Real Techniques-Sculpting Set Collector’s Edition

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This is the second Real Techniques review, the first one I did was the Eye Brush Starter Set, check it out if you haven’t already. This collector’s set has three brushes, a sculpting brush,fan brush which an exclusive to the set, and a setting brush. The handles are a shiny metallic pink rather than the original matte handles. All the brushes are very soft synthetic hairs, meaning that they’re all cruelty-free. Now I’ll get into talking about the individual brushes in the set.

Sculpting Brush

This is wide angled brush designed for contouring. It’s very dense so it great for contouring the cheeks and around the forehead. the brush is really dense so it’s great for buffing out harsh lines as you contour. I really love this brush I think if this brush wasn’t in the set I wouldn’t have gotten it. You can also buy this brush individually for $10.00USD.


Fan Brush

This brush is an exclusive to the set because you can’t purchase it individually. This brush will sweep on powders as well as brush off any excess powder to give you an even finish. I don’t really use a lot of powder so I don’t think I will use it very often, but it’s a good brush to have in your brush collection. I have used it once to brush off excess highlighting powder. It’s pretty much a little sweeper for you face haha.

Setting Brush

This is a small powder brush for controlled application. This brush is perfectly fits under the eye. It’s great for setting my concealer with translucent powder. Also, the brush is small enough to highlight specific areas without highlighting the whole area. You can also get this brush individually for $8.00USD. batch_DSCF7267

So it this brush set worth it? Yeah I think so. If you bought the two brushes individually it would cost $18.00USD and this set costs $20.00USD so you’re paying an extra 2 bucks for the fan brush which I think is a good deal. You might not need it but it’s good to have. The brush set is also limited edition with different handles so if that’s anything to you. All the Real Technique brushes are really good quality for what you pay. You can get the brushes online they ship internationally as well.

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