a copper and gold shade for accents. While the Night to Day is more colorful with a mix of pinks, plums, and gold, among the light and dark neutral colors. This made it very difficult for me to choose just one, so that’s why I HAD to buy both…


The formula is buttery smooth, not a lot of kickback and it’s used great either with a brush or fingers. The glitters in my opinion are better used with fingers than a brush. They last on the eyes for +8 hours without using an eye primer and it creased very little at the end of the day. The pigmentation is great except for the palest color in both the palettes. I can say that I am very pleased to have these palettes in my collection and it was so very worth it to buy both, I do use the Day to Night palette more.

Here are the color profiles!

Day to Night

Every Day- matte cream white with slight yellow undertone

Picnic Day- matte muted peach

Special Day-glitter yellow gold, not much color than just the gold glitter

Moody Day- shimmer deep bronze with pink undertone

Natural Day-matte warm taupe

Mystic Day- glitter peach base with micro pink and white glitter 

Romantic Day- shimmer pink copper with reflects 

Shining Day- shimmer off pearl white

Classic Day-matte tan 

Wonderful Day- shimmer deep Ash brown with slight burgundy undertone



Night to Day

Every night-matte eggshell white 

Date Night- matte deep pink

One Night- glitter reddish pink with gold glitter 

Glam Night- shimmer warm yellow gold

Woman Night- matte brown taupe

Hug Me Night- shimmer pale peach

Sensual Night- shimmer pink burgundy

Tonight-glitter deep eggplant purple with reflects

Mature Night- shimmer taupe with a slight purple undertone

Dark Night-shimmer deep chocolate brown




NEW Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad Review

Hey guys! I’m here with a new review for you today and it’s the new Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad from Korean makeup artist, Pony! She’s been releasing a lot of new stuff for the Pony Effect makeup line since the end of 2015. I bought one her collab eye shadow palettes with Memebox and the quality was great, so I had high hopes when I bought the two quads that were released this week. The Pony Effect line is distributed under Memebox Inc. so I don’t think the quality will be any less than what they have produced earlier.
There are 6 Conceptual eye quads to choose from #Innocence, #Lively, #Be Romantic, #So Gorgeous, #Eternal Seduction, and #Am Brown. All the color combinations were so pretty I had such a hard time picking out only two. Each quad is 32,000KRW which is a little pricy compared to the Memebox eyeshadow collabs she done. Oh well, there are people like me who are willing to pay hahahaha. If you do the math each 1.5g shadow is worth 8 dollars, but that’s not factoring the cost of the packaging etc. Also, if I compare it to the I’m Meme single eyeshadows that are 1.4g that costs 12,000KRW then buying the quad would be cheaper, so my point is that the quads are not a badly priced. Phew, got that out of the way.


Let’s talk about packaging! The shadows come in a rose gold palette with a enamel blue top with the logo in the center printed in rose gold as well. I thought it would have some weight but actually when I got them it’s like a rose gold plated plastic. In my opinion it doesn’t have that ‘luxury’ feel to it, but then again it’s lightweight and you won’t feel too bad about deporting them if you’re into doing that. The eye shadows are trapezoid shaped to form the zig zag lightening logo through the center, clever branding I say. Also it has a magnetic closure and a built in mirror.



All the quads have one or more shimmer shade. All except #Innocence have at least one matte shade. #Am Brown and #Be Romantic quads don’t have a glitter shade. I think there is a good variety among the palettes in color but also texture and finishes. Most all quads lean toward the warmer spectrum, #Eternal Seduction could be a neutral cool palette. The pigments in the two palette are good the glitter is easier to use with your finger, while the shimmer and matte ones you can pick up a lot of color with a brush. All of them blend very easily and there isn’t a lot of powder kickback. The eye shadows are long wearing and doesn’t fade or fallout while wearing it throughout the day. All of the eye shadows in the palettes are super smooth and silky to the touch. I really want to buy all 6! I really think I should have taken advantage of the 1+1 deal they had on Memebox on their launching day, but oh well. Anyway, here are the color profiles for the two palettes I purchased.


