Real Techniques Eye Brush Starter Set Review


So this is a review for the Real Techniques eye brush starter set. I just got them on Monday and I already love them so much! The Real Technique brand was launched in 2011 by the beauty YouTubers Sam and Nic Chapman. I used to watch bunch of their videos when I was younger haha. The brush set comes with five basic, but very important brushes to have. The five brushes are the deluxe crease brush, base eyeshadow brush, accent brush, fine liner brush, and a brow brush. All of the brushes are very plush synthetic hairs and they come in a 2-in-1 case. You can fold the case in half and tighten the toggle to make it stand on its own or just use it to carry the brushes in you makeup bag. The brushes are labeled to help those who might need some guidance in what brush to use when. The are very light weight and the handles are shorter than your usual makeup brushes. Personally I like that because then I can get a closer look in the mirror when I apply my eye shadows and not knock my brush into the mirror. Now I’ll go through the brushes one by one.

Eye brush set with the case

Brow Brush

This brush is a flat angled brush to help shape the brows. This one is a little more flexible than the brow brush I use. Maybe I’m not used to it, but I wish this brush was a little more dense and stiffer. For me It’s easier to draw clean lines with a stiffer brush. Use could use it as a angled shadow or a liner brush too.

Base Shadow Brush

This is a dense oval shaped brush that can be used for shading and I think it is also good for blending shadows. This reminds me of the MAC 217 blending brush but a little flatter and stiffer. I think this is brush is very versatile and you can use it to shade the whole lid and up to the brow bone. It picks up a good amount of product and applies very smoothly.

Deluxe Crease Brush

Now this brush is AH-MAZING. At first I was thinking that it was way too big to be a crease brush for my Asian eyes. Let me tell you right now that this brush it prefect even for the littlest crease. This dome shaped brush will not only apply shadows in your crease, it will nicely blend the shadows you might have used on you lids or the near the brow bone. It’s a great brush to contour your eyes. I apply the crease shadow on the peak of the dome and then using window wiping motions apply it in my crease, then using circular wiggling movements I blend the crease color with the rest of the eye shade.

Top to bottom: Brow brush, base shadow brush, and deluxe crease brush

Accent Brush

This is a very small brush that can be used for detailing, highlighting, and smudging. It’s small enough to get in the corners of our eyes and also underneath your bottom lashes. This brush isn’t too stiff either so it’s great for smudging and blending small areas. I think this is a great brush for those with smaller eyes and mono lids since you can bring definition to the bottom half/inner corners of your eyes and you could create your own crease as well (don’t forget to blend, blend, and blend if you do~).

Fine Liner Brush

This is a liner brush that can easily make thick or fine lines depending on how much pressure you use. It tapers to a very fine point to give you a clean point and line. I used it with a black gel liner and worked great.

Top: accent brush Middle: eye brush set Bottom: fine liner bush

Overall these brush are awesome! You can purchase them on the Real Techniques website for $18.00USD I got mine on for about 16,000KRW (they were on sale when I got it, it’s about 20,000KRW usually). If you’re new to iHerb you can use this coupon code, bcd643, to get $10.00 off your first order! Yay for saving money! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this review and I will be posting another Real Techniques brush review later this week and maybe this month..? Hehehe.

Stay tuned!

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