Rubber Masks the Next Big Thing?

Hey guys! I am currently have a rubber mask on my face as I am writing this blog post so its like in the moment blogging. I was browsing through Olive Young and saw these rubber masks from Dr. Jart+ and they were on sale so I bought a couple to try out. Each mask goes for 7,200KRW a bit expensive for a face mask but I had to try it~ I know there are rubber masks where you mix a powder with a skin essence in a bowl and then you slather it all over your face. These Dr.Jart+ masks are a little different, you can get a similar spa rubber mask experience at home without the mess and the high price tag of going to a beauty salon.

 The packaging is a bit creepy, but the glossiness attracted me and made me hope that my skin would look glossy and smooth. The Dr.Jart+ Dermask Rubber Mask has 4 different types, Clear Lover, Firming Lover, Bright Lover, and Moist Lover. I got the Clear Lover which is a mask that is supposed to purify pores and soothes the skin and I also go the Firming Lover which soothes and improves skin texture. The Clear Lover mask ampoule is a mix of plant extracts that includes green tea, grape, persimmon that cleans and purifies the skin. The grey rubber mask is made with Algin and marine moisturising ingredients like spirulina, kelp, sea lettuce, agar seaweed, and sea mustard. The Firming Lover ampoule has a berry complex that includes strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry extracts that help with skin elasticity. The rubber was on this one is pink and is made with red seaweed extract and algin. The smell for both of them are quite pleasant and fresh.

Inside the box you get a small tub of ampoule that you spread all over your face before placing the rubber sheet mask on top. The ampoule acts like the watery or creamy essence that is in the ordinary sheet masks. It has a oobleck-like consistency, it’s fun to touch and feels like a thick gel cream on the skin. After that the sheet mask goes on top. The rubber mask is pretty dry, as in that there is no extra fluid in the packet. It sicks to the inside of the packet so you have to take it out carefully for it’ll rip which happened to me. The mask feels like it’ll fall off but the ampoule does a good job of adhering the mask to the face. For how thick it is it fits ok on the face. I would still suggest that you don’t do anything too active. There are some blank spaces because it’s two halves so that was a bit of a bummer.

You have to have the mask on for about 30 to 40 minutes which is longer than your usual sheet masks. As the time passes the rubber tightens a tiny bit because the moisture is evaporating, but it keeps the ampoule moist and helps to wrap your skin tightly so that the ingredients are fully absorbed and not evaporated. After I did the two masks (on separate days) I liked it a lot. Both masks hydrated, softened, and brightened the look of my skin. It also give your skin a glossy finish and didn’t have a sticky feeling afterwards. The Firming lover did have a firming effect which faded after an hour. The Clear Lover made my skin feel really smooth and the next day putting on makeup was so good! I was a little skeptical at first but after I took off the mask I loved how my skin looked and felt. I think the rubber really helps your skin appear smoother because its pressed up against your skin.

So are rubber face masks the next big thing? I think it could be, it takes less time, money, effort to do the actual rubber mask at home or at a spa. Busy women, especially in Korea are always looking for ways to get things done fast and easier because of the hectic and busy lifestyle here. I don’t know about any other brands that have rubber face masks but these are definitely worth try if you’re a Kbeauty mask/skincare fanatic.

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  1. “The Firming lover did have a firming effect which faded after an hour.” so would you say you’ll need to use this mask consistently to see longer, lasting firmness?

    1. Hi! Yes that’s exactly what I mean 🙂 thank you for visiting my blog~~~

  2. Hi. I am starting a Korean cosmetics online store and selling this product. Can I copy and paste your link on my website in product description? 🙂

    1. Hi, yes I don’t mind but please link my website with the description please. Will you also send me the website you’ll be using it on? Thanks. 🙂

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  4. Did you put the mask inside fridge before using?

  5. Do you put moisturizer on after the mask?

    1. Hi! I do, with any masks I finish off with a cream.

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