Stila Nouveau Natural eye shadow palette review


I’m back from the Philippines and I have a new review for you!

I finally got my Sephora package and one of the many things I got was the new Stila nouveau natural eye shadow palette. It is a limited edition Spring 2015 palette and I checked Sephora they didn’t have it on their online shop anymore. The palette was inspired by backstage beauty to create a natural and radiant glow. The square matte gold case with a magnet closure. It’s easy to carry around and it has a nice big mirror inside the case as well. Inside there are 12 warm shades. The palette is a mix of textures from matte and shimmer shadow. You can apply the shadow dry or wet. The palette is laid out in an ombre, light to dark, so you don’t have to worry about how or in which order you can apply the shadow. You can use the light colors to highlight your brow bone, the centre of your lids, and inner corners, and then the darker shades to define the shape of your eyes. The purpose of this palette is to enhance your eyes so the colors are sheer.

Top from right to left: Wind, Individual, Desire, Kitten, Dune, Instinct Bottom from right to left: Coco, Gilded Gold, Java, Understanding, Jezebel, Wit
Honestly, I think this palette is OK. I know it’s a natural palette but there are a lot of better nude palettes out there with better pigmentation in my opinion. It performs well enough but it doesn’t feel as great as other eyeshadow formulas. Some of the colors feel too dry and powdery. The best colors in the palette in my opinion are Instinct and Kitten. It goes for $49.00USD.

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