Son & Park Perfect Makeup Box Review

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Today’s review is not one product from Son & Park, but three! Wohoo! I’m excited to write this because I did a makeup tutorial using these products this Monday. I’ll add the video to this post at the bottom. Moving on, I bought this makeup box kit from Memebox, yes I’m obsessed about shopping on the app. In the box you get three products the All That Shadow Kit, Color Cube Concealer, and a random choice of either the Air Tint Lip Cube in 05 Berry Rose or 03 Rose Coral. In my box I got the color Berry Rose. For all of this I paid 33,500KRW which is 30% off the total price if I had bought them separately.


I will start with the color cubes. Both come in a small cuboid shape with a long sponge head applicator. The concealer that I got didn’t have a color number, so I guessed that they only did this one shade, but on their website they seemed to have two different shades 21 and 23. I would guess that the one I have is a shade closer to 23 because of the yellow undertone. The texture is creamy but, not heavy feeling and it has good coverage. It adheres to the skin nicely and lasts the whole day without darkening or wearing off a lot  without a setting powder. I would still set it anyway. It’s not drying so it will keep the eye area hydrated as well. One thing I will say because I do use a lot of concealer under my eyes, this only contains 4.5ml of product, it’s not so little but not a lot either. The concealer sold separately costs 9,500KRW which is not a bad price for what you get. DSCF8600


The other color cube is for the lips and like I said above I got the color 5 Berry Rose. I like the color and the it’s true to the name. It’s a semi glossy berry color that feels weightless and lightly tints your lips after you’ve worn it for a while. The texture is not sticky I would say just enough for it to stay on your lips without too much bleeding. I would say that tints like these if you’re going to apply it all over the lips use a lip liner, but for gradation lips it’s not necessary. In the tutorial I filmed I used it as a blush so I can say this is a versatile product. Each Air Tint Color Cube is 9,500KRW with 10 shades to choose from.


Next is the All That eye shadow kit. The packaging is a matte rectangular case, almost the length of my iPhone 5s, with the Son & Park logo on the front. Inside is a full case size mirror, a double ended sponge tip, and six classic neutral brown shades that vary from matte, shimmer, and glitter textures. It also comes with a plastic cover that shows where you can use the individual shades on the eyes, brows, and nose. The pigmentation is good, I do recommend using an eye base, the colors don’t seems to stick or come out as much just on bare skin. They’re easy to blend and blend out. Overall you get a soft brown eye look. One con about the shadows are there is a bit of fall out with the shimmery and glitter shade. I recommend using an eye primer so that your face doesn’t look like a glitter fest. But nevertheless, the color are really pretty. I especially like lush brown. I would say that this is an all around eyeshadow kit because not all of the colors are one texture, you can use the matte shades to contour or fill in the brows, you can use the deepest shade as an eyeliner, the colors are easy to use, and compliments most all skin colors. I you get this individually it’s 29,000KRW and they also have an all shimmer eye shadow kit that is 31,000KRW.


Here are the color profiles:

Vanilla- matte vanilla powder white

Peach Champagne- white glitter and gold sparkles with a translucent peach base

Almond- matte light tan color

Lush Brown- medium warm brown with silver and gold shimmer

Pecan- neutral deep taupe

Cacao brown- dark chocolate brown



That’s it for the review and here’s the tutorial!

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