Stila – Matte ‘N Metal Eye Shadow Palette

Hi guys! I’m taking a break from K-beauty in this post to review a new eyeshadow palette I got a few days ago. Stila came out the Matte ‘N Metal palette late December 2016. I saw this at Lohbs here in Seoul for the first time and since Stila is one of my favorite brands since highschool I had to get it! Plus, the eye-catching gold checkerboard front was calling my wallet, I mean, my name… Let’s start the review shall we?


The packaging is a gold square 10cm by 10cm case with a gold foil checkerboard pattern on the front. Inside you get a nice big mirror and 12 x 1g eyeshadows divided oh-so-nicely into three columns of four color coordinated shades. The first column has 4 cool tone shades, the middle column is a mix of neutral shades of mauve and rose gold, and the last column has a selection of warm tone shades. All the colors are very wearable colors for everyday wear.


The pigmentation isn’t crazy and I’m realizing that necessarily mean it’s a bad palette. I think it can be really intimidating to some people when they come across an eyeshadow or a palette that is mad pigmented so palettes like this one exist! Anyway, the textures of the shadows are nice and smooth, but some felt a little dry. If you have oily lids then these might be quite nice. There isn’t too much kickback on the powder when you grab it with an eyeshadow brush. The metallic shades barely show up if you use a brush so using your finger or a wet synthetic brush is the best way to apply them. I have the best use that way.


Out of all the matte shades ‘fringe’, ‘suede’, ‘vintage’, and ‘velvet’ show up on my skin the most. In the metals ‘sizzle’, ‘smolder’, and ‘retro’ swatch well and stand out much more than the others. The shade ‘flare’ looks glittery if applied dry, so using a wet brush gives a metallic sheen.



So should you get this palette? I think that even though the shades are very wearable it will take some work to get a nice matte and metal look. However, if you don’t really care so much about the metallic look then this is a great everyday palette with easy to see color matches for each shade. As for the price, it is on the pricey side. I paid 46,600 for it and it was on a special discount, but it normally retails for about 58,000KRW/49.00USD. If you’re paying full price then I don’t think it’s worth it, so overall I guess it’s a pass in my opinion. I don’t think this would be my go-to palette, but on days I want to have a little fun or want a specific look then I’ll maybe use it…I have too many eyeshadow palettes…but also not enough.

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