Scrub-a-dub-dub! Why you should exfoliate

batch_DSCF7003It’s springtime in Korea and even though the weather is sunny and there are occasional rain showers the air is still very drying. The problem with my skin these days are dry spots around my face and skin and that’s a nightmare when you are applying makeup. It alerts people that I have a dry patch. So to fix this problem I’ve been doing scrubs 3-4 days a week and hydrating my skin as much as possible.

So, why should you scrub? Exfoliating will get rid of uneven layers of dead skin so that fresh new skin cells underneath can come through. For women and men alike if you don’t want dull or old looking skin then you gotta exfoliate. Also of those who shave their face scrubbing during the week will help with ingrown hairs.

There are so many kinds of scrubs but you have to choose the right kind for your skin type. If you have dry or sensitive skin you need a gentler scrub. In my opinion always opt for a gentler exfoliant. You never know how harsh it will be on your skin. Also when you do a scrub that uses granules or beads don’t use too much force. As for chemical exfoliation there are two kinds, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) or beta-hydroxy acids (BHA). These chemicals loosen the bonds between the skin cells. “Ungluing” as people say. BHA is great for oily or acne prone skin and AHA for dry skin. BHA can also help with cleaning out your pores and redness. I recently bought a BHA face gel from Paula’s Choice for my boyfriend to help with his redness and clogged pores. That’s the gist of exfoilators in the market now I will tell you what I use.batch_DSCF7008

I have two scrubs I’m using at the moment which are Lush Cosmetics Angels on Bare Skin and an AHA&BHA peeling jelly. I’ll alternate between these during the week. The Angels on Bare Skin is one of my favorite scrubs from Lush. It has ground almonds with a mix of herbal oils that is gentle and nourishing for my skin. It smells like a bundle of lavender. The AHA&BHA peeling Jelly is from a Japanese brand called DET Clear associated with the Meishoku Corporation. The peeling product I got was for sensitive skin and it is fragrance free, colorless, petroleum surfactant agent free, alcohol free, paraben free and mineral oil free. I know when I’m dealing with chemicals I want to go as gentle as possible. It’s a clear jelly and when you start rubbing it on your skin it clumps on to little rolls of dirt and dead skin cells. It sounds gross but afterwards your skin feels baby smooth.

det clear collage

Always after doing a scrub, moisturize your face. The new skin cells are gonna need extra nourishment. Also, because the dead skin cells are gone it’ll be easier for skin to absorb serums and other skin boosting creams. Keep in mind that too much scrubbing during the week can be drying, make your skin sensitive, and give you the opposite effect of what you wanted to treat in the first place, so do it in moderation. Let your skin rest and also let it protect your face!

Go get scrubbin’! 🙂

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