Slice Mask Sheet from Kocostar! No slicer needed!

Happy Humpday!

I received a special package containing new Slice Mask Sheets from Kocostar, a Korean beauty brand that specializes in masks from your head down to your toes. Korea is a capital of masks so these guys know what’s up in the beauty market. These mask sheets are so cute and brilliant! I grew up with my mom doing cucumber facials by grinding or slicing up cucumbers. But in my busy schedule I don’t have the time to slice up vegetables and put them of my face. I’d rather eat them hehehe. Now I can do both!



There are three different slice masks, tomato, cucumber, and lemon. Each mask has two sheets with 6 slices on each side that come in two different sizes. To get it off you just gently peel it off like you peel off a sticker. The great thing about this is that you can put it anywhere on your body. On your face, neck, chest, arms, and legs. Each sheet is drenched with moisture and natural extracts. I thought because it was a small patch it would dry out faster but it was very moist even after 30 minutes, it could be because its made with Tencel, a natural man-made finer made from tree pulp. Also, the slices are thin enough that it won’t fall off your face while you go about doing whatever you’re doing.

batch_DSCF8040 batch_DSCF8041 batch_DSCF8039

The lemon mask contains vitamin C and lemon extract that will help brighten and soothe the skin. The cucumber is great for dry and fatigued skin. The cucumber extract will deeply moisturize and refine dry skin. The tomato sheet is good for skin elasticity and detoxification. The lycopene and vitamin C will boost collagen in the skin. Whatever your skin needs are, you can always mix up the different mask slices.


I really like these masks because it fun to use and convenient. It would be good to use after playing sports in the sun or something and you can put the slices on the any area that you need. Each mask pack is 3,000KRW. You can buy these mask packs by going to

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