leegeehaam – Grow Hyal B5 Toner and Ampoule Review

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This is a review on the leegeeham Grow Hyal B5 Toner and Ampoule. To read the Vita Propolis Ampoule and Cream review then click here! Also these were sent to me in exchange for reviews.

Leegeeham started and was known in the Korean cosmetic and skincare community for it’s successful dermatology clinic. Then over the years they started to develop their own brand of skincare. The leegeeham Grow line is one of 4 different lines they carry, but they do have also products outside of these four categories. The grow line also includes a Hyal5 face cream and cica serum and cream.


The main ingredients they use in this line are 5 kinds of hyaluronic acids, pro vitamin B (panthenol), and glyceryl glucoside, which they aptly call ‘Hyal B5’. The five hyaluronic acids are hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, sodium acetylated hyaluronate, ascorbyl propyl hyaluronate, Hydroxypropyl trimonium hyaluronate, and sodium hyaluronate. This hyaluronic acid cocktail delivers moisture deep down into the skin, refines skin texture, treats dryness, and helps stimulate collagen production making your skin looking plumper and younger. Added to this is the Pro Vitamin B5 also known as Panthenol which helps lock in the moisture from evaporating. Glyceryl glucoside helps skin elasticity and stimulates aquaporins, water channels in cells.


The toner comes in a clear heavy plastic packaging with a pump and a top cover. The liquid inside is a viscous formula, but when you rub it in it becomes a thinner liquid. It has a very faint herbal scent. The extracts that are in this toner are Ginseng fruit extract, vanilla fruit extract, Centella Asiatica extract, kava extract, burdock extract, and mushroom extract, and yam extract. It also contains oils, olive oil, white yam leaf oil, nutmeg kernel oil, carrot seed oil, cowpea seed oil, white chamois flower oil. 

I love thicker toners like this one, so I instantly fell in love with it. It does have a very slight sticky feeling, but because I have very dry skin my skin loves it! I don’t mind it because it’s the first step in my skincare routine. it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t irritate my skin or eczema patches. I would recommend this if you like the Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Toner, personally I like the leegeeham one a little better because it’s suited more for drier skin types. For 120ml is costs 26,000KRW.


This ampoule comes in the same style of packaging as the toner but with a dropper. The liquid is a thicker than the toner and the ingredients are pretty much identical as the toner with the exception of a handful of ingredients. So This is a bottle of a more concentrated level of the toner which is great since the toner is so good! However, the stickiness of the product is also increased. It spreads easily on the skin and absorbs quickly. The immediate finish is a bit sticky, but as it dries it lessens. Also because I will put on cream afterwards the stickiness is not much of a problem, it’s actually feels quite nice as it feels like it’s sealing in the moisture. For 30ml it costs 28,000KRW.

Last Thoughts

I would highly recommend this line to dry skin types and anyone who has seasonal dryness. The toner and ampoule are two items that can easily be added into your skincare routine. Having used the Hyal B5 and the Vita Propolis together it made my skin GLOW. I have tons of other skincare to review, but these products really made it hard for me to take a break after using them consistently for 3 weeks. I can’t wait to get back on it!

Bonus mask review!

The Hyal B5 Moisture Mask is also a great product. It doesn’t have all of the 5 Hyaluronic acid but still contains Sodium hyaluronate. It also has Ceremide NP, Centella Asiatica extract, and panthenol. The sheet mask is so soft and adheres well on the skin. The fit is nice and the effects are nothing short of great! Love the mask.

Troiareuke In Depth Product Review- ‘Pimples Be Gone!’ ACSEN Selemix Serum

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This is going to be a lengthy and detailed review on three Troiareuke products. I separated each product into 3 post because all together it was too long. So at the bottom there are links to the other two products! I hope that will be helpful for you guys to read and navigate.

This brand is a branch from a bigger company called MK Universal. They have other spa brand products and spa services including Troipeel. I was gifted the Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing, Acsen Selemix Serum, and the Skin Complex Formula (H+ Cocktail Anti-Trouble Formula Ampoule) from the brand. I was first introduced to the brand at the Seoul Blogger Brunch that I attended in September this year. I knew that they were a spa brand and many of their clients go to treat acne and different skin problems. I was also gifted the Acsen UV Protector Essence, but I haven’t tried it yet since I have so many sunscreens open right now. Anyway, let’s get on with the review.

What’s with the name and what’s this brand about?

Troi-are-uke is a mouthful to say at first but after a while it rolls off the tongue. On their website they explain that -areuke means beginning in Greek, and with that they came up with ‘Troiareuke’ -the beginning with of prescription skincare cosmetics. They are proud of their 1:1 skincare prescription. I actually did a small survey and was matched with the Selemix Serum when they contacted me. They also take a holistic approach to skincare taking into consideration chromatherapy and aromatherapy.


