Shine K-II 3 Step Mask Review

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Today I will be reviewing three masks from Shine K-II, it sounds awfully close to SK-II right? Anyway, these masks have a 2-3 step system. There are 3 different types that I have tried. I really like these multistep ones because it makes my sheet masking feel more complete and they are great for traveling. Shine K-II is a branch from MLS who specializes in face masks, but also makes other skincare products and hair and body. It is a manufacturer that developed JayJun mask pack. In addition, they also work with leading cosmetics companies such as A by Bom, Siero, Cuore, Dewy Tree, and Celltrion Skincure. So you can see that they are experienced with producing quality sheet masks.

Honey With Nature

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The first one is the Shea Butter Honey Mask which has 2 steps. The first step is a honey eye serum. It’s a watery gel like texture and there’s enough to put on your whole face. it contains 250ppm of honey extract and panthenol. The serum is not sticky and absorbs very quickly. Great prep for the sheet mask.


The mask is to help give moisture to rough and dry skin. It forms a moisture barrier. It contains shea butter and honey extract to moisturize skin, and adenosine to help skin wrinkles. The mask sheet is thin and adheres well. The scent is sweet, but not overwhelming. The effect of the mask was really nice. My skin felt moisturized without any sticky feeling and it seemed to brighten my complexion. This is 4,000KRW.


 Moisturize to Shine


This next one is a moisturizing and purifying mask with three steps. Step one is an essence, step two is a the mask, and step three is the cream. The essence has beta-glucan, betaine, adenosine, ceramide, and loquat extract that all helps protects and soothes the skin. The texture is a clear gel and lightly hydrates the skin.


The mask is contains moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, trehalose and squalane. Also has adenosine to help wrinkle the skin. The sheet is the same material as the honey one. The essence is a bit watery. The result was brightening and moisturizing. The last step is the cream. It contains shea butter, meadow foam, and adenosine. The texture is not too heavy, but very creamy. I really loved this three step one because I can do everything in while I’m in bed! This one is 4,000KRW.


Reactivate to Shine


This is this the last of the masks, Illuminating Water Light Black Mask. This is also a three step mask, but instead of a cream it includes a foam cleanser! It contains hypoallergenic sodium, beta-glucan, which has excellent moisturizing effect on tired skin, and lava sea water in Jeju Island. I also has ceramide to enhance skin barrier and improve wrinkles of adenosine.


The foam cleanser is a good as a second cleanse after taking you makeup off. It has papaya extract to help exfoliate the skin. The skin didn’t feel dried out because of its added sodium hyaluronate. Follow up with the step two essence much like the moisturizing and purifying mask essence has the same texture and consistency.

The sheet mask is black and it is a bit thicker than the first two. The eye holes seemed a little smaller too. I really liked this one. My skin was brightened and felt soft and moisturized. This would be great for a taking on a trip because of the added cleanser. This costs 4,000KRW.

Final Thoughts

I really liked all the mask from here. Loved the multi-step routine in one packaging. It’s also very affordable and good quality. Their website is but I wasn’t able to find these mask there. I received these from K-Beauty Expo to conduct my personal review.


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