Spring 2015: Rouge Dior Brilliant Review


Let me just start by saying that this lip gloss has not left my bag since the day I bought it. Okay, review finished! Just kidding,  it is such luxurious product for my lips! This line was launched earlier this year and has 12 beautiful colors to pick from. The formula is like a liquid balm for your lips. It is packed full of lip loving and nourishing ingredients. 3 lip oils that teams up with vitamin E and a lip enhancing ingredient that reactivates and promotes collagen synthesis. I think the oils make it less stickier than your typical lip gloss. This little tube of gloss has some very high tech beauty science behind it.


The gloss applicator deserves its own review because it is so awesome! I was so fascinated when I first tried it out. I thought it was a doe foot applicator but I was wrong, it’s a better version of it. It looks like a tiny scooper that’s filled with just the right amount of product for one brilliantly precise application. The way the applicator is shaped hugs the curves of your lips. Beauty innovation… I love it so much.


The color I picked, with much difficulty, was 310 Paname. It’s a nude pink-brown color with very fine pearling that you can only notice in the tube or if you’re looking at it very closely. I wanted a color that I could wear anytime and looked natural so this was a perfect match for me. The color isn’t too sheer or too opaque. It lets the natural color of my lips come through a little and so it’s perfect for a natural look. The other colors in the line are great for Spring/Summer, and have a higher pigmentation than this neutral color I picked. When I apply it, I start in the middle of my bottom lip and deposit the gloss from side to side and then I do the same on the upper lip but follow the line of my lip with the tip of the applicator. It doesn’t last too long because its not a thick or sticky liquid.


Each tube costs about 40,000 KRW which is a very pretty penny, but it’s definitely worth a try at your nearest beauty department store. I’m thinking of getting a brighter color to balance out the neutral… great excuse right? Well I’d love to hear your thoughts on this if you’ve tried it out yourself!


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