Son & Park Gel Bonding Eyebrow Review

What’s up guys! The weather is definitely getting cooler and I’m feeling a little under the weather, but I’m glad I can be at home with a cup of tea and write this post for you guys. I’m going to be reviewing another Son & Park product (one of my favorite Korean brands). I bought the Gel Bonding Eyebrow a while ago during summer and I never got around to reviewing it. I also changed my hair color to a lighter color so the color I bought didn’t match so I stopped using it for a while. Anyway I’ve picked it back up again and I am ready to tell you all about it.

batch_dscf0481This was released in June this year and it’s was advertised as a high waterproof brow product. There are three colors to choose from 01 Ash Khaki, 02 Ash Brown, 03 Ash Grey and I bought the color 02 Ash Brown. the colors are very wearable and natural shades that are very pigmented. All the colors are on the cool tone side, but I think it can work with most hair colors. The container is like a cushion because it has a inner cover and a small mirror. The inner cover is air tight so that the gel doesn’t dry out. I think I didn’t close one side of it so it’s a tad dry, but I can add some toner or even the Son and Park Beauty Water to soften it up again. The size of it is a small blush container  It also comes with a dual ended brush with one side having an angled brush and the other side a spoolie brush. I liked that the brush was long and not the short-grab-with-thumb-and-index-finger type of brush. You know what I mean? This you can hold it nicely hand. batch_dscf0482

The formula is a gel based and is waterproof. The gel isn’t very wet like you’d imagine it be but it has a creamy wax feel to it. When it dries it ends up having a soft powdery finish. It does dry pretty quickly and once it sets it will not move. I’ve rubbed my eyebrows and it stays put, without much flaking. It also passed the waterproof test as I rubbed it under running water. The color stays true throughout the day because of the wax-color bonding formula it has. The formula as added tocopheryl acetate and Sea Buckthorn fruit extract to keep your hairs moisturized and nourished.


I don’t really have anything bad to say about. It’s easy to use and it works as it should. Just an FYI, it does say that once you open it that it should be used within 6 months because I think its because it’s a wet product and might dry out. But personally I dont really go by the expiry date… nervous laugh. It cost 19,000KRW for each pot.

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  1. Hi, can you share how much product is included for the Son & Park Gel Bonding Eyebrow?

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