Pony Effect Stayfit Matte Lip Colour Review

Hey Ohmyglossers~ I am seriously half awake as I write this… I’m so tired, but I am super excited to share this lip review with you guys! This is a new line launch from Pony Effect for the month of June and I was seriously freaking out because I love matte lipsticks and I have yet to find the perfect matte liquid lipstick in Korea. I do think that matte lips are trending in Korea so I’ll have to keep an eye for more cosmetic development in this area. Anyway, let me get on with this review before I fall asleep.


Like I said this is one of the two new launches for Pony Effect in June, the other is the Longwear Precision Liners which I also purchased together. The Stayfit Matte Lip Colours have the rose gold accents just like the Conceptual Eyes Quad from Pony Effect. When I put all of my Pony Effect makeup collection together it looks really nice hehe. The colors I got were On Point and On Fleek. Great names right? On Point is a muted dark pink and On Fleek is a brown with a touch of red, almost a sepia. Both are super opaque and has a very matte finish.


The formula is quick drying and it applies very smoothly. Like any matte liquid lipsticks it does accentuate the lines on the lips. I found that if I rub my lips together it makes it a little worse, so I apply one lip at a time, and no blotting like I would a normal lipstick. It does have a slightly tacky texture and that might bother some people, but I don’t mind it as much. It lasts a very long time without over drying my lips. Also funnily enough, it’s very easy to take off with a tissue. It’s quite strange. The doe foot applicator does a good job of creating a clean edge and the curved shape makes it easy to apply a good dose of color on the lips.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.29.34 PM.png

The color selection is different from your usual pink, orange, and red. There are 10 shades to choose from. When I saw the swatch for On Fleek I didn’t think twice about getting it. I’m very certain that I will purchase some more colors if they have a sale… it costs 20,000KRW each, which is pretty expensive if I compare it to a roadshop brand and it’s not that far off from some department store brand prices. But I gotta say that it’s worth it because there isn’t anything like it in Korea besides products from overseas brands like MAC, Urban Decay, etc.  I like this product a lot and I would recommend it to matte lip junkies out there and would love to see how it compares to other matte liquid lipsticks.


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  1. Just found From Seoul searching and I live it!
    Just one question about face sheets. I wanna try with my bf but his face… Let’s just the usual sheets are not big enough lol.
    Especially the chin area which are his problem areas.
    Any tips or suggestions products just for men?
    Thanx! ^^

    1. Hey Nicky! There are mask sheets specifically for men too, but if your using the regular sheet masks you can buy layered cotton pads or regular cotton pads and split the center and soak it in the left over essence in the pouch~! I hope that helps and thank you for reading 😀

  2. Aritaum & Innisfree did release matte liquid lipstick already too, and they are transfer proof type. The thing is it’s pretty drying if you compare to the US brands that had liquid lipstick.

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