Autumn skincare! To mist or not to mist?

Hey everyone!

I hop you’re enjoying the enjoying the weather wherever you are! It’s that time when seasons are changing and that means our body and skin are going to react to these seasonal changes. In Seoul, Korea we are officially in fall! It’s probably last a month and then its going to be winter for like 5 months hahaha! But because of this we need to prep our skin so that we can be prepared for the cold and dry winter months. Just like the animals store food for winter, we have to store moisture in our skin.

Creams, oils, and thicker lotions should be routine in your fall skincare routine. I currently use almond oil instead of lotion. I have been using it all year actually and I love it!  Also, I have been carrying around a mist in my bag to give my skin a burst of moisture throughout the day. Mists are on-the-go skincare that can give your skin and makeup a fresh finished look again. I’ve used mists that dried out my skin because all it was was water. It just evaporated off my skin taking whatever moisture I had in my skin too. For summer months a refreshing mineral water mist is great but for fall and winter consider using a moisturizing essence spray.

What is essence? Essence is a a liquid that has concentrated amounts of particular ingredients or ingredient. When you use a essence type mist you’re giving your skin the best nourishment compared to a water type one. Haha I feel like I’m talking about Pokemon… yes I am a Pokemon nerd.

ANYWAY! Do you absolutely need to use a mist? No. But if you have dryness throughout the day and already have dry skin you should consider trying it out. Here are some mists that I would recommend!

  • Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist

This is the creme-de-la-creme of mists in my opinion this goes for $90.00USD/120,00KRW! However, this stuff is amazing! This magic water spray has a powerful camellia moisturizing ingredient, and blue ginger antioxidant, vitamin C and E and hyaluronic acid. It’s a spa in a spray can.

  • SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence Mist

I’m currently using this at the moment. SK-II is well know for their signature ingredient, Pitera. This mist is a combination of Pitera and a moisture lock complex that will keep your skin moisturized for up to 4 hours after spritzing. The very fine mist will penetrate though your makeup and deliver moisture goodness to the skin. It also has a midnight companion.This 50ml spray is 80.00USD/75,000KRW

  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir

This grape essence spray is a mix of essential oils and active plant ingredients. This will also tone your skin to minimize pore size and stimulates mircocirculation. This one you have to shake before using it. There are two sizes you can choose from, 1.0oz or 3.5oz. The smaller on is 18.00USD/23,000KRW and the bigger one goes for 49.00USD/65,000KRW.

  • Innisfree Green Tea mineral mist

I wasn’t going to put this one in because it more watery than the other ones I listed, but it’s still a good mist. The is a Korean brand mist. It is 89.7% green tea extract, and has amino acids and lots of minerals to keep your skin from drying out. This is a cheaper than the other ones, the 120ml fog spray is 14,00KRW that’s around 12.00USD.

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1 Thing You Should Never Buy At the Airport or On a Plane

Hello from Indonesia!

I’m blogging while on vacation, that’s what I call dedication… hahaha. Anyway, I travel overseas on occasion and part of the excitement of travelling is the duty free shopping. Can I get an mmmhmmm? It’s my favourite part of going to the airport. Also, the first thing I grab to read on the plane is the airline shopping catalogue. It’s usually always the same thing a little modified, but still I just like looking at it. I’ve bought things here and there and I wanted to share today about this thing you shouldn’t get at the airport or on the plane.

TRAVEL MAKEUP PALETTES. They are the worst thing ever. (My opinion of course)  

At first glance it seems like a good deal and the sleek compartmental and organised design is very tempting but it’s a trap! I bought a Chanel travel makeup palette a long time a go and it’s just been gathering dust. I actually gave it to my mom because I wasn’t using it and she gave it back to me because she didn’t use it either. Hahaha. Maybe it was the color choice I picked but the colors were not pigmented, very sheer and the blush was in the middle of everything so it’s a little difficult to get just that product on the brush. Also, everything gets gets everywhere. Eye shadows are in the lipgloss, blush is in the eye shadow, lipgloss is on the mirror. Meh, seriously it’s not worth it.

I think instead of getting a little bit of everything, just get the individual makeup products that you want and need. You won’t be wasting your money. I’ve learned from my mistake and I hope you won’t make the same mistake when you travel.

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What Beauty Ninjas Carry In Their Makeup Pouches

Hey guys,


So last Tuesday my boyfriend, a wonderful and thoughtful man, totally caught me by surprised and presented me with flowers and a gift from Chanel. In the bag was the rouge allure gloss that comes in a beautiful solid black case. At first I didn’t know how to open the case because it’s not a twist open cap like most lip glosses. You have to push open the top and the applicator pops out. Ninja style! It’s super chic and I feel really cool when I click it open to apply the gloss… haha maybe it’s just me. The applicator is sculpted on both sides that hugs the lips for a precise application.



The color my boyfriend picked for me was number 17 Supreme, a deep pink. It definitely has a lot of color for a lipgloss however, I feel as though to get a deeper color I have to layer the gloss more than once. I think my BF did a really nice job of picking this color because it’s a color that looks good with all skin tones. Good job honey! Anyway, the line has 10 other alluring colors to pick from.


The texture is a little sticky but it’s pretty standard for a long-wearing lipgloss. Nevertheless, it feels comfortable to wear throughout the day. Also, it’s very smooth and glossy and makes my lips extra kissable…Hahaha! The lipgloss is formulated with Vitamin E, Sappan Wood and Green Tea Butter that hydrates the lips.


Overall, It’s a very luxurious lipgloss that looks and feels really great on my lips. For the price of 34.00USD per gloss it’s obviously a lavishly delightful treat for your lips as well as your makeup bag. For sure it was a wonderful gift for a makeup lover like me. Take notes guys, if you want to impress your girlfriend or someone you admire go take yourself to a the Chanel beauty counter and get her this really awesome beauty ninja lipgloss!

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