Acsen is one of the Troiareuke skincare lines. It is a combination of two skin concerns, acne and sensitive. The main ingredient in this line is Centella Asiatica which is a great skin ingredient for skin recovery and regeneration. Another main ingredient is a combination of beansprout and magnolia tree bark which they call ‘Selemix An’, which is good for skin protection, recovery, and inflammation.

ACSEN Selemix Serum

This serum was sent to me for me to write a review some months after the Seoul Blogger Brunch. I was going to review this by itself, but I thought why not kill ‘troi’ birds with one stone! You get it? “Troi” is 3 in French and also it’s how the beginning of how Troiareuke is spelled… you know.. but since I have three products instead of 2.. birds.. yeah… ok. Anyway, I was a little confused when they sent me this serum since I told them I had very dry skin. I was a bit worried at first because whenever I think of ‘acne’ products that it was going to be drying. However, I had nothing to worry about! It claims to minimize skin trouble and reduce scars.

This is serum contains the Selemix An (beansprout, magnolia tree bark) , sciadopitys verticillata extract (Japanese Umbrella Pine), Chamomile extract, Salicylic Acid, Centella Asiatica, and essential oils. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients are great for acne and sensitive skin types. This serum looks exactly like the Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing. The texture is very light and 2 pumps is how much I use each time to get a generous coating on my skin. It absorbs quickly without any sticky feeling. I get a nice hydrated feeling and it doesn’t irritate my ezcema patches either which is a major plus.

I noticed that with this serum that any pimples I got went away much quicker than if I didn’t include it in my skincare routine. Especially when I use it before I start my period, when I get hormonal pimples here and there, it does a good job of controlling not only the amount of pimples I get but also the longevity of them, even if I’ve been bad and squeezed the crap out of it. I really think this is a really awesome product. The only down is the price. It is hella expensive… its 156,000KRW for 100ml, but they did come out with a smaller 40ml size for 62,000KRW. Would I buy this for myself though? I don’t think I would, and the only reason is that even though I think it’s a great product I don’t think my skin needs it that much for that amount of money. If you are having problems with acne and sensitivity and can afford it, do buy it! I don’t have anything bad to say about this serum.

Bonus Mini Review: AGT Hydro Essence & Cell Energy Cream

With the Selemix Serum they sent some samples of the AGT Hydro Essence and Cell Energy Cream. The essence is a clear gel that helps with skin moisture levels and soothes the skin with 7 different oriental herbs and rooibos. This was also a nice treat. I can’t give you any significant results other than it was hydrating. The full size is 52,000KRW for 100ml.
The Cell Energy Cream was also a nice sample. The cream is lightweight and is formulated with Galactomyces ferment and Bifida ferment to help with skin elasticity. It also has Hyaluronic Acid and Lactobacillus to moisturize the skin. I liked the cream a lot so I used up the sample pretty quickly. It absorbs nicely and gives your skin a light glowy coating. My skin felt very bouncy and filled up, I would love to try the full size for a longer length of time. The full size is 130,000KRW for 250ml.

They have a shop in Myeongdong across from exit 1 inside SkyPark Hotel and they have a Korean online shop.

Go to Oil Cut Cleansing review!

Go to Healing Cocktail Mist review!

VT Real Collagen Pact With Visible Collagen Ribbons

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This post is about the VT Real Collagen Pact. VT was launched in 2016 and was founded by Gonsen who also launched Vant 36.5, but no longer under Gonsen’s distribution. The concept of the VT brand is fast K-beauty and a trendy cosmetic. It can be seen a lot on social media and sponsored by many K-stars and influencers. So of course, I had to see if it was worth the hype. It was also featured on Get it Beauty. The Real Collagen Pact was launched earlier this year.


The packaging is trendy yet very simple. The gold foiling gives it a luxurious look and the glossy shimmery pink cover adds a sophisticated girly charm. The size of the case is on the wider side. Inside you have your mirror, puff, and pact. When you open the protective cover of the pact you you can see the beautifully marbleized collagen pact. The yellow ribbon is the collagen ampoule.

Formula and Wear

The sun protection is SPF 50+PA+++ and helps with wrinkles, whitening, fight free radicals. The sunscreen base is a mixture of physical and chemical. The chemicals in this cushion especially stings my eyes. I’ve never had a problem with regular cushions, but this one seems to be a bit strong. It goes away after a bit but when I go to touch up around my eyes it bothers me again. I’ve had laser eye surgery so my eyes are more sensitive now. It has skin emollient like hydrolyzed castor oil, hydrolyzed collagen (0.o1ppm). The texture if you rub it on to the skin with your fingers it feels gritty. I’m not sure why. It does have silica in it so it could be that. I really have no idea, but when you apply it to the face it looks smooth. The formula is very moisturizing and slightly on the sticky and heavy side. The coverage is light to med. The shade I got was #23 and I would say its a neutral leaning yellow. It was a pretty good match with my skin shade, just a tad lighter.

At first when you apply it it looks really nice and glowy, but as the day goes on it seems to slip around. I would scratch my nose and you see the product bunched up. I do have to touch up more than once when I wear this on my skin. It transfers a lot too!