#Be Romantic

Love Me- warm peach gold shimmer highlight shade, it might seem a little too deep as a highlight, just use very sparingly near the brow bone and intensify as you comedown to the crease.

Roses- matte peach with medium depth, it’s for sure not a light peach it’s quite warm nearing orange. It’s a great transition color with Doom.

Moment- copper bronze shimmer.Transitions well with Love Me

Doom- Deepest shade of the four. Matte dry rose pink mauve.



Jolly-highlight shade,  gold beige shimmer

Passion- tangerine orange with yellow gold reflects, point color can be used as a transition color or all over the lid for a colourful look.

Better-glitter bronze with gold and pink micro flecks. Pretty when applied over the other colors and in the inner corners.

Cheerful- Deepest shade of the four. matte light terracotta brown

I hope that you guys can get a hand on these quads! Thanks for reading my reviews always!

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Hey guys!

I am going to share in this post about the Moonshot Jelly Pots. I finally purchased a couple last month and I sad that I did buy them sooner! I love them so much. Moonshot is a cosmetic brand by YG Entertainment, so just on that it has a wow factor. I don’t think it’s as well known because there are only few physical stores to check out their products, but nevertheless they have survived about 2 years in the Korean beauty market, most likely from its Kpop celebrity marketing strategy. I would say that this brand is Korea’s most daring and hip compared to other road shops, daring as in unique colors.


I first got to know about these Jelly Pots from watching the demonstration/swatch videos. The Jelly Pots can be used for a lot of differing things like as a eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip color, nail color, shimmering highlight, or a cheek color. I love multi use products! So I bought the color P01 stone pillow and P02 sparkling rose. There are 18 colors to choose from, but they did launch two new color for spring. There are two finishes matte and shimmer. They are all so gorgeous I had such a hard time picking which to buy.


The formula is really unique. I don’t think I’ve come across a product like this one. when you just look at the texture it looks like a gloss but once you touch it it’s like jelly but soft like mousse. It’s very strangely pleasing hahaha, I’m a weirdo. Also you need to touch it once to get the perfect amount for however you want to use it. It is so pigmented! The great thing is that it doesn’t crease!!! It dries on pretty quickly and you can layer it as well. Another thing is that it has a cooling effect when you apply it and it washes off early with water. The second part could a problem though, just don’t go to the pool I guess haha. Just one other thing is that it does have a short self life of 6 months.


To use I just dip my ring finger in the pot and if I get too much on my finger I scrape some of it off on the inside of the container. Then starting from the middle of my lid I blend it out and then with what’s leftover I go into the inner corner. For lips just apply as you would a lip balm and you can leave it matte or apply gloss over. For nail polish use your finger to apply over clean nails and then finish with a top coat. For highlight and blush just dot the areas you want to accentuate or color and blend it out with your fingers. I wold suggest using either your fingers for a sponge but I highly recommend fingers.


All I have to say is that I love my Moonshot Jelly Pots! If you’re a makeup product minimalist or junkie these are worth buying in my opinion. In Korea they are 22,000KRW each and on the global website they’re 18.00USD.

Moonshot anyone?

Korean Makeup: Etude House Look At My Eyes

Happy weekend everyone!

