Stain-proof and Transfer-proof Lip Shield From Yurica

Hey guys, so if you saw my post on my social platform you already can guess what I’m going to be reviewing today! It is the Yurica Lip Shield. I kept seeing it in the ads and promoted videos on my Facebook and Instagram so I took the plunge and decided to purchase one. The Lip Shield is a product that protects your lip color from transferring on to other things. It sounds too good to be true right? Well I am here to try it out for you so you don’t have to!


When I received the product I found it very small… it’s the size of a deluxe sample size tube. There isn’t much information about the ingredients except that the secret recipe contains argan oil, macadamia oil, and olive oil. It has no smell, it looks like transparent ointment look, and feels like dry oil when rubbed into the skin. The direction says that you must shake it well before use it.

for size reference

I did an arm test and it was amazing! I swatch different colors and textures like glossy, matte, and tints. On one side of the swatch I applied the Lip Shield and then proceeded to run my finger over it and voila nothing smudged. The other side without the lip shield smudged all over. When I dabbed a tissue on the shielded side the glossy texture one transferred a little on to the tissue but all the other ones didn’t.

before the test

On my lips the effects lasted quite well even through many cups of coffee in the morning and lunch! I did have to fix up my lip in the center parts of my lips but overall it kept the color from fading. It does have a oily sheen to it so for matte finishes dab with a tissue after applying to take some of the shine away. For glossy textures you just have to redistribute the lips shield product because it tends to bunch up together.


I would highly recommend using this on expensive products that you want on your lips all day and not on cups and other things. On a date night! You don’t have to worry about wiping lipstick off his face when you kiss him~ Or if you hate reapplying and fixing your lipstick many times throughout the day. You only need a small bit and make sure to get the inner part of the lips. I wish it had a brush or doe foot applicator because I don’t really like having to rub it around with my finger. It is also quite expensive for such a small tube. Retail is 25,000KRW but on sale now it’s 16,900KRW. I don’t know any international resellers but you can purchase it on the Yurica website.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Eamorn Hishak says: Reply

    Hai…im from malaysia.i intend to buy this yuri a lip shield, ur review help me.but if i may know, is it gave the same effect on oil..because as a malaysian, we always wear to seddinfb ceremony and eat “nasi minyak” and iit will make our lipstick smugde..oh by the way, i use all fire up by mac. I hope you can respond to my question..thank you

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