I think I bought this in the wrong season. The humid summer weather is not a good measure of its moisturising abilities. This would be a good fall to winter and winter to spring pact. However, I still don’t think this is a pact worth getting. It has too many cons for what it’s worth for me to recommend it or to repurchase. Maybe my mind will change after testing it in the winter For oily and combination skin types this is no go for sure. Dry skin yes, but not for all seasons. It sells for 32,000KRW, I got it on sale for around 24,000KRW.

I will update this post once I’ve tried it during the colder and drier months!

Bonvivant Chrome Mask Review

Hi, everyone! I’m here to review the Bonvivant Orginal Chrome Mask. I bought this a month ago when it first came out and I think it’s a good time to tell you my opinion on it. First, Bonvivant is a Memebox branch and they specialize in skin masks and sheet masks. I’ve tried their Illuminator Age Cover Mask Pack and Water Lock Sleeping Pack and I enjoyed using them, So I had high hopes for this peel off type mask. Anyway, let’s get into the review!

When I bought the mask it came with the silicone spatula as a promotion. The jar contains 85ml/2.87 fl.oz. of the pearly liquid. The smell is on the strong side, slight rubbing alcohol smell lingers. I don’t mind it, but for those of you sensitive to strong smells beware. The mask is quite runny so applying a thin layer is advisable. If it’s too thick it will run down your face and also it won’t dry evenly.

A piece that dried on my hand

Applying with the spatula was easy enough, I had to use the edge to scrape off excess product and thin out the thicker layers. It takes about 20-30 mins to dry completely, but like all masks, the nose and under the lip area drys up within 5-10 mins. The peeling part is not very painful, to me at least, I’ve had worse. But if you get some of the product on your eyebrows and hairline it will pull some of the hair out. It doesn’t peel off in one piece, but still in large chunks. It rips easily, so if you want to peel it off in one piece you have to be very patient or have super peeling ninja skills. I have neither.
The effect is… not impressive. It’s cooling so I’m sure it had some effect on tightening up my pores, it wasn’t very hydrating at all, and it didn’t brighten up my skin more than a regular sheet mask would have. It did, however, make my skin feel smoother since it has a peeling factor. I don’t recommend this for sensitive skin types because the peeling will aggravate the skin and the smell might also irritate the skin.

This is my not impressed face
Overall I’d say, it’s a very pretty product and fun to see it change to chrome, but with the effort of spreading it out on the face and then having to peel it off and also possibly washing off stray bits is not the best in my opinion. I’d rather open a pouch and get #sheetfaced tbh. I think this was a gimmicky product sold on looks and not performance. it makes for great selfies, but I will not be repurchasing this~ It goes for 24,000KRW on Memebox and right now it’s on sale for 19,200KRW… I wonder why .

Elizavecca Milkypiggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask

Hey you guys-uh! I got some things from BB Cosmetic again and one of the things I ordered was the Elizavecca Milkypiggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask. I was super excited to try this since I was seeing all over social media and stuff. This costs 23,000KRW for 100ml of product. This mask can be used all over the face or on areas you want clarifying like your nose, forehead, and chin. The mask has added charcoal which helps clear and purify your skin. It also has glasswort extract (good for pimples), rhus javanica extract (antioxidant), persimmon leaf extract (anti-aging), cherry blossom (anti-inflammatory), lotus extract (antioxidant), camilla flower extract (nourishing), cosmos bipinnatus callus extract (hydrating), and rose extract (calming and hydrating).



The texture is slightly sticky and runny and when you apply it over the skin get gets into every crevice and wrinkle. You don’t need a thick layer and you can use your fingers or a pack brush to spread it over the skin. It takes about 15 mins to dry and as it dries it really tightens up! After it dries you have to peel it off. I start from the bottom edge and pull it up. It kinda hurts and I accidentally pulled out some of my eyebrow hairs…  🙁 However my skin felt soft afterwards. I’d have to say that it also felt a little dry. I would recommend it for oily and combination. For dry skin for me was OK however you need to tone and moisturize afterwards.


I didn’t have any pores that came out from the pack, but I did feel like my skin was cleaned up and my skin looked and felt much fresher. It wasn’t as amazing as I thought it was going to be, however I do think that it was effective and didn’t aggravate or irritate my skin. I could suggest that you apply the mask after steaming your face or do the mask after showering so that you’re pores are opened. Applying my makeup the next day was awesome because all of my dead skin got pulled off haha. I think it’s worth trying and if you want to try it you can purchase it on BB Cosmetic where I got mine. You can use this code “E3GWXIN81I“* until December 31st, 2016 to save some money on your purchase!

squeaky clean after toning and moisturizing!

*Just a disclaimer, I don’t get any money from these codes, depending on how many people use the code I get offered to try out some products and I get to write my opinion about them! So feel free to use or not use the code~ 😀