Powder Lip Colors from RiRe and Tint Remover Review

Hello, ohmyglossers!  Today’s review is about the RiRe lip powders and the tint remover. The lip powders are lip tints that are in powder form and I believe that through this product this brand has gotten a place in the K-Beauty realm. It’s been reviewed many times by other bloggers, but here’s my take on it. I was sent the lip powder and lip remover set by BB Cosmetics for an honest review. Here we go!



The set comes with all of the colors available in the lip powder line. The colors are ‘orange pop’, ‘hot plum’, ‘sugar rose’, and ‘fashion red’. Each tint has 1.8g of powder in them. Packaging is a teardrop shape which is a little awkward when you’re applying it because it kinda slips between your fingers. I had to hold the wider part to get some grip. One guess as to why they packaged it this way was so that the wider brim of the applicator would catch the excess powder. Which leads me to my next point, the powder can get everywhere! Not like a ton, but enough to make a mark when you try to dust it off. No light colored fabrics if you’re applying this. The applicator in ‘orange pop’ and ‘fashion red’ are also different that it’s a tear drop shaped rather than the regular doe foot applicator in ‘sugar rose’ and ‘hot plum’. It makes it harder to pull out and more room to accidently flick powder everywhere. Not sure if it’s the same for all, but mine came that way. Just be careful when you open it and pull out the applicator, mkay?


The formula is the most intriguing and the most important. Just like it says, it’s a lip powder. It’s really interesting as the powder gets into contact with your skin or lips it has a slightly cooling effect and instantly melts into a wet formula. It’s not sticky or drying, it looks velvety and soft on your lips. Feels like nothing on the lips and it’s comfortable to wear all day. It looks really nice as a gradation lip or a soft airy look. You can also top it off with a gloss if you dont like the matte look.


The first time I applied it I was using a swiping motion but that made the color look streaky and uneven. Then I read the directions and it said the best way was to dab it onto the lips. Which gave a 100% better results. The colors are quite pigmented and wearable. You can also use it on the cheeks as a blusher which gave me a nice flush of color. I would recommend that you apply primer first because without it the powder accentuates the pores.


The lasting power isn’t as great as let say the ink or cream tint types, however, the color lasts more than a regular lipstick. Once you start eating and drinking, it will come off. I did a kiss test on my hand and it barely transferred, ever so slightly could you see the outline. When you rub it though it will come off. I also did a waterproof test and it failed completely. You can wash it off with plain water, really no need for the remover. There is a tiny hint of the tint left over but that can easily be removed with any type of cleanser.

The lip remover is a lip gloss texture and the formula includes aloe, sage, rosemary, lavender, peony root extract, Matricaria (chamomile) extract, and ivy leaf morning glory seed extract. But the main ingredient is isopropyl myristate which is a skin emollient. It works well cleaning up the RiRe powder tints and it’s great to have in your bag so that you can fix your lipstick on the go! You don’t need any water, just wipe with a tissue and it leaves your lips moisturized. Personally, I still to rinse with water, though.

I think this is a fun product, definitely different from what’s out there in the K-beauty market. I do think it has some issues with packaging and longevity. Nevertheless, I think it looks really nice on the lips. You can get this on Amazon https://goo.gl/RDrPKx for about 25.00USD. I hope you found this review informative and helpful in syour search for the perfect K-beauty product!

Thank you for reading!

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