So last week I went on a little shopping spree in Myeongdong, the shopping area in Seoul, and got some single eyeshadows from Etude House. They’re usually 3,500KRW but on sale I got it for 2,500KRW, so I got four single shadows for 10,000KRW. Which made me a very happy shopper!DSCF8261

The colors that I selected are a mix of new colors that were released and from previous seasons. RD305 빛 좋은 오로라살구 (good light aurora apricot) and PP507 나비니비 떨리는 (butterfly quivering) are from the 2015 Forest Aurora F/W line, GR705 밀키 스파클링 (milky sparkling) is from the Bling Me Prism line that came out this year summer, and RD301 정글 레드 (jungle red) is from the original Look At My Eyes eyeshadow line.yjtjj

The pigment of RD305, PP507, and GR705 are good but not amazing, you have to layer a couple times to get a strong color on the lids, but what makes up for the light pigmentation is the texture. It has a jelly texture that makes application easy and it isn’t powdery so layering is made easy as well as blending it with other colors. These ones use your fingers for best application.

sdfdsfsdfdAs for RD 301 jungle red it is like the usual powder shadows and in my opinion it has the best pigmentation out of the four I purchased. Also, the RD305 and PP507 from the Forest Aurora line are duochrome colors but the color contrast isn’t very strong as I would have liked to be. Nevertheless the colors are very pretty. The shadows at Etude House are a little cheaper than compared to other Korean road shops with a diverse selection of colors. So if you’re near an Etude House check the shadows and have fun swatching and choosing from the wide selection 🙂


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Korean makeup- Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 eye shadow palette review

Hey guys!

I ordered the Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 eyeshadow palette from Memebox Korea last week. If you aren’t familiar with Memebox you can check out last weeks post here to know more about their beauty shopping app that you can download on your phone. So I knew that Pony, hip Korean makeup artist, was about to launch her own line in time for the holiday, but I wanted to check out the previous products that she collaborated with Memebox.kbm

This palette is an upgrade from the previously released shine easy glam eye palette. Its the same colors but each shadow is now 13g which is about a 40 percent increase from the first one. The case is stronger and now has a magnetic closure which I like a lot. The formula has been enhanced with ruby, pearl, and amethyst powder to give you more sparkle for your bucks. Also, it has added rose hip oil that helps to prevent shadow and glitter fallout while keeping your eyelids moisturised and youthful looking.

DSCF8083Now let’s get on with the palette review! This handy case fits eight luxuriously sparkly colors that lean toward the warm side of the color spectrum. So if you don’t like glittery shadows and prefer cool tones over warm ones, I suggest that this might not be the best choice for you. But if you are with the Korean majority of women who like a little or a lot of bling in your eye look then this is definitely a gorgeous palette.

DSCF8085The texture is really soft and velvety and when you apply it there is surprisingly little fallout and sticks well to the lids even without a primer. The pigmentation is also good, its not fantastic but its good. For sure the lighter shades like shine dew, shine peach, and shine beige are very translucent and are mostly there to highlight and accent. But, you can layer it up to give it more color, so all the colors are very buildable to your liking and blends well with one another. The glitter is very glossy and it is amazing when your eye hits the light and it just reflects into a thousand facets.


Here are the color profiles-

Shine Dew– translucent warm white with a mix of very fine gold and silver sparkles

Shine Beige– light beige with a mix of very fine gold and pink sparkles

Shine Peach– translucent pinky opalescent color with gold sparkles

Shine Rose– seen translucent deep rose pinky opalescent color with a mix of pink and gold sparkles

Clockwise: shine dew, shine beige, shine peach, shine rose

Shine Bronze– bronze with a mix of gold and pink sparkles

Shine Mocha– chocolate brown with gold sparkles

Shine Violet– violet with gold sparkles

Shine Choco– dark chocolate color with a tinge of pink shimmer, this is the least sparkly shadow in the whole palette

Clockwise: shine bronze, shine mocha, shine violet, shine choco

This palette goes for 30,000KRW on Memebox and there is another version of this one called Shine Easy Glam for the same price. I hope that I will be able to purchase the second one as well. I hope you like this review. I always love sharing with you guys things that I think are worthy of our beauty bucks ;).

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The Balm Cosmetics Nude Dude eyeshadow palette review

Hey guys today I’m going to be reviewing The Balm Cosmetics Nude Dude eye shadow palette. This is the second version of Nude eyeshadow palettes that The Balm Cosmetics has released, the first one is the Nude’tude palette. I want to order it but a girls gotta budget, ya know? Anyway, The Balm Cosmetics is a Paraben and cruelty free cosmetics line that was founded by Marissa Shipmen who started making her own makeup in her kitchen. I think that’s amazing because I would like to create my own makeup one day. That’s the back story, now let’s get on with the review!


The Nude Dude palette comes in a lightweight but sturdy cardboard case with a magnetic closure. Inside is a large mirror, a mini dual headed eyeshadow brush, and 12 tempting colors. The packaging is very flirty and fun; because it’s the Nude Dude palette, there are 6 handsomely drawn men ready to be tickled with your eyeshadow brushes. These eyeshadows are talc-free and are triple milled so you are going to get blendable and soft shadows. The palette is a mix of matte and shimmer shades. There aren’t any glittery shades so its great for achieving that nude look. The colors range from light beige to deep purples and browns. This palette is a perfect balance of warm and cool tones, so it’s perfect for any skin tone.



The pigmentation on these shadow are very good but it still advise you use it with an eye primer/corrector to get the full effect of each color. Also, these shadows can be applied dry or wet. When applied with a wet brush or fingertip the pigmentation doubles! It’s super amazing. So you could use the darker shades as eyeliners. Even the light colors are very pretty used to line the underline or the inner corners of the eye.

Here are the color profile:


Fearless– matte silvery beige color that would be good for highlighting

Fabulous– very fine shimmery pale yellow. I think it’s gorgeous colour.

Flawless– matte taupe.

Faithful– light warm shimmery gold.

Firm– shimmery light cocoa brown

Fit– shimmery copper


Flirty– mauve with gold shimmer

Feisty– dusty rose with very fine silver shimmer

Friendly– very deep brownish purple

Funny– shimmery reddish brown

Fierce– black with gold shimmer, it’s a little greenish in the pan, but when I swatch it looks black.

Fine– shimmery dark brown

I just noticed that all the names start with the letter F. My final thoughts on this eye shadow palette is that it’s great! I love all the colors and I like how it’s a mix of many different shades rather than just browns or just pink and purples, or just  gray and black. The color payoff is great and the texture and application is very smooth and easy. This palette costs $36.00USD, I paid 45,000KRW on Memebox. My next purchase will be the first edition of the Nude eyeshadow palette so look out for that in the future.

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MAC Cinderella Stroke of Midnight Eye Shadow Tutorial


So this is the one of many looks you can create with the Stroke of Midnight Eye Shadow Palette from the MAC Cinderella collection. This look is suitable for day or night. I used all the colors palette to show you how you can best utilize this palette as a whole. Grab your brushes and let’s go!

First, if you want you can prep your eyelids with a primer. I used Missha The Style Good-bye Crease Eye Makeup Primer on my lids. Take a shading brush and swipe Omega, a beige taupe, over the lids and above the crease.

Cinderella tut 1


Next, With a medium fluff brush swipe Quarry on the bottom lid up to the crease.


Cinderella tut 2


Then, using the same brush and using Satin Taupe, overlay and blend into the lower lid. Then with a small shader brush shade the bottom of your eyes with the same shade.


Cinderella tut 4


Now you’re going to use the darkest shade, Stroke of Midnight, and shade the corner of your eye with a point brush. Then with a small angle brush drag the same shade just under the corner of your eye, close to the under lash line to give it more definition and seamlessness with the top lid.


Cinderella tut 5


Then, highlight your brow bone up to the arch of your eye with Vapour. We’re almost done! With the small shader brush grab some Phloof and shade the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up the eye area.


Cinderella tut 6


Lastly line the top lashes with any black liner and brush on some mascara.


Cinderella tut 7


I also finished this look with the Lipglass from the same collection in Happily Ever After.


Cinderella tut 8


Hope you achieved the look you desired! Stay tuned for more tutorials in the future~