Skin Spring Cleaning With IOPE Moisture Soft Peeling Gel

Hey guys! I think I’m super excited for spring because I absolutely hate the cold winters in Korea. So this is a skincare post that’s appropriate for this winter to spring transition. Skin can feel chapped and dry and feel rough because of the dead skin that was amassed over the winter days and the cool spring breeze isn’t doing any favors either. I used to use harsh and abrasive scrubs that removed dead skin, but it left my skin feeling dry right after. However that is all in the past because I found the IOPE Moisture Skin Soft Peeling Gel. This product is amazing! I’ll tell you all about it, so keep reading!

IOPE is a Korean makeup brand part of the Amore Pacific group that prides itself in ‘Bio Science’ to develop beauty products and provide solutions to many skin problems. This is a really good brand and they have a lot of good products as well to back it up. Anyway, my focus in this post is the Moisture Skin Soft Peeling Gel. I bought this after testing a sample of it. I fell in love after my first use. I went back the next day and bought a 100ml full size. After one use my skin felt so soft and smooth and not dry at all! I think that was what appealed to me the most. My skin did feel tight for felt like the natural oils got stripped off of my skin.


The texture feels slightly grainy and when you start rubbing it onto the skin it will form into something that resembles eraser poop. It really feels like your rubbing away all of the dead skin and dullness off with a liquid eraser. It’s made with organic watch hazel water that is suitable for sensitive skin and it also has natural cellulose from trees and aloe extract that keeps the skin moist and soft and doesn’t have a pulling effect afterwards. A special ingredient in the peeling gel is pre-biotics that balances the skin and strengthens the natural skin barriers.


I use this in the morning because of two reasons. I don’t want to use it right after washing off my makeup in the evenings and when you exfoliate in the morning and  go to apply your makeup, it will go on smoother. So to use this dab on to clean and dry skin, I start on the cheeks and as I rub I go into the nose crevices, forehead, and chin. You need a quarter size and after most of the peels drop off, rinse with water. Your skin will feel amazing, like its been spring cleaned! It costs 28,00oKRW and I bought mine at my local Aritaum store.

Have you ready spring clean your skin?

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