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I’m going to be reviewing a relatively new product from Son & Park, it’s the Air Chou Foundation. It was released in June this year and I purchased my a week and a half ago, finally! I really wanted to get it earlier but I decided to get the Son  & Park Skin Fit foundation instead. You can read that review by clicking here. Anyway, I got mine at Olive Young, a popular Korean drugstore, for 32,000KRW which also came with a mini version of the infamous Beauty Water. What a treat!


Now let’s get to the details. The foundation comes in a matte black compact that looks like the cushion cover pacts but a little less bulky. The case is refillable so the foundation can pop out when pushed from the bottom releasing it from the outer casing. Inside you have your standard mirror, a white sponge puff, and a protective lid that seals the foundation underneath. When you open up the lid the light-as-choux-creme foundation is waiting to be dipped and spread all over your face. I’m a weirdo, hahaha. Once you pat the sponge on top of the foundation you can see the lightness of foundation.It looks like whipped cream, but a milk tea color. It’s like the mousse foundations, it’s very light and airy and feels like a soft powder when applied to the skin.

kj The texture is unlike powder and unlike liquid or cream foundation. It’s the best of both worlds. It doesn’t feel heavy or wet or too dry. It’s very comfortable to wear. After you apply it, it dries very quickly and ‘fits’ on to your skin. So unlike some liquid and cream foundations you don’t necessarily have to set it with a powder. It dries to a natural matte finish making this a great foundation for everyday when you can’t fuss over brushes and liquid foundations and powders. The formula and texture of the foundation makes my skin look poreless and baby smooth.


It is very comfortable to wear and it lasts the whole day. I went to the gym in the evening with this on and it didn’t budge on my skin since applying it in the morning. It has a special fitting powder that controls sebum and oil that will make it long lasting and it won’t have any darkening effects. The coverage I would say is light to medium. It’s very buildable and won’t cake together when applying several layers. Let each layer dry before layering for more coverage and gently pat it on rather than rubbing it on the skin. By the way the color I got is Natural 23 there is a one other shade you can get which is number 21. I guess that would be the down side, not a big color selection, but that’s the norm in Korea. You’re either a 21 or 23.


My final words would be that I really like this foundation. Even though I have dry skin, I feel that it doesn’t dry out my skin and my skin doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable. It has almost no smell and SPF 45 PA++ which is a plus! Also, the ease of application and the compactness is also great because I can slip it in to my bag in the mornings as I rush out of my home and when I need touch up I can always have it handy. Son & Park you did it again with an awesome foundation. You can go to their website and order there if you’re in Korea for international orders I’m afraid you will have to look either on Amazon or Ebay.

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  1. What is your mac shade? Im around nc20, would shade 23 matches me atleast?

    1. Hi! Yeah I think It would. 🙂

  2. Do they sell separate refill for this?

    1. Hi! no, I don’t think so